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October 13, 2013


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I often forget that I can use 'with' when stating figures.

Good to recall.

He love that girl,with she loving another girl... right?

London is the world's sixth most expensive city, with being visited by almost 1 million tourists every day.

The root causes for low employment remain as hot topics in many nations, with fierce disputes taking place in academic forums as well as in cyberspace.

You’ve recently found an object and you think that it might be of some historical value. Write a letter to the director of the museum asking for some information on the object.

- Give a description of that object.
- Tell them where you found it.
- Ask for information you are seeking

Someone please help writing this essay

Antidepressants are being prescribed on a large scale, and the figures are rising up every year.

Antidepressants are being prescribed on a large scale, with figures rising up every year.

The US relies on fossil fuels, and sustainable energy sources remain relatively insignificant.

The US relies on fossil fuels, with sustainable energy sources remaining relatively insignificant.

Its a wrong section to write essay but I want some suggestions from someone, if there is any.

Now a days, the new generation is completely engrossed in social networking as well as browsing internet. As a result, the teens and pre-teens are easily entrapped in obscene and anti-social activities. What are the effects on the psyche of the teenagers. Give solutions.


In the last century, internet has emerged as the most successful innovation in terms of facilitating people's life. However, it has also opened doors for probable crime activities and has extended the reach of various offences beyond national boundaries. The cyber world has made an individual addicted and potential target for unethical activities.

First of all, the interests among the youth has developed to such an extent that they are now addicted to certain websites. They spend most of their time in front of computers surfing some vulgar and inappropriate content. For example, most teenagers surf adult material through various sites which creates psychological effects on their personality. They would not be able to concentrate on their studies or in the worse case, they may develop dual personality. Some children become techno-addicted and they pester their parents for latest electronic devices.

Another major issue with internet loving youth is that they may become easily trapped target for some criminal or anti-social activities. Youngsters are innocent and some users of social networking sites may take advantage of it. For instance, many black mailing, rape and murder cases have been noted in which online community sites were involved. Further, even some people betray their partner, with many relations ending due to interests in other online companion. These kind of incidents, sometimes, result into nervous break-down.

To overcome such probable matters, the government should strictly ban certain websites involving criminal or terrorists activity. Moreover, parents should play more responsible role and monitor their child's activities. They should also explain them problems regarding such habits. If required, children should be counselled by some specialists.

    Please give some useful suggestions for improvements.

    Thanks a lot....

thanks for advice, but can u put this lessons the writing task 2 to write one idea about
Idea: traditional values and customs have been lost. Explain/Examples: people buy microwave meals rather than cooking traditional dishes; traditional local shops disappear and are replaced with online shopping; people are more independent, but lack a sense of community.
cause I don't have more idea about this , thanks a lot


Hi Simon,

I had posted an essay here but it has been removed. I would like to know why? Did I make any mistake? Please let me know so that I do not repeat anything like that again.


It is a real topic for task 2 essay which candidates were asked to answer 4 days back (on 10th October):
Pollution and some environment damage are as a result of wealthier and developed countries. It cannot be avoided.
Do you agree or disagree?
Which of the below plan are correct?
1.introduction (balanced opinion)
2.reasons why developed countries increase pollution and damage environment
3.mentioning other reasons which contribute pollution and environment damage
1.introduction (balanced opinion)
2.reasons why developed countries increase pollution and damage environment
3.mentioning whether it is avoidable or not and how it can be prevented.

please help me

The table provides information about...., with the pie chart indicating whether they enjoyed their holiday.

This bar lists the number of male and female doing no exercise, and the figure for the final year is flictuating suddenly.
This bar lists the number of men and women doing no exercise, with the figure for the final year fluctuating suddenly.
city life is quite stressful, and the people are lack of sense of community.
City life is quite stressful with the people lacking of the sense of community.
Please comments on it.

Hai piyu,
You could rewrite some sentences as follows.
However it has also opened the doors for certain criminal activities----- and has incresed the rate of crime nationwide.
The interest ---not the interests.
WHICH MAY HAVE ADVERSE EFFECT ON THEIR BAHAVIOUR. Consequently, they would not concentrate.-
involved in criminal activities-- in conclusion paragraph.--
parents shoul paly a leading role --- and spervise their children's work. I hope this will help you.

1) The Pen Pals Service is extremely popular nowadays, and a lot of people register there every day.
2) The Pen Pals Service is extremely popular nowadays, with a lot of people registering there every day.

Thank you, sir!)

1)The weather is much warmer now,and more people like to go outside.
2)The weather is much warmer now,with more people liking to go outside.

Rachel is a smart person, with many people appreciating her work attitude.

China is a beautiful and fantastic country, with millions of travellers from over the world coming to visit.

She is so beautiful, and 5 guys love her deeply.
She is so beautiful,with 5 guys loving her deeply.

Hi simon
Here are my examples.

1. The ticket for a space travel is costly, with only 2 million people around the world buying it.

2. Th unemployment rate in Spain is increasing, with over 10 million losing jobs every year.

He is quite competent,with many firms following him.

Myanmar is rich in naturally beautiful places and many people come to visit those places.

Myanmar is rich in naturally beautiful places with many people coming to visit those places.

I see this is topic about using "with" and "and". Why are talking about essay? So we should give some sample for main topic?

Bangladesh is the most beautiful country, with many people coming in my country for visiting a lot of places.


hi simon,
i wonder that we just use this structure in the present tense or in rhe other tense?

The city is crowded, with 7 millions of people living in the city.

The city is crowded, and 7 millions of people live in the city

Note that we use -ing form of verb after 'with'

The restaurant is quite spacious, and have space for 150 people in the sitting area.

The restaurant is quite spacious, with having space for 150 people in the sitting area.

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