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October 25, 2013


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thx simon
i will attend ielTS tomorrow for my first time in China, i am nervous to some extent and feel bad.
could u provide me some suggestion to perform well in oral exam ?
thx very much.

Hi peng:

The most important I want to well you is keep relax. In part 1 & part 3, you can just imagine that you have a free talk with a foreigner, and the only one thing you need to notice is your small grammar mistakes. I attended IELTS in China and I got 6 in speaking test, but I got only 5.5 in speaking last month when I already studied abroad. Just because I feel quite nervous during my test.
Therefore, what I want to tell you is just keep relax, it is a free talk.
At part 2, give a reasonable answer and describe the subject clearly, then you can get 6.

I got my result today ...and I am happy
L=6, R=6, W6.5, S=5.5, O=6.
This was my 2nd attempt. last time I got L=7, R6.5, W 5.5 and S=5.

I do a lot of writing ( one month), and I follow Simon's advice. I'm so glad...now I can move on.
thank you Simon, thank you very much for your effort to teach us English. I think I will be here for a while, because I have what to learn from your lessons.
big hug from Andrea

tnx simon i got my result now and your advice was really helpful :) so happy ive got 6.5 bands more than i need (5.5) tnx alot..

sir. my name is ravinder kaur .am from india new delhi. i took my ielts test on 28 sep and only got 5 bands .my speaking score was 5.5 and writing was 5.5 and reading was 5 and listening was only 4. but in my preparation class always got 7 bands in listening . i need 6 bands overall . sir tell me how can i improve my bands. now my next test is 16 nov 2013 . please sir reply m as soon . need your tips as wel help ..

thank you sir

Hi everyone,

Congrats to Joan and Andrea!

Hi Michael,

I appreciate the piece of advice you gave Peng. My test is tomorrow, 2nd attempt, in London and I am certain that I will come here to share my great scores when my result is out in Jesus name. Thanks to Simon, all his teachings and words of motivation.

I wish you all good success.

Joy Ekpata

Happy Friday everyone!

Here are my sample answers for someone who REALLY HATES sports; hope you can find them useful:

1) To be honest, I don't do any sports or physical activities because I really hate moving my body and the feeling of having sweat all over my body. I'd rather stay home to relax and do something not vigorous at all.

2) Well, since I don't have any interest in sports, I don't want to be good at any sports or games that require any physical movement. This is a question that I have never thought of.

3) If I only had these two choices, I guess I would choose to watch sports. You know, sitting there won't require me to move and I could actually take the opportunity to rest and take a nap!

4) Mmm... I think encouraging children to do more sports would be fine as long as they are willing to do it. As for me, I would definitely feel annoyed if someone asked or forced me to do something I really dislike.

Have a nice weekend!

can I improve my writing from 4.5 to 5 in 14 days? please.

hi everyone
I want to know how I can answer these questions
1/what news are the most interesting for you?
2/Do you think young people are more interesting in news than the elderly?
3/Do you think women like to chat more than men? why?
4/why is getting news important?

I got my result on 25-10-2013.I got Speaking-7,Writing-6.5,Listening-6,Reading-6.This was my second attempt.In first chance I got only 5 in writing and 6 in speaking.My advice is speak with enthusiasm and speak as much as possible and also in writing write as much as possible then will get score

Hi everyone,
sometimes I'm too eager to express my ideas and I couldn't fully tell the examiner what I really want to say.I guess I might be a bit neverous and therefore can't clearly organise my ideas. Is that possible? Could you analyse the reason and help me correct this disadvantage?

Hi simon,

Is there any way to change the speaking band score? My score was L:8 R:8 W:7 S:6 0:7. this was my 1st time taking IELTS. My hands are quite tied as there is a deadline for the board exam i need to take this 2013, if I miss this opportunity I will have to wait another year, which is both very difficult,time and money consuming. I dont understand how they got this score,clearly I do believe i deserve better. I passed with the required overall band score, however I need a minimum of 7 for speaking, Can i ask for any suggestions tay may help?

It's really a shocking news for me that I had got my IELTS result last week which was 6(L6, R6, W6, and S5.5). Meanwhile, I anticipated that I would get at least overall 6.5 and specifically 7 in listening and speaking. But, on the other hand, listening and speaking scores indeed disappointed me. I would expect experts' suggestions how can I overcome this situation.

i gonna pass ietls eassy :)

Hi simon
is it true that it does not sound natural for Ielts examer to hear " From my perspective"??
As I always write it in the essay??

Hi guys!!!

This is my skype; murat.aslan05 lets make practice. ı got 6 from the last one and ı think ı had this score because ı was nervous. I want to beat my anxiety and it will help us all.

Good luck to everyone

Hi,I have taken 3 times,and the next one will be on 9th Novemeber

1.L(7.5) S(7) R(8.5) W(6.5) OVERALL:7.5
2.L(7) S(6.5) R(7.5) W(7.5) OVERALL:7
3.L(8.5) S(7) R(6) W(7) overall:7

I have to achieve 7 in each part

does anyone want to practise speaking together?

Please leave your skype name,i will add you.

dear sir i have completed master of pharmacy and i want to go Australia so i want guidance about Australia,

hi guys,
I need a mark from 8 to 9 of ielts.I'm not sure if I can achieve it or not.I have graduated from English Language and Literature but I don't know anything about the test unfortunately...Is there anybody to share his experience with me?I am from Istanbul

my skype is phamanhnga2011 , does anyone like to pratice speaking with me ! i have to taking ielts at the end of this year. i have just taking CAE test. quite hard :)

I think that when the question is about what activity you do we shouldn't say we don't

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