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September 20, 2013


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Simon is it easy a recabilation in speaking?

Brave answer !

Hi Katrerina what do you mean by recabilation . I searched it but I couldn't' find any synonym. I think it is typo.

Hello Simon,

I havent visited your blog since I took the exam(07sep). I just want to come and write some comments to thank you. I simply studied your lessons for all parts of the test and results have been released today. Its overall 7 (which is 0,5band more than I need)
In particular I benefited greatly from your speaking lessons which I got a band 8.

Again THANKS A MIILION for your extremely useful lessons, wish you all the best.. :)
And good luck to all test takers


Dear Simon:
I want to say thank you a thousand times.
I have passed my exam on my eighth trail. The process is a torture, but worthwhile. I have done everything that you advice and finally achieve my goal.
My final score is
Overall 7.5
Listening 7.5
Reading 8.5
Writing 7
Speaking 7

Wish everyone good luck and work hard to achieve their goals too.

Congratulations Emre and Jing! I'm glad my lessons helped.


Katerina, can you explain what you mean? You used a word that doesn't exist.

Dear All,

Here is my description and hope you can find some good ideas to talk about the summer.


Let me talk about the summer, which is my favorite season.

Although summertime temperatures here in California can easily be over 40 degrees Celsius, I still quite enjoy it as this is the time of the year when all outdoor activities are available and open to the public. Besides being hot, it tends to be quite dry and it rarely rains. In fact, we've had summers when we didn't get even a drop of rain.

Summer in California is very different from all other seasons. The hot and sunny days are clearly what differentiates the summer from the rest. Spring and fall are much cooler and they can be windy with more chances of rain. And during the winter, temperatures can drop below zero, precipitation becomes much more frequent, and higher elevations may get a lot of snow.

Summer is my favorite season because that's when I can enjoy the outdoors. I don't mind getting a sun tan and I particularly like hiking in the mountains because that's when I can get away from the city to relax, breathe fresh air, enjoy the beautiful sceneries, and get lots of photo opportunities. During the entire summer, 99% of the time is sunny, so I don't need to worry about the rain or anything that can ruin my trips. Summer is just perfect for me!

Hi Simon sir

I think its difficult fir u to remember me
But it impossible for me to forget u and ur lessons
Infinite thanks to u for this wonderful website

I am telling everyone whom I met about ur website and ebook

I started my journey with ore exam for dentists in UK

All the best to everyone
Just follow Simon sir lessons from beginning to end ... U will surely get 7

Hey, Simon:

the topic future plan (except study and work) is very popular right now...

I am wondering if travel plan would be good .

I hope you could do that topic on this website.

Hello Simon, I quite appreciate your help and your website!

I wonder if you could give me some advice on Speaking. The problem is that I don't like talking extendedly, regardless of the language spoken, so I usually end up with a brief answer as I am not used to giving speeches. Also, I don't have a person to practice with.

What do you suggest I should do? Thank you!

Hi Simon
describe a fertilizer you used in your farm.
This kind of topic will come in exam and what can be said in it?

Hi Aminta,
i am preparing for 7.if you want to prepare we can practice on skype. Add me at parmjeet.gahlawat.

i am worried i couldn't do well in writing and reading, i was totally messed in reading section and writing as well can you suggest some idea , i am attempting my ielts exam soon

Hi Simon,
My first IELTS test result(General training):
L 7.5 R 8 W6 S6

is it possible for me to score 7 for each in a relatively short time?
I live in China and got limited chance to practice my speaking. I just prepared for 2 months, and I believe this score just reprsents the language skill what I already have and the last 2 month just helped me to learn some test relevant skills. is it very hard from 6 to 7 ? I am going to give up if it's too hard because I am almost 40....


I look forward to build a group to practice speaking using skype. If we start speaking together then we will able to develop our speaking skill. If anyone interested join this id --- ielts_2013

I look forward to have practice partners.

hello every one i have my ielts exam in october 10 and i need to practice speaking with a partner can anybody help ? ps i scored 6.5 in my previous test and i need 7

hi anyone can help me speaking because i am worried about my speaking part, how to do it alone its giving me tension.
How to improve my speaking skills ?
do any one help me or interested in speaking for his/her own advantange ?
if yes kindly add me moon.shah4 on skype and lets start speaking.


hi friends now i would like share about the my favorite season,in my country consist four seasons are there like winter,summer,raining....etc
my favorite season is raining season this season will started from June to October.
in this raining time season weather is very cool and rain will come always.
compare to all seasons this season is very use full to agriculture people because in this season only they are cultivating different types of crops but reaming seasons water resources is not good.
raining season is my favorite season bcz in this season only we cultivating a lot of crops then automatically we can earn easily good to that.

