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September 11, 2013


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Hi Simon,

I am trying to write the introduction in the way that you suggested.Is this acceptable?

It is true in the recent years cities around the world have become more congested and property prices had gone up. I completely agree with the idea that locating companies, factories and their employes to the rural areas will make life more liveable in the cities.

nice part

Hi simon, these 3 questions are really difficult and I completely have no ideas on how to start the writing! Could be please kindly provide us the full essay? Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone!

These would be my plans for the three questions:

    Opinion question

Introduction: Paraphrase the question and give my opinion which would be that authorities should decide what subjects to be taught in schools with the help of teachers.

Paragraph 1: Explain why central authorities should be part of the decision: people should be taught certain basic subjects to work in any sector of the economy: industry, services and entertainment. Give examples of the importance of certain subjects for some sectors of the economy.

Paragraph 2: Give reasons why teachers should have a word in making such decisions: teachers know what the best way is to teach pupils to become good and happy members of society. Give examples of some extracurricular activities that might help students to have a broader culture like arts or local history.

Conclusion: Restate my opinion pointing out the importance of making the decision between authorities and teachers with the purpose of preparing students with a wider perspective and higher educational level.

    Discussion question

Introduction: Paraphrase the question and give my opinion which would be that teenage years are the happiest of our life.

Paragraph 1: Explain why for some people their adult life is happier: They are financially independent, they can decide to live separately from their parents and create their own family. Give an example of a successful worker who earn money, is happy with his job and can afford certain things which were almost impossible when he was a teenager.

Paragraph 2: Say why teenage years might be the happiest: Teenagers don't have heavy responsibilities like maintain a household. They don't have to work and enjoy a lot of amuse activities during their free time. They are naive in a certain degree and have an open mind to experiment new things without fear.

Conclusion: Restate my opinion summarizing why I think teenage years are the happiest.

    2-part question

Introduction: Paraphrase the question saying that there are a number of factors that have an influence in news editors´ decisions.

Paragraph 1: Enumerate the factors which might influence news editors´ decisions: politics, draw people's attention to certain topics to increase sales, how relevant an event is to the public. Exemplify with some topics like international sport events, war and crime activity.

Paragraph 2: Say whether it´s natural for people to become used to bad news. I would agree saying that nowadays bad news are presented with so many details and are so often published that some people become immune to their effects. And other group of people try to avoid them completely.

Paragraph 3: Express your feelings about the importance of reporting good news. I would say that by reporting more good news there would be a balance between good and bad news reports leading to a better moral sense among people. Another thing is that it may bring hope to people and encourage them to take care of social and private problems.

Conclusion: Summarize the importance of having a balance between bad and good news.

My essays have been reviewed by IELTS examiners and I almost always get 6.5. I guess I don´t have good ideas for my plans :) Could you please, help me to improve my plans? I need better ideas to get 7 as I usually don't have big grammar and spelling problems.

Thanks you all.

teachers also take responsiblity of their studentd study...so they always chose those subjects for studnts ,that studnt give any gud responce..?

May i ask who are the central authorities? Examples who

Hi simon...

Everyone Please free to comment .. i gladly appreciate it.. thank you

Some people think that the teenage years are the happiest of our life, while others believe that adult life brings more happiness. Discuss and give your opinion

People have different views about when would be the best period of one's life. Although there are high spirit moments during youthful days, i believe that the most significant time of one's life is adulthood.

The obvious argument of its favour is that teenage period is the time of significance as most of the first time events derived from teenage years. Events such as first time to drive a car or first kiss would never be forgotten and it leaves people with memorable moments of their life. The fact that teenagers do not need to take a full responsibility such as paying rent or bills, this could mean that a lot of time can be allotted in exploring of inner talents and to be able to enhance it. At the same time this would be the opportunity to be carefree since mistakes become a learning process.

Despite the above arguments, I believe that the true happiness would come in adult life. I would argue that having a job and facing responsibilities brings much more essence the meaning of life. It would represent the maturity of an individual and not living in a world of undeveloped. For example, having a career path is a sense of fulfillment and this can be experience during adolescence. This could be a factor to become contented since it enables to buy a property and start a family. Therefore the best time in life is adult life as dreams could come true.

