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October 27, 2013


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Hi simon,

Please check this letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that i got an opportunity in abroad so i have to resign from my current organisation.

Although, it has been tough to take such decision but finally i had taken this to improve my professional growth as well as personnel.

I had really enjoyed working here for almost 3 years with different departments and peoples.Everyone has supported me in my problems. I had learned a lot such as personnel skills,communication skills and different business strategies.

It would be really helpful if you provide me referral letter for my future employers.

Yours faithfully
A Ravi

Not only am I <--?

Is it right sentence?

Hi simon, I am always confused the two words:'by' and 'in'.For example, is there any diffrence between 'by 2030' and 'in 2030'?
I really want to know that. THANKS~

Some people enjoy change, and they look forward to new experiences.
Others like their lives to stay the same, and they do not change their usual habits. Compare these two approaches to life. Which approach do you prefer? Explain why?
Hi, Simon. Can you help me because I am confused how to write this task.
A)Should I compare these two approaches in two mains paragraphes, and explain which I prefer in the conclusion?
B)I should compare two approaches in the first main paragraphe, and explain what I prefer in the second main paragraphe?
Please, can anybody help?
Simon, if you do not free time to answer me, just write A or B. I hope that you have enough time to write one word on the computer. :)
Thank you. :)

Dear Simon,
What I am amazing about your writing is your writing letter is far beyond your writing task2. It does seem you already used to write for on organization or something else. All your letter can be applied or considered as a real sample. Great letters that I'm trying to take advantage of all those tips and phrases.


I found how to write this type of tasks which you wrote - - - > - Numbers 3 and 4 can be called discussion + opinion questions. Discuss both sides and make your opinion clear too...
But, it is not clearly explained for me. Should I write my opinion in the conclusion or in the second main paragraphe?

Not only am I <--?
Is it right sentence?
Yes. This is a inverted sentence. More examples:
Never have I seen such a performance.
Nowhere will you find the answer to this question.
Not until the child fell asleep did the mother leave the room.

@ Alex

Thank you very much
I understand this sentence.

@Alex: Please tell me when we can use "inverted sentence". We may use this kind of sentence to emphasize, right? Thank you.

hi guys
I have ielts test next week i am really scared i feel nerves, the big issue for me how i can make sentences by own idea i don't know
you know what when i wrote this comment that cost me 10 min hhhhhhhh

@Ali: me too. I will have IELST test in december. yahhhh I am really nervous because my listening skill is too bad. I don't know how to improve it in a short time like this.
Please help meeeeeeeeee. :<

The lack of arguments and ideas about a particular thing or topic is the main hindrance in getting good approach towards writing task..... the same problem is scaring me :-P

Hi Ali, good luck for the test.

Joah, practice would help your listening skills. I have used Cambridge 4 to 7 for listening every morning for a month, 1 hour per day, and got 7.5 last time. I was really bad at it, so I believe you can improve if you do.

Hi Simon, thanks for all the support and materials.

I find that there are more tasks in academic writing.

is it ok if you could upload more general writing please? thanks

You want to leave your current job. write a letter to your original boss, in the letter, you should

why you will leave?
what you got taught in current company?
Request your boss a reference for your new position.

Thank you. Good example.

Dear Ahmed,

I am writing this letter with regard to my resignation effective June, 1st, 2017.

It was tough decision to leave the company after have been working over 10 years in a finance department. However, it is impractical to be here in Cairo city and my future wife lives apart from me in Alexandria city where I have to commute 2 hours daily. So, we concurrently have decided to resign and settle down where my future wife stays.

I have to admit that I have gained vast experiences by working under your supervision where I had learnt how to work under pressure to meet deadline and how effectively many 6 team members. In addition, how I make presentation to the top management for the company financial result.

I am going to search for a job in Alexandria, therefore I would be grateful if you could assist me be writing a recommendation letter which it would aim me to find appropriate job in the market search.

Thank you for all of your support

Yours Sincerely,

Khaled Said

Sorry, I meant that how to manage 6 team members

Dear Mr Heinz,

I am writing to inform you of decision to leave Skyjack next month.

As I mentioned to you before, my spouse’s family lives in California, and as we have three kids now, we have required the support of her family for taking care of our kids. As a working couple we cannot shoulder all responsibilities a lone.

After having worked for 3 years in the company, I have enhanced my knowledge immensely about the construction machines and equipment, and by visiting our customers regularly I have increased my business network, and been able to understand the needs and expectations of our unique target market.

Following our decision, I have started seeking employment opportunities in the machine industry in California and having a recommendation letter written from a manager like you can increase my chance of employment increadibly. Therefore, I would be grateful, if you could write a reference letter covering my resposibilities and achievements during the period of my employment in Skyjack.

I look forward to your response,

Yours sincerely,

Elena Jones

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