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August 29, 2013


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hi Simon,
Firstly, i would like to say thank you due to what you are doing to help students worldwide.

I am going to take an Ielts test next week and I get confused in the task 1:
How to use the phrase: " BE RESPONSIBLE FOR " in describing line graphs bar charts or table
Is it correct to write:

Japan is responsible for the highest number over the years with roughly 30% in terms of unemployment rate.

Can you give me an example of good sentence to use this mentioned phrase?
Thanks so much!


Thanks alot for clarifying our queries.

One more query from my end:)

In Speaking Test, if the question is not clear even after asking examiner to repeat it, can we ask examiner to repeat the question again like two or three times if it is not clear?

Can you give more other sentence pattern

Hi Simon,

I am going to write similar sentence for rail transport in 1970.
1) 35 million tonnes of goods were transported by rail in 1970.
2) The amount of goods transported by rail transport system, totalled 35 million tonnes in 1970.
3)rail transport was used to transport 35 million tonnes of goods in 1970.

Hi Simon

You are really nice.I look through your website everyday .It helps me a lot,though I have not take the exam.

Thanks a million.

HI Simon
I am so happy, today released my results and I got 7.0. Thank you for your help and great advice which was really helpful for getting band 7.0

Hi Ly,

I wouldn't try to use that phrase for describing numbers. It only works in a few rare cases.


Yes you can Naresh.


No problem Lisa!


Congratulations Dilafruz!

Thanks Simon.

Hi Simon,

I would like to know if we are require to include and explain about every single figure in the diagram?

Thank You

Hello SIMON,
I got my required score THANKS TO YOU!

This is a super website and you are an awesome teacher and a wonderful person. Thank you very much!


Keep on working,
This website is enough.
Just follow Simon's suggestions. You'll get what you need!

Have a wonderful life,


38 million tonnes of goods were transported by rail in 1980

I remember that you don't recommend passive in task 1, so the number 3 is so risky, isn't it ?

Hi ChangeMyLife,

In this case the passive works fine. For graphs and charts you'll mostly write active sentences, but passives are good when appropriate.

Hi Simon,

What if the means of transport is water or pipeline. We can't use water vehicles, right?

Hi Simon,
as far as I know We should start a sentence with word not number. So, instead of starting with "60 million tonnes of goods..." we can change to "Sixty million tonnes of goods..". What is ur opinion?


hi simon

what is your opinion about this website? do you think the level of difficulty is appropriate for us ? http://ieltswritingtask.blogspot.com.au


Hi Simon,
I would like to ask you why you use " the amount of goods" cause I believed the amount of is used with uncountable noun.
Anyway, thank you a lot.

Hi Elise,

I can see why you're confused, but we do use "amount of goods" in English - there are nearly 10 million results for this phrase on Google.

Although it is a plural, we don't usually count "goods" (it's strange to say "the shop sells 10 goods") so I would call it an uncountable plural noun. I know this seems strange!

in this table chart illustrate the total goods transport by roads or railroads in uk.
in 1970 the total goods transport by road about sixty millions tonnes in addition we obivous see significant increase in 1980 about 5 millions tonnes extra so the total is 65 miliions tonnesfrom goods in 10 years peroid.
on the other hand we can see the total goods transport by rail in 1970 is 35 million tonnes,with slight increase in 1980 about the total 38 millions tonnes of goods,so the increas rate about 3 millions tonnes extra in 10 years peroid,

thank you

Hi Simon,
I would like to ask you about the difference between “quantity of goods” and “quantities of goods”. Are these phrases interchangeable?
Thank you for this amazing website!

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