- My favorite season in my country is spring. A typical spring season starts on 21st of March and lasts for three months. But, when I say that I like the spring, I’m mostly thinking of its first two months.

- Well, where I live has a temperate climate. So, the temperatures during spring are usually around 22 degrees Centigrade. However, in the past recent years we experienced some changes in the temperatures. For example, there were some springs that the weather was very cold in the beginning and then suddenly became just as hot as summer. But, generally, the weather is quite pleasant.

- What differentiates spring from other seasons is that according to our calendar our new year starts with the beginning of spring. So, usually friends and families gather for this celebration. We clean our apartments, buy new clothes and enjoy our new year’s holiday. So, people seem to be happier and nicer than other times of the year.

- The reason I’ve chosen spring as my favorite season is that I enjoy outdoor activities and I can easily go mountain climbing during spring. It’s not difficult like hiking in snowy winters or climbing in hot summer days. So, it lets me go hiking and just enjoy natural beauties. You can find a huge variety of flowers and wild plants everywhere in spring. I actually live near the countryside and during spring the landscape here becomes spectacular. Besides, I do enjoy our New Year’s festival which we celebrate in the first week of spring.

Hi Simon,

Luck was what got me to your blog today. This is an excellent work and would indeed better most of us out here taking /or planning to take IELTS. Thank you and God Bless !

Had taken my speaking test earlier today, and of what i could recollect, I guess i was handed out pretty much the same question /or something similar. My test was with IDP Australia.
During my test i was a lot nervous, and sprinted across the test with less of an accuracy. I still hope my grip on pronunciation and tenses wouldn't have failed me. But, having said that i still am unsure if i will score in 'Coherence' and 'Lexical Ability'.

Say, during your years of evaluating Ielts speaking tests, have you ever encountered any case where the speech deviated from the handed out question. If 'Yes', what were your thoughts and how well do i stand in scoring a decent band ? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


- when that season is
- what the weather is like at that time of year
- how that season is different from other seasons
- and why it is your favourite season.

My favourite season in my country is most definitely the monsoon. The monsoon season begins sometime in early June and lasts until September end. It is characterized by heavy rainfall which falls regularly during the season. These rains are a consequence of winds blowing across the subcontinent from the oceans and seas in the southwest.

The most obvious characteristic which differentiates the monsoon from the other season is the heavy rainfall. Another aspect that I have noticed is that the rains are accompanied by winds that are quite warm. So even if one gets drenched in a monsoon shower, one is not likely to feel a chill unlike rains in say winter or the pre-summer showers when the weather can be very chilly and getting wet in the rain can be very uncomfortable. These rains are often accompanied by stormy skies and lots of thunder and lightening.

I love this weather because I enjoy the weather when the skies are overcast and it's windy and stormy. The weather makes me feel very adventurous. I also love the smell of damp earth when the first drops of rain fall. It's an exhilarating smell. Getting wet in the rain is also fun sometimes. Although my idea of heaven would be to sit curled up with a book and a hot cup of tea when the rain is pouring outside, preferable overlooking green hills or valleys. And for these reasons monsoons are very special for me.

Can someone please give me feedback on my answer to the question above. I have my speaking test in 2 days. Thanks in advance.

People often say " the fall brings to deep sorrow in soul " but i love it like love my sweetheart . In my coutry , the autumn is always ushered in some blast of wind called " HEO MAY " and it lasts from september to november . The weather is extremely pleasant and cool ...not too cold but warm enough to wear my shorts or maybe my mini shorts .
The most apperant features which differentiates the fall from the other seasons is heavy rainfall. At the beginning of the season , there will be much rain at all .Ocassionally some guys will feel bored and annoyed a little bit because of its being long-lasting . People just can sit glued to their sofa and watch tv again and again . According to me , that means a silent moment of soul...not bad like they think about . An other special thing is that the fall owns its tast which every poet gets the inspire from - romance
A lot of facters cause me to fall in love with the autumn but as given it is a symbol of romance - a poetress of France possibly . I am really attracted by the smell of nature ...This is the time i allow myseft to free my sentiments . In addition, rain also sweeps away all to start a new sunny day along with a fresh life then .

