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September 13, 2013


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Thanks Simon for great job.I have got a discussion topic and i have written 2 introductions for that. i know u can't reply everyone's answer but i am really confused whom should i ask help please any one can give comments on my intro and whether i have got right idea.

Scientist believe that junk food damages human health. Some think that people should be educated about junk food risk, while others say it will not change any thing. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


It is believed that people should be educated about fast food risk which can lead to range of attendant health problems.While others argue that it would not bring any change.In my opinion, government and school should take a step to bring awareness among people about unhealthy food related diseases.


People have different views that people should be educated about fast food related problems on human health. While others people disagree that it will not make any difference. I believe that government and other sectors should take a step to encourage people to avoid eating unhealthy diet.


I am not an expert but I can help you a bit.
It was my IELTS question which I took 1 month back. The first part of the question asks about health education while the second part asks about why health education is not enough or what other measures should be taken to mitigate the problem.

You wrote a Simon style intro. It looks like a band 7 to me.
But you didn't write your view about the health education. In the real question they mentioned health education particularly. It's good that you write about government's participation. Besides that in your first intro you wrote fast food risk. I don't know about that phrase. You need to check it.

Here is the question so far I remember.

Scientists believe that junk food damages human health. Some people think that health education is needed to solve this problem while others don't. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Don't take it another way if I have said something wrong. I just tried to help you.

Hello, everyone.
I read an unusual question in Speaking test?
What is the relationship between reading and computer? What would you answer?
I would say...

In both cases, your knowledge of reading is very important. So, if you want to read, you have to know how to do that. On the other hand, if you want to use a computer, you have to know how to read instructions. :) :)

Thankyou very much pearl for your comments. As I hv already written essay question there. I don't know I got this question in which they asked people should be educated abt junk food risks. And u are right abt phares I will check it thanks a ton.

Junk food risks it is right phrase pearl thanx I know I wrote risk forget ". s"

junk food mean fast food rk...?and pearl..?

Well, I love Fall and Winter but Spring is the season I love most from my own experiences. Spring marks a transition from Winter and Summer, so it’s normally start from February and last to April, however it might change a little bit depend on climate on that year.
Spring is really nice to me with temperate weather, not too hot or too cold. The average temperature is about over 20 Celsius, it’s very ideal in tropical country like Vietnam. Air is very fresh with the smell of grass and new born trees and flowers.

In my opinion, the rain make Spring become very special, compare to other seasons. Because it rain all the time on Summer, Fall and Winter, people have to bring raincoat follow. In addition to this, it’s extremely hot in summer make me feel that I can not live in places without air-conditioner. However, it’s dry in Spring and nice weather allows people enjoy long trip or picnic, outdoor party.

And the reason why I love Spring. Many people say that Spring is time for re-birth, re-growth and renewal and that make me feel very comfortable with bird singing and flower everywhere. For me, it gives me hope for a brighter future. Spring is a time for Tet Holiday, it’s the most important festival in my country, it’s also Reunion Festival, people from city or foreign will back to hometown to visit their family and relatives.

This is a relative simple topic,I think. But I really do not know what informative messages I can speak about it.Reading is easy while speaking is so tough.
As for this topic, I guess Spring is pretty warm rather than hot. We can see brilliant green leaves, beautiful butterflies, clear water, and staff like that.

My introduction:

People have different views about health education. Although there are some good arguments in favour of the education does not make people change eating junk food, I personally believe that we should be educated about the risk of unhealthy diet.

In my city, i love summer and winter but spring is the best for me which following winter and preceding summer. Springtime, refer to this season and to ideas rebirth and regrowth.
So spring is normally start from 22 March to 22 June.The weather is very nice, mild, cool and brisk.
In my city, in spring drenching rain, climate hazy, sky overcast and flowers opening.

I love spring i feel spring break routine and boring after winter and to spread hope. Sprind is a time appropriate to visit my home town where downpour, fruits, flowers, vegetables and honey.

note;I welcome for correction of everyone

well it's interesting topic to talk about and all season is my favorite cause it's the blessing of God to provide these seasons.
This is important to mention that winter is my favorite season.Cause one main reason to like this.In winter i enjoy too much.And it's my full time favorite season.The main thing is that in this season who can cover ourselves. Specially in those countries which have hot weather which is unbearable without split unit. for those countries winter is best and also best for those countries who have load shedding problem or we can say that electricity problem. For the people of those developing countries it's best to live.
On the other hand there are some integral problem of this season that we can't our work properly cause of coldness.
Finally we can say that all weather decide by God is best cause He knows the situation of every thing.