In conclusion, there are convincing arguments for teenage years to be the happiest time in life, but i believe that adult life makes a person fulfilled.

Hi simon,
Thanks for these articles, I have a question that I don't understand the difference between discussion and opinion question, so I could only give the opinion in the same way.
Are they in the same format, such as "opinion+reason+example+conclusion", or there are something else I should notice?

My posting as below, much appreciate for your commens :
Opinion question :
The future of a country depends on its education development. It can not be denied that the subjects that children are taught in schools are really important. Some people think that it should be taken by teachers while some say that politicians should decide those. In my opinion, I think it is better if central authorities take lead with getting advice from teacher who have much experience on young people.
It is not difficult to imagine on what will happen if each teacher has his own subject while training young people. It is true that every trainer has different strength and weakness as well as his own favourites theme or author thus it will impact on how he/ she demonstrate his abilities. That is why the content of training should be reviewed or prepared by a central authorizes who have much knowledge or research experience on how other countries training program are. On one hand, the politicians must be the one who should take responsibility on preparation, conducting review and quality of results rather than there is no controller or checker, which might lead to unexpected outcomes and huge impacts on children development.
On the other hand, teachers are the one who have chance to work and have a closed connection with children thus they should be in charge of preparing the related subjects because they know what is best for young people.
In conclusion, it should be balance between the role of central authorities and teacher on selecting or deciding subjects that trained in schools.
Discussion question
It is believed that the teenage years are the happiest of people’s lives, while other argues that adult life brings more happiness. In my opinion, it depends on how you realize your valuable life. Each period brings different enjoyable things.
The responsibility of the teenagers is to try to get knowledge from schools. They have many opportunities to learn new things without concerning on budget. There are many friends, family who are always beside them whenever they need. Especially, they don’t need to take care other dependents thus they face less pressure on job or life. The more enjoyable they are the happier they might have. In comparison with the adults, they have more time to join life and have more chances for trial and error without being judged by others.
While the adult people who have many missions need to be completed. Firstly, they require a good job which help them to have good reputation as well as have good financial situation to take care their family. However, they are independent on making their own decision without relying others. Most of them finish requirement classes or have their expectation job thus they have more time to enjoy life with family. Moreover, they have matured though and solution for each aspects of daily activities.
In conclusion, on one hand each period of life brings its own difficulties that might make troublesome to your life. On the other hand, the happiness will come to you if you know how to live with it.

My posting as below

People have different views about happiness of life. Some people argue that the teenage years were the most exciting and happiest parts in their life , while others think that adult life produce more happiness. I believe that both stages have interesting and exciting sections depending on their circumstances.

Firstly, most teenagers are having an interesting live. Nowadays they have a wide variety of opportunities. Life is al about having fun apart from daily school. Many teenagers seeking for identity, exploring the environment and having new experience.
For example, the first kiss, the first relationship with a different gender. Some of them playing in sport clubs or learning craftsmanship skills. Moreover, teenagers are in the mission of happiness duo to personal and environmental achievements.

On the other hand adult life brings a totally different point of happiness. For several people financial independency is a significant factor by being happy.
Most people have already many experiences from earlier live stage. They want to progress trough expectations, or may follow their parent’s footsteps. For example, build their own dream home or maybe marry their first kiss.
Other’s, feel happy by achieving personal goals such as climb the highest mountain on earth or be graduated at the university.

In Conclusion, it seems to me that happiness isn’t measurable at this time, it is always depends on each individual and on their circumstances. True happiness is depending on own life expectation. However In my opinion, I believe that happiness is not related to life stages.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for three interesting topic

Here is my essay:
While some people think that teenage years are cheerful time in our lives, others believe that the grow-ups are happier excluding the greater responsibilities. In my opinion, I prefer the traditional thinking is younger time is great time for dream, freedom.

