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September 08, 2013


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Hi Simon,

Excellent lesson as usual.

But how can I notice my mistakes if it is in Writing or Speaking and all what I need is .5 band. I suggest and i am not sure if my suggestion would be accepted, that the IELTS test cnter offer comments on performance for students for Speaking and Writing because those are the most common obstacles in the IELTS test.

Hi Soha,

It's a good idea, but I doubt they'll do it.

My advice is to find a teacher who can check your written work and point out your mistakes. For speaking, you could record yourself and transcribe your recording (write down what you said). Then you can analyse it with your teacher.

Thank you Simon for your reply.

Yes, that's what i already did. I got high scores and i am waiting for my remark for the Writing. It is .5 band. Will update you with the results.

Thanks again.


Thank you Simon for sharing your ideas.

I have a question about paragraph heading in reading part:
Is it better to start with a quick reading with questions or to start with reading the paragraph?

the problem is that I don't know what is my mistake on the exam..so how I can improve.

Hi Simon,
I went twice to the IELTS test. First time I got L: 6.5, R:6.5, W:6, S:7.5 and the second time L: 6.5, R: 8.5, W: 6, S:7. After the first test I stopped preparing for about three months, but I worked in an English environment, then I practised again for about 2 months and went to the second test. I need to obtain a 7 for the writing task, all my other marks are fine.
I really like the way you advise candidates here on your website. I would like you to review some of my writings and tell me what I should improve. Should I post my samples here? How can I pay you for this service?
Thanks a lot,


I took Ielts 2 times.Although I knew my mistake at first exam,I did not know at second exam.What's wrong?

how i improve my reading.i did ielts 2 time my all marks is fine but i still stuck in reading please help ant sggestion thanks

Dear Simon,
I am listening "Learn real english coversations" from "Effortless english",the speaker has american accent, could i follow that in speaking test?(speaking enlgish with American accent). And how could we know what is a slang or a idiom?. And should i speak the short of sound like 'em instead of them.
Thank you.

Dear Simon
I need to join in your lesson for all IELTS sanction on 5 of October can you tell me how i can find it.
I am looking for your reply
King regards
thank you

Dear Sir,
I want to join your online classes. I want to get 7 band in each module. How am i preparing myself,for reach my destination.

Hi Simon,

I am a typical indian woman i am planning for my higher studies in Abroad as a part of that process i need to have overall Band 7 in ielts and individual 6.5 in each. I am from Telugu background so i don't know the tips of english much. I gave an attempt to IELTS recenlty i gave average performance in that what band can i expect from the average performer, I am planning to book one more test in future but i am not sure whether i will get less than 7 in my previous attempt so i am waiting for the results. If you can help me assessing me based on my average performance i can go ahead for further decision.

Listening - because of the fast conversation i lost last sections and i did some spelling mistakes too.

Reading - I don't know exactly the answers. I think i may get 25 marks in this.

Writing - I presented my views in writing test in my normal vocabulary, i didn't use much vocabulary, reached almost no. of words expected.

Speaking - According to me i gave my best there, might be some gaps between the sentences expect that everything went fine.

Can you please assist me with these, can u give me the rating based on the information i have provided.

Any of the site visitors know the ielts validation scenario please help me, I am in much confusion whether i need to take the retest or not.


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