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September 21, 2013


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I've been sitting the test four times in Australia.Always passing all parts except the writing....annoying 6,5 each time...I've also been taking English lessons, but not progressing.
Went back to Sweden.Found your blog.Decided to take the test a last time.
Imagine the feeling when I got the results!
R 8,0 S 8,0 L 8,5 and Writing 7,5!!!!
I am still in shock.
Thank you Simon:)

A typical English winter
I’m really thinking about the coldest month or two each year.
During those really wintry months,
the temperature drops below zero and it often snows.
periods of quite heavy snowfall
to the extent
that roads have been blocked
schools have had to close
looking out of the window one morning
seeing everything covered in a layer of white.
the snow is what differentiates winter from the other seasons.
everything is covered in white.

Hi Simon, hope all is well. I have a question about exam marking. Is there fixed marks for specific amount of trues or is it always different ?
I mean, for intance, 28 trues = always 6.5 or can it be 7 for difficulty of test ?

About the phrases that would surprise and impress the examiner:
A typical English winter
I’m really thinking about the coldest month or two each year.
During those really wintry months
drops below zero
periods of quite heavy snowfall
everything covered in a layer of white.
winter is just a bit colder.
everything is covered in white

Dear Simon,

I would like to thank you for this great website and your amazing efforts to keep it knowledgeable.

I was facing a hard time with my writing for very long time by scoring 6s and 6.5s, but after I followed your regular advises and lessons and study them carefully, finally I managed to score 7.5 in my writing, and 7.5 in each module.

your lessons not only do helped me to improve my IELTS writing skills but it helped me also in my speaking.

Many thanks for your great help, you are a great and amazing person to put all this effort on this free website.


Hi Simon, my school gave to me other site as self study in English.
Your site is The Best One so far!!! The way I used Simon website, I was able to get academic overall 6.0 at my first IELTS test!! So amazing! I will keep learning English and great techniques from Simon from now on!! Thank you!!!

I look forward to build a group to practice speaking using skype. If we start speaking together then we will able to develop our speaking skill. If anyone interested join this id --- ielts_2013

I look forward to have practice partners.

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