The first reason is that teenagers do not need to worry about finance seriously because their parents have to support for them. Secondly, people in younger time can enjoy fully different outdoor activities with their friends than those people already go to work. For example, volunteer activities always prioritize for students than working people because working people spend nearly the whole day in office while students can have more free time after going to school. Finally, it is great time to dream and do everything that they like to do without caring about judgment by society for their actions, as they are not mature enough to understand right from wrong, which is not the case with adults.
On the other hand, some people think that adults’ time make them happier because they can earn their own money and spend it for what they want. They totally can afford for entertainment, travel in leisure time. Furthermore, if teenagers are easily fall in depressed status, adults are more mature to know what they want to achieve as well as more easily overcome unfortunate events in their life. As finished the school and gained the required certifications for the job, adults no need to worry about the exams any more. In that case, adults can have more time to cultivate their own hobbies and professionals. Unfortunately, in reality there are many people do not have spare time and entirely be occupied in work in order to earn money to support to their daily expenses.

In brief, I think that teenage years are considered innocent time that brings a lot of fun and memories our lives in comparison with adults’ time. Also, those are in youth had better enjoyed that time more and more to fulfill your great time in life.

Hello everybody.This is the first essay that i have ever written.So i need your valuable advices to make it better.It is the discussion topic which is given above by simon.
Here it is

Everybody have the idea of how to be happy in this world. However nobody lives in happiness all of its life.Some of more happy when chid, some of when adult. In my opinion future never brings us happiness at all unless we use the time well.(47)

First of all, we should think about what to be happy is. According to me, everyone can be happy all of its life without habits. Habits that we have is a barrier in front of us which cause not to be happy. In this way, if we think about our childness, we all remember what a good times are those back than except who has bad experiance in their childness. There is a few habits that we have. Every part of our childness, we gain totally new experiances and every new experiances makes us really happy. In this case every following day, we lose the happiness that we feel according to first time.(112)

On the other hand, the people who are open in new experiances according to their own age, they can succeed to be happy. In fact it is clearly simple to understand that innovation provides us happiness. There is a word that accepted all over the world. "Happy as a child" .It is imposible to remain child. So we should keep us adapt changing if we want to be happy every part of our life.(54)

In conclusion, the teenage years are the best times of life. But we can keep it fresh to adapt changing.(20)

253 words.

Thank you in advance

I have a trouble in writing on this topic, smb. please some help.
There are serious concerns about the sale and production of genetically modified food.Yet this is necessary if we are to meet the demands of an increasing world population.
Give your opinions on this

In recent years , the over-population of the planet earth , as well as the restricted food sources , have compelled us of using genetically modified foods . However , this utilization is still a very contentious issue , considering the potential detrimental impacts which these products might have on individuals and society , at large .

Some people would argue that these kind of foods are extremely hazardous . They contend that one probable factor responsible for the increasing amount of different ailments such as different cancers and Multiple Sclerosis to name but a few , is the use of these genetically engineered foods . They might provoke some - unknown - cells within our bodies and cause such diseases . however , despite the availability of abundance of evidence which might support this view , there are no officially released data about this matter .

At the other end of the scale are those who talk in favour of using such food sources . They believe that the inhabitants of the world are growing surprisingly , leaving us with no choice other than using our scientific abilities to produce more . We need to harvest double or even triple from the same scale of land or to have twice the milk from a cow . In some seminars they announce that it is much better to prevent a kid from dying of hunger rather than being afraid of the potential diseases which might never happen ! .

By way of conclusion , I personally believe that the rapid pace of the world , necessitates us of using this new foods . However , it is also wise that those who can afford the high price of organic products , use them instead .

I wrote this essay instantly when I read your request , I heope it helped , however I am still trying to write more and more essays because I need at least 7 in all the modules and although i got 9 and 8.5 in reading and listening and 7.5 in speaking , I got 6.5 in both of my academic tests !!

I found it easier to write this essay in 5 paragraphs:

Some people believe that teenagers are happier than any other age group, while others argue that adulthood is the happiest stage of our lives. Although there are good arguments in favor of both views, I believe that the sense of satisfaction and fullfillmet increases with age.

