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September 06, 2013


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1-My father often who do most shopping, but sometimes when he is busy my mother go to shopping with her close friend.

2-l like shopping everything. I love shopping books, clothes and food. My favourite type of shop would have to be pet shop, hobby shop, candy shop and presents shop.

3-Sure, Friday is the busiest shopping day.

4- I think teenagers prefer buying electronic games, music and clothes.


1- Actually,my mother often do most shopping,however i hardly ever go to shopping with my friends

2-To be Honest,i dont like shopping so much,but i do shopping for only clothes,books as well as presents for birthday

3-This is very prominent in our country,actually Saturday and Sunday is the best popular days for the shopping

4-This condition alter from person to person,but mostly,teenagers prefer to buy games,clothes and this kind of thing

Dear all,
This is my speaking test this morning (urgghh, feeling like butterflies in my stomache):

Part 1:
Describe of the city you live.
The types of news people are focusing on nowadays.
Are young people more interested in updating news than old people?
Do you like historical news?
Do you think that historical news are important?

Part 2:
Decribe a decision that you had to consider for a long time to make.
What was the decision?
Why did you have to make that decision?
What happened after that decision?

Part 3:
What are some kinds of important people have to make?
In today society, people have to make many decisions. Do you think it is good?
Can a decision of an individual affect a large company?

I am sitting the rest 3 tests tomorrow. I'll apprise you all later as soon as I finish the tests.

Cheers. ^_^

Hello guys,
These are my set of questions this morning. I'm still super nervous until now. I'm not happy with how I answered it. I didn't use any difficult vocabularies at all. But i'm hoping the examiner will be kind enough to give me the score i need.

Part 1:
What is your full name?
How should i call you?
Where is your hometown?
Are you working or studying?
What is your work?
Do you like to party?
What do you think makes you not happy if you go to a party?
What party do you prefer family gathering or with friends?
Do you often visit your grandparents?
Do you love visiting them?

Part 2:
Describe a famous personality who is important to your country.
Who is the person?
What does he do?
Why is he important in your country?

Part 3:
Do you think you need to be good at something to become famous?
What do you think are the ways to become famous?

1- My husband likes shopping so it is his job. I go shopping with him rarely but in fact it is waste of time for me.

2- I like going to big book stores and to take a look to the books, magazines and some other thins belonging to reading and writing.

3- Yes, it has been extremely popular for last decades. Especially on weekends, families prefer shopping as a leissure time activitiy.

4- Well, I don't think about it before, but I think teenagers like clothe and shoe stores best. They care their external appearance than us.

Part 2 :-

describe a thing that u can live without -- excluding mobile phones and computers !!!

describe a thing that u can't live without (excluding mobile phones and computers)
i made some correction in the question...


hi simon. my teacher in ielts advised me to visit your website. i'm currently reviewing ielts and i'm planning to take the test on october. i am still struggling with my reading and writing drills. i did not able to get 7 since i started the review. in writing, my score is always 6.5 both task 1&2. my target score is 7 in all areas(academic). i also find a hard time in answering reading drills. im always running out of time and i cant be able to finish it. i am so anxious now. this is my third time to take the test. pls help. thanks.

hello sir,
sir, can u please give us some common introduction line for writing so it can be help full to us in task.
thank you.

1)I can't say one person does shopping in my household but usually my mother does shopping becouse she's a person who always make a meal and that's why, she knows what to buy!
2)I like shopping clohes. so i can say that it's my favourite type of shopping.
3)oh! It's the most popular activity in my country becouse of people spend their spare time with shopping something!
4)it's easy to answer this question for me bacouse i am also a teenager. so in my country adults go to shop for buying clothes, technical items and especially books.

please, check my answers and give me your opinion to improve my speaking! if you can, give these answers score! thank you all of you!

Hi everyone,
I wonder whether there is anybody who will take Ielts on Sep 12th in China, among you. If there is, please contact me.
[email protected]

hi sir i also want to be a part of ur class...i ma giving paper nxt mnth...but i am really cnfused..

this is not only one person responsiblity to go for shoping...i also gofor shoping with my famly....2,,i like to go some shopng malls ,especialy cloths shop because i am found of clotes..3..yeah exctly mostly people go for shopng in suday,,its a busiest day for shopng...mostly they like to buy jeans ,shirt,,kurta pjama...

1) Actually, my mom who want to take over most of shoping, always has limited time. Therefore she prepare shopping lists and then tell off other family members what to buy. with leadership of my mom, shoping is never be problem.

2)I prefer to shop special items which are gifts, clothes or decoraiton materials. Shopping of vital goods like meals don't attract my interest.

3)Yes, it is quite popular. In my country, you can see alot of mall and shoping center. Also, people think that shopping is kind of relaxing activity which is make in free times.

4)As all the world, in my country young people closely follow new tecnological devolopment and fashion styles. consequently gadgets and clothes are top priority of teenagers.

I look forward to build a group to practice speaking using skype. If we start speaking together then we will able to develop our speaking skill. If anyone interested join this id --- ielts_2013

I look forward to have practice partners.

1) Well, my dad does most of the shopping in our home. Maybe because he is the only one with a car, which makes shopping easier for him.

2) I really enjoy shopping in flea markets. Especially when I can meet the producers and talk to them. I even prefer to do grocery shopping in open markets where farmers bring their own products.

3) Yes. In fact, it is one of the most popular hobbies of people. However, many people just go to shopping centers for window-shopping. But eventually they find themselves buying stuff.

4) I think they are mostly interested to buy clothes. Especially they like shopping in big stores of multinational brands.

I was given a question about shop:

What do you like to do in shop?

1) My father does the most of the shopping for our household. Normally, he goes shopping in the Supermarket on weekly basis in case of running out of daily grocery.

2) Well, I like one stop shopping. For example, my favorite mart is Carrefour. The reason is I can purchase everything I need at one time in the same place rather than searching different products in different places. It’s quite troublesome.

3. I think the answer is Yes. Most of Taiwanese like to go shopping on weekends. The shopping centers are always crowded and busy on normal weekday night and weekends.

4) I’m not professional for teenager’s shopping behavior but I guess they are interested in the products of pop culture such as music, fancy clothes and invocated gadgets.

How do we say "I'm not an expert in teenage behavior"is not it escape??

Hello sir I am going to give speaking exam tomorrow. It is my second attempt my requirment is six in each area last time I got above six in three modules but five in reading please give me some speaking tips help me sir ur site is a renowned site please sir it's my last chance give some valuable tips

Thanks sir

Sir plz send me some conclusion lines in all esays such as agree or disagree

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