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September 15, 2013


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so which one do u advice ....
skim and scan or reading the whole passage...?
please help me i have already given my ielts and scored 5.5..
i worked hard but can u plz tell me the perfect way to get 7 band...
thank u

hi. sir
i'm going take an ielts exam on 20-9 .my weakness is reading skill . it's horrible ( only 6 ) ,while my listening skill is not bad ( around 7)after testing myself ...
@ can you please give any tip or advice to improve my reading band score quickly even half of a band score ?
@ and should i read much before the exam or just review the test i've done and identify the reason for my mistakes ?

thanks in advance

Sorry Simon if this sounds silly, I've chosen your method, I believe in your advice. Thank you for every thing.

absolutely correct! so far, I was confused and i got very less marks. Now I hope, i will get more marks by chosing a writing structure.

Dear Simon,
After a long days I'm here.
It's always nice to read your advice.
You are absolutely right.
I truly believe in your method.
Have a great week.

Hi Simon,

I'm going to take an IELTS Exam on 21 st Sep.

please answer my question....

I make a lot of mistakes in listening part, specially in capital letters. most of the time I don't know when I should write words in capital...

help me please...

Thank you in advance...

I got 6.5 in writing test last month. I'll retake a test in 2 months. Can you give a some advice? My target is 7.0 in this skill. Thank you in advance!


Request you to please tell me which one is correct from below two sentences:

1) One of my teammates
2) One of my teammate

Hi simon and everyone
I want to retake IELTS exam in order to get 7 in each skill, do you know any Iranian IELTS tutor in TEHARN to check my writing and speaking, someone whose method is compatible with simon's style.if you know please contact with me in:

To Naresh,

I think the answer is 2

Dear Naresh,

The correct way is number 1. Just think like this: you are talking about one person who belongs to a group. Here, you have at least 2 teammates and you are mentioning one particular teammate. So, "teammate" must be plural.

Thanks alot

are the writing tasks in same date exam same for all world?

If it's true, the people in USA can do the same exam 16hous later that the australian do.

I took IELTS test four times and every time my score was=6.5. I got speaking=8 and listening=7 but I can't increase my score for writing=6 and reading=6. I tried every method. I am totally disappointed and very sad. I don't know what to do.

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