There are several reasons discussing why teenagers are happy. Firstly, they are arguably physically prepared to engage in a variety of exciting and joyful activities. Secondly, people have many of their first social experiences during adolescence. Biologically, it is well-established that new experiences raise the level of endorphin in the brain, thus result in a sense of joy. Thirdly, teenagers have their whole life in front of them. Therefore, they are more hopeful, ambitious, and have nothing to regret for.

However, many teenagers may feel the opposite. In fact, the rate of depression among adolescents is increasingly high. The majority of teenagers state that they feel bothered by the strict restrictions imposed on them by their parents. Furthermore, along with all amazing first experiences many individuals may also get devastating experiences during their teenage years. For instance, they may start using drugs and soon become drug addicts.

On the other hand, there are many reasons explaining why happiness increases in adulthood. The main reason is that after a certain age people start to think of the reality of death. As a result, they decide to enjoy their life as much as possible. Another reason is that adults have better problem-solving abilities. Because they have already experienced many ups and downs through life and they know how to manage difficult situations. This is why they are generally more emotionally balanced. Scientific studies have also proved that older individuals, particularly the elderly, are happier than their younger counterparts.

For the reasons mentioned above, I believe that people are generally happier during their adulthood rather than their teenage years.

323 words

Here's a TED talk about the reasons why older people are happier:


News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in newspapers. What factors do you think influence these decisions? Do we become used to bad news, and would it be better if more good news was reported?
can any one suggest some ideas about this topic?


Political influence ,pressure, and instability

Different stages in people's lives bring about significant experiences and bring joy to an individual. While others believe that it is in the teenage years where most people experience joy and happy memories, some think that it is during adulthood that a person truly feel happier and fulfilled. In this essay, I shall discuss both views and give my own opinion.

Many people feel that because of the youth's carefree and high-spirited attitude, they get to experience new things and ventures in life. They argue that during this stage, young people meet new friends and experience with them exciting adventures for the first time. They also discover new talents and try new skills. For instance, in High school, the students are given the chance to join organizations which share their interests in music, hobbies and ideas.
These personal encounters give them enjoyment and leave them with happy memories.

On the other hand, some group of people are convinced that during the adult stage, individuals fulfill their dreams and experience the real joy and satisfaction. I hold this notion to be true. When people mature and becomes responsible enough, they are able to achieve their goals in life. For example, during this stage, people become stable in their job and help their families. Furthermore, this is the time when they start their own families and have their own children. Indeed, these experiences bring lasting joy and contentment.

on the whole, it is true that exciting and fresh encounters of the Youth bring enjoyable memories but during adulthood an individual fulfill his/her dreams and feel satisfied and happy.

hi simon
this is my first day of posting.. but i have searched this site many times before i wrote my exam and i even ordered the ebook as well..
my goal is R-6.5, L-7.5, W-7, S-7. i am having trouble with writing. i am getting 6.5 only. my problem is the lack of ideas.
today i tried to wrote one answer using your ideas from the ebook and some from the internet. i just want u to read it for me if possible. just wanna know how did u find it.

here i my writing task 2------

it is certainly true that urbanization is increasing nowadays. people prefer to to live in city in order to earn more money as well as to improve the standard of living. However,due to increased urbanization the life in the cities have become challenging. people are facing numerous difficulties while surviving in the cities.

To begin with, there are various benefits of living in the big cities that attracts people from countryside. such as, the industrial revolution in the cities offers tremendous job opportunities to the people. The lack of agricultural land is an additional factor in the migration of people. Moreover, cities provide better infrastructure and services to the residents that increases the quality of live and the living standard. For instance, metropolitan cities have better provision of transportation, their medical services are supported with latest technology. The foremost factor is the education system in the cities is many times batter than the rural areas due to the highly qualified teachers and the modern techniques of teaching Which is necessary for children's employment success.

