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September 26, 2013


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yes, some of them are easy, but some....are not.
I looked at Test4 Book 9 today. It is a line graph that I found difficult, because there are to many details.
The graph below gives information from a 2008 report about consumption of energy in the USA since 1980 with projection until 2030.

for introduction I wrote
The line graph compares the figures for six different types of fuel used in the USA between 1980 and with prediction until 2030, based on a report from 2008.
I just want to improve my writing....as much as I can , but sometimes it is difficult.

I took IELTS test in July and I got 5.5 for writing, 5 speaking,6.5 reading and 7 listening I need 5.5 in each.
thank you Simon for your effort, this is a great website

Hi Simon,

Thank you for you IELTS tips. I have been reading you blog for a while and found it the information contained is very useful. I'm getting more confidence to take the test since studying them.

I was wondering if you could post some topic about the percentage of people in different age groups in terms of doing something? As I found this type of graph is quite difficult, I do not know how to describe them.

Thank you.


Agreed, though I also advise to notice whether the information is a 'snapshot' or shows changes over time, as this affects the type of language involved (primarily whether to use 'increase/decrease' language or not).

Hi Simon,

For Task 2 question “Using computers every day will have more negative effects than positive effects on Children. Do you agree or disagree?”

Which of the following should be followed?

1) One paragraph with positive effects and other paragraph with negative effects. Give conclusion what we agree on like “As negative effects outweigh the positive effects, I agree that there are many negative effects ………………..”

2) Write both paragraphs with what we agree such as both paragraphs should explain only negative effects if we agree.


Hi everybody , nice to seen you all . I recently appeared for ielts exam but I got a score of 6.5 overall . I would like to improve my score . Please help me with that .

thank you simon for your tremendous help.

Hi Simon,

when you mention "describe numbers" what do you mean by describing the numbers in these four types of charts. and how I can describe the figures.


thank you for your help Simon

Hi Simon ,
i have confussion between agree or disagree statement and to what extent do you agree .what is the difference between both?

Writing pdf send me sir new

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