It is true that junk food is not good for our health.At first,we should to know the bad effect of it and then we must concern the people about it.Besides that we should encourage public to take traditional food as a their regular meal.

that's nice question! well, all seasons have unique properties but my favorite is winter.

winter marks a transition form fall to spring. My country is middle zone on northern hemisphere so winter season corresponds december-february months.

when winter compares with other seasons, climate conditions are very hard. in the season, weather is so cold and dry. Presipitation usually is as snowfall. Temperature can fall down below 0 celcius.

there are alot of reasons of this, one of the most important reasons is that i love so much white. When snow covered in everywhere, i think that im in fairtale. in addition winter has enormous energy. After the winter, new lifes born. Therefore it's time is winter for starting new changes and for making new decisions.

All four seasons, like in the famous musical piece of Vivaldi have their charm, but for me,undoubtedly, the most particular season in the year is autumn. And, in Poland, where I used to live this time is extraordinarily beautiful, gaining even the special name '

Polish Golden Autumn'
Just to remind, our fall lasts 3 months, starting astronomically, in our hemisphere on the 23rd of September,but a typical autumn weather is during the first two months, the rest of the period is maintained rather in the winter scenery. Although, in comparison with summer, it is less warm, with an average temperature 5-15c, with more precipitation and wind, but generally this not a problem if you are dressed well, you can be even charming as well in a warm autumn design, colourful as the world around you.

In fact it is a perfect time for a walking, hiking and just enjoying the changing nature, without a crowd of school children on the mountains' paths and with the best views.

Thus, this is the nature and its changes which are the most emotive, thought provoking,and pleasing to the eye. The play of colours and light like in an impressionistic picture you can experience in real. You haven't to go far, in our towns, around the houses, in our gardens and the most magic parks you can see the whole autumn's beauty. The leaves are the most appealing, really incredible, with the wide spectrum of warm colours- yellow, gold, glowing reds,oranges and brown or a mixture of all- at first on the trees, then flying with the wind, then creating carpets under our feet while walking on them. Of course, outside from the cities you might find much more miracles- wild mushrooms and bilberries, blackberries in the forest, heather on the hills and other goods to collect. I always loved to walk through the woods looking for mushrooms, hazelnuts or elderberries, I prepare some juices or store other things for later by freezing them or drying. One can say that it is some kind of a beauty in dying nature, I would prefer to say a transition, a preparation to sleep and restore energy before a renewal in spring. To add to this , birds migration, other interesting changing habits of other animals like hibernation are also worthy to mention.

And, it is a time to joy, it is a time for the thanksgiving, when nature shares their gifts, the farmers can collect their fruits of their hard work. Harvest is a great word, and many people enjoy with that, even special festivals are organised. I enjoy this time as well having, for instance, such good plums and apples in my garden. All of this makes autumn unique in their character. You can just walk and grasp all of these gifts.
Last,but not least it is also the time for reflection on the value of changes and our place in the world. For example, it is a particular feast in Poland, on the 1st of November , called All Saints, where all families gather around the graves of those beloved members who have already passed away, memorising them.

Autumn is my favourite season, corresponding to my reflective character, when I feel most connected to the natural world.

Hi simen
Its first time i have seen your site nd i feel its quite helpful ,..i need your help ..
Last time on 6th of july i have given ielts exam bt i got only 5.5 bands . .Now im thnkng to give exam on the last of october and also its my last chance . Could you tell which kind of writing and speaking topics i should prepare??
Waiting for ur reply..
Thank you so much

I look forward to build a group to practice speaking using skype. If we start speaking together then we will able to develop our speaking skill. If anyone interested join this id --- ielts_2013

I look forward to have practice partners.

Hlo ,i m raman from fathegarh sahib . I am doing parpare for ietls in chd.but i am confuse in reading module .i donot parpare time..

I need 6.5 band in each module .plz tell me ,how handle to time to each module.

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