On the other hand, due to uncontrolled urbanization, the problem of overpopulation is emerging and number of related problems are stemming from it. for example, the increase in population is influencing the employment rate , consequently, unemployment is increasing. Due to lack of jobs and increased expense of living people find it stressful to survive in the cities. Besides, there is a lack of sense of community . The neighbors even do not have to know each other because of their busy schedule. As a result the social life of people is affected. Another shortcomings are pollution and traffic congestion that adversely affect humans health,time and the environment.

To mitigate the arisen problems, it is incumbent on the government to focus on the equity regarding the division of services and facilities among the urban and rural population. Such as, government can control the urbanization by focusing on the needs of rural population which can be done by responding to their needs of jobs, good education system. building hospitals and opening bank branches as well as spending enough part of the budget on the infrastructure of the rural areas.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that the life in the cities have become complex due to constant increase in the population. Nevertheless, the governments can resolve the evolving problems of the residents.

Hi,i am md. nasir ahmed. I am so tense about my writing. So give me some idea.

Discussion question

Some people think that the teenage years are the happiest of our lives, while others believe that adult life brings more happiness. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

As a person reaches adulthood, he meditates on the time he had spent in this world for self-actualization. Some people claim that being a grown-up man or woman brings an incomparable feeling of enjoyment while others perceive that their teenage years were the best time of their lives. From my perspective, both of these stages make us happy, however, being an adult brings a lasting happiness.

It is agreed that adolescence is the most exciting and challenging period in an individual's life. This is the time when a person undergoes a series of transformation physically and mentally. It is spent mainly in high school and college where all of us experienced almost everything. I can describe this as the 'experimental stage' in our existence.An instance illustrating this is when a boy or a girl learns many things about school, family, and matters of the heart. Forming a group of friends and attraction to opposite sex is very common. According to a research concerning teenagers, these are the most unforgettable moments of anyone's life. However, a teenager often makes mistakes and draw into trouble. Negative feelings such as rejection, loneliness and being guilty of doing something wrong also occur. The happiness that a person feels during this stage is superficial, therefore, not genuine.

On the other end of the spectrum, once an individual becomes an adult, his preferences start to change. His judgment about many things, including his viewpoint in life becomes more sound and reasonable.Adulthood is a period of time to correct the wrongdoings from the past. Lessons are learned well. In addition, an adult usually has established himself and is wiser enough to do what is right. He is opting to surround himself with people who could be of good influence in all his dealings. The consequences of such decisions contribute to his success and real happiness.

In conclusion, I believe that both teenage years and adulthood bring happiness to life, however, an adult is more capable of reaching a real and lasting happiness.


Can I get a list of essay questions ...

Hi simon

My goal is to achieve band 7. Last time I wrote I got 6.5 band. Please review and provide your comments.

Here i my writing task 2------
In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move to regional areas outside the big cities. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

In some of developing countries around the world, the authorities are advising major industries to set their business in rural areas. Although there may be fewer problems, it would be greatly advantageous if the government can encourage or start their establishments in lesser crowed areas.

On one hand, a obvious benefit of this stratergy is reducing the traffic and pollution problem in the city. It is clear that increasing number of IT industry other labour industries is attracting large number of people which is causing pollution and traffic congestion in the city. For instance, most of the cities in India during suffer peak hour traffic during morning and evening time. For example, To resolve these issue, the authorities have brought tax incentives to the industries and IT companies to move their business to rural area. In addition, more local jobs are getting created and the infrasturture gets improved drastically which helps the local popluation.

On the other hand, operating business and industries in rural areas will be an herculean task for companies in getting right labout, servicing clients and dealing with poor infrastructural facilities. They would require substantial amount of money to invest to rebuild their establishment. This would mean that highly skilled labour and business professional would hesitate to move in the rural areas due to lack of superior eductional and lifestyle opportunities. The inadequacy of efficient logistics and other operation issue would post serious problems.

In conclusion, considering the problems face by huge cities and increasing number of population ,moving business and factories would be a logical solution. The drawback would be less consequential but these can be handled by effective management and Government well planned policies.

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