My favourite season in Brazil is summer. A typical Brazil summer is 4 months between December to March, however in december and January have the highest temperature, I think that the average temperature is about 33 degrees. During these months, the weather is very hot, both: on day and at night. In addition, sometimes at the night rain, however the rain is very fast and strong, like just one hour. In the summer, people enjoy swimming in the beach and walking on the park for look for the sunset. I belive that the sunset in the summer is amazing. I think that the summer is different another season because all the days are hot, and in Brazil has daylight saving time, such as is the practice of advancing clocks one hour, when the day is longer than the night. I love it, because when I go back my home after the school, yet has sun. The reason I have chosen summer as My favourite season is because I have summer vacations and I am about crazy summer clothes, like small shorts, colorful bikini and hats and caps. In additon, I enjoy playing handball outside with my hometown friends every weekend in the summer.

Cue Card

Describe a situation when you forgot about an important meeting. Please say
- What meeting was it?
- When was it?
- What did you do about it?
- How did you feel later?

As you know the I am sales man by profession so the most important meeting in our lives is the General Sales meeting which is held annually. In this meet, All the sales personnel gathers and share their milestones, if any that they might have achieved for the last year. Some may be nominated for the sales bonus as they have achieved their targets.

Usually, I am not a forgetful person but this meet of 2013, I missed it. My sales for that year had fared up quite well because my untiring work from dawn till and dusk. I was thinking that this time I may be nominated for sales bonus as per the policy.
But my name did not crop up in the list of candidates for the award of bonus as I did not turn for the meeting which eventually disappointed me. Consequently I rued to en-cash the missed chance for getting this perk .
After realizing my mistake, I called my immediate manager whom I was updating regularly about sales meets and how much clients I have made . He always seemed to be very happy with my work ethics. But as I had missed this necessary gathering so he too confirmed that he currently cannot do anything and later said that in view of past and present record he take this matter with our top management. His feedback is still awaited.
Thank You

I am going to talk about my favourite season ,which i most like.Almost i have liked winter season.Actually in my point of view many people like winter season.In my opinion it has most powerful reason.In my country winter means the temperature is 8 to 12 degree stable all winter season.Never below 0 degree in my country.People don't face any kind of problem when they go their office or shop.Children can go easily their school.Its clear that never snowfall in my country.On the other hand summer season is so sunny and spring season is so cloudy and stormy,That's why i don't like these season.
To the conclude i say that winter season is increase our work progress because stay stable.

if i want to had a choice as the best season.undoubtedly,autumn can be regarded the most memorable season for me.generally,most choices has something to do with personal interests.as a matter in fact,my personal feeling have to me until i choose this season. any way, i have a great number of reason for my choice if i want to name them,that would be a long list.first of all,it's remind me of the end of the beginning and the trees are starting to turn into the most beautiful colors of reds,yellows; as a result,autumn into the golden lover season with make up natural colors in real sense of word.needless to say, each season enjoys it's own beauties but i like this season more than any thing else,since one gives to me special peace of mind. in the other words,i which in spend a really good time in this season.i don't want to go so far but should be said "autumn is the king of season". from my perspective autumn is not only emotional season but the turn point in nature as well, because of the autumn's rains. finally, the most entertainment in this season for me is look something like this, walking, swimming, in addition to photography and other similar thing.

Please help me in reading how can I improve my reading skill please

hi simon ni wanna to join your blog tell me all the necessarity to join your blog ....

My favorite session is rainy session there are many cause of behind this fore a start, rainy session start june to July that time temperature fall out till 10 degree which is very help full for inhabitants and even,any natural things.secondly,Farmer are likely to help during rainy session.Rice for example,is highly cultivated with water as a result,farmer make cultivate crops in a short time.last but not least, people make their leisure activities like fishing, summing and even, boating which is not available other session.

I need some speaking tips.

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