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August 31, 2013


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Do you like parks?

Yes I do, because they are very enjoyable and are safe for children. Children can play sports, games, and breath fresh air.

Do you think different colours can change our moods?

Yes I do, because some colours might motivate you to work harder, whereas other colours may depress you; besides there are some colours, like yellow and red, which may warn you about danger.

When do people give flowers in your country?

They do not do so, because flowers are very expensive. The dry weather in my country prevents farmers from investing their money in planting flowers. However, we give flowers at weddings and funerals, it is the custom to do so.

Hi, Naskjh.
In my opinion, you slould not escape from the point of this taks. First question is Do YOU like parks, do not speak about children.

Hi Simon. First, let me thank you for all your help!

Anyway, I do have some questions about the right way to write the answers. For example, I was doing a IELTS practice test and, in the listening test, it the name of the road where the speaker lived. I wrote "Bank Road", but the right answer is "Bankroad". Since I just heard the name, how could I know if it was one or two words? By the way, the answer was limited to 3 words. Is it right to write both ways?

Furthermore, in the same test there was a similar problem with "Showroom". I wrote "Show-Room", but the answer was "Showroom".

Thank you for your time!

Dear Simon, I'm a daily reader from your web site an appreciate your effort , as well I love your ideas in your ebook. However, in my latest Ielts examen I had some difficulties with tricky questions. Even my teacher said that this format of question are very irritated to the normal questions. Could you please give us some advice in your following exercise. The question was: People spend their free time among the same age group as themselves. Whereas some people enjoy spending time with all age groups.
Discuss both views and give your opinion. I am looking forward to reading from you. Thanks from Sydney Mathias

Hi there,

I am appearing for IELTS exam on 7th of September.
Can anyone clear my queries regarding writing task?

First, Can I write with pencil instead of pen?

Secondly,can I ask for one rough sheet to make my initial notes for writing task one and two?

Finally, As per my understanding Reading , writing and Listening exam must be of 3 hrs long, however, I got the email from British council and they mentioned that it will be approximately 4-4.5 hrs long exam without any break.

Can anyone please answer the above queries?

Many thanks


As far as I know, you must answer reading e listening with pencil (that`s right, no pen). Regarding the writing test, I don`t know if you`re obliged to use pencil but I believe you can.

And I wouldn`t advise you to use a rough sheet, at least not if you write very fast. Time is very short for those 2 texts and you should starting writing right away. It would be better to finish first and use the time left to make corrections instead of risking not finishing the text in time.

As for the email form the BC, I have no idea.

Thanks Maja

Dear Simon,

I have talked to one examiner IDP. He said that T, F, NG are wrong answers. I guess the rule have changed recently.

Dear Simon
I wander if it's OK to talk about gay topics in speaking test. I'm afraid that I'll met an Homophobia examinar.

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