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September 12, 2013


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Dear Simon,
Just now got my results. Overall band is 8.0 and this was my first attempt. I didn't even touch the official book or took any mock tests. I just followed your instructions and practised the exercises you gave in this website. Thank you so much Simon! You are such a wonderful teacher.

Dear Simon
When I write "12th October" the correct answer is "12 October" foe example in IELTS 9 Test 3, section 3. I am confused, because I hear the numbers and dates correctly but the answer is wrong because I don't know the correct form of writing dates and numbers. Please help. I have to take an exam next week. please..

My friend passed IELTS and she recommended this site to me, indeed very helpful, I will follow your arctile everyday ,thanks!!

Dear Simon,
I had written IELTS exam yesterday. The writing task 2 topic was :Some people have benefited from modern communications technology, but some people have not benefited from it at all. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
kindly suggest whether it is ask on does technology of communication is used by all or does it ask for merits and demerits of technology.

Dear Simon,

You wrote:
“ 3) Is writing task 1 less important than task 2?
Yes. Task 1 is worth one third of your writing score. Task 2 is worth two thirds.”
But whilst I was attending a special course for IELTS preparation, our teacher explained to us that these two parts are totally equal. For example, here we can get a band description http://www.ielts.org/researchers/score_processing_and_reporting.aspx#Writing
for part one and part two, according this an examiner will assess my level so, as a result, I will get 5 (may be) for letter and 6 (perhaps) for essay. My average will be (5+6)/2 = 5,5 ,and this means that I will get 5,5 for the writing test. Was my teacher sadly mistaken?

Hi Yulia,

I'm quite confident that my information is correct. According to the test centre where I worked, task 2 is definitely worth more than task 1.

Hi,Simon I have one question for you,How the examiners count the words?If I would use 1 word twice is it 1 word or 2 .Thank you.

Hi thanks for this site. I was wondering if there are any rules for using numerals or words for numbers in writing Task 1 eg should I write eight or 8? I have looked on the Internet and IELTS Forums but can't find any disussion.


Examiners count every word, even words used more than once in the essay.



There's no rule. You can do either, and it won't affect your score. Have a look through my lessons to see what I do.

If task 1 is only one-third of the entire marks, how is it scored? Is it still scored from 0 to 9 band score. So far I thought both Task 1 and 2 are scored from 0 to 9, and their average is the writing band score. Please make this clear to me.

I'm an IELTS trainer and I'm still not clear with this aspect.

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