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November 22, 2013


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Hi everyone,
Here is my answer

With a foreigner

Came to my country to collect some data for his project and to visit beautiful places of india

I met him in golden temple

Them he asked me some question about social evils in my society and how these evils can be terminated

I told him about juvenile delinquency and i told the reasons for that

I told him that austerity of government can solve this problem and philanthropic organizations should organize some awareness camps to make them aware of their duties towards protecting our ethical values

He was very happy after listening to my views. I noticed that he was writing my few lines in his diary. Then we had a cup of coffee and said good bye

It was very interesting for me to have a conversation foreigner first time.

( once i got this question in a mock test in my institute. I presented these ideas but my teacher told me that it was wrong and gave me 6 band only)

Can u tell me what is the mistake in my ideas

This is my idea (not my real story).

Few years ago, when I was still a student, I and my friend meet a foreigner. He was looking at a map and seemed to be confused and gotten lost.

We approached and offered our help using our very poor English. After we were talking and asking several minutes, he did not understand anything and reacted by some body language actions. After that, a woman (maybe his friend) called him, using Vietnamese, and he answered using Vietnamese! She explained for us that he speaks Spanish and Vietnamese. He doesn’t know English!

I found this conversation interesting because it is a typical stereotype: if you are foreigner, you will speak English.

Hi Indu,

Actually I liked the idea you came up with for this topic.Sorry i can't give you an expert opinion for your mistakes. But i can suggest that may be we can add just few more simple details to it. For example, we can tell ' which country that foreigner belonged to' & then can talk about some interesting information that he shared about his country. Secondly it will give us more chance to talk if we mention some other common social problems in India, like dowry, gender discrimination.

An exciting conversation I had was a couple of months ago when I was shopping with my family at newly opened mall. While we were shopping, a man with a big camera and pretty lady introduced themselves and asked me to have an interview that will broadcasted on TV, I felt so shy since I never had a one like before but the program presenter encouraged me and in few minutes we had our interview. We had a talk about situations in My country Iraq and what I think hope about Iraqi people future.
This conversation is so memorable for me because it was my first time on TV through very famous and popular program in my country and when my family and friends watched it, thet told me that I was great and looking familiar with such interviews.

( I did this spontaneously without preparation and it is real)

So dear Simon how would you score my answer ??
Thanks in advance

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but I did not review it so not to correct any thing.
Regards to all,

I wrote it in brief. I spoke about this topic about 2:30 minutes.

There are some mistakes in my ideas because i was in hurry

With* a for......

Hi everyone here is my idea as well
I am going to talk about my conversation with unknown people which I found it very intersting.
Person whom I met was actually our security service people but unfortunity I even didn't know anyone of them .
All this intersting talked held on our main entrance gate when I went for my driving class early in the morning.
Our conversation start with off course my progress of driving because he used to saw me every morning went for driving.he asked me that how was my driving ???i replay with excitement that I did a fantastic job even I didn't hit the curves and he asked more more question about my driving.
I found this conversation intersting because I had a interst on driving and I enjoyed while I am driving so definatly if he asked me about something intersting we all enjoy to talk about .
Thank u all
Plz give me suggestion to improve my speaking

Hi guys. This is my story.
A few months ago, I had a motorbike accident. My motor broke down but luckily I was safe, except some minor injuries. The day after I had my motor fixed at the workshop. As a result, I had to take bus to work.
I remembered that day clearly. It was a cold winter morning and I was one of few passengers get on the bus. In fact, there are four people, including the driver, a mother and daughter and me.
I liked the little at first sight, because she looked about 4 year-old, so pretty and talkative. She couldn't stop asking her mother questions like "Mom, what is this sound?" Actually, I had no intention of eavedropping their talk. Just because she talked so lovely and there are only four of us on the bus, I heard her mother replied"It's a plane, dear." "Woah, a plane. Is it flying on the sky? Can I have one?" Smiling affectionately at her little daughter, the woman said "Yes, if you are rich. When you have a lot of money, you can buy whatever you want. You love planes, right?" Then, out of my expectation, little girl said "No, if I have money, I will buy you a pair of gloves." I couldn't help myself from asking her "Why do you want gloves for your Mom?" Then, it's her mother answered me, not her. "I am a cleaner at the Lotus Hotel." she smiled.

Hi everybody!

I had my exam on 21st November, the Academic Module. I didn't like my performance, but at least I remember some of the topics and I can share them with you. Here they are:

Passage 1 was about seed hunters and I've actually found the article on the internet: http://www.questia.com/library/1G1-108147786/the-seedhunters-with-a-quarter-of-the-world-s-plants . The questions were so difficult and tricky, especially those of the "True, Flase, Not Given" type, that reading this article again brought tears to my eyes :( (N.B. all the reading part was extremely difficult compared to the tests in the IELTS books).
Passage 2 was about psychology, the theory of mind and the "false-tasks beliefs", some experiments of several scientists about how children interpret some data.
Passage 3 was about tourism

Section 1 was a conversation on the phone about a music agency and we had to fill in a form.
Section 2 was about blended learning
Section 4 was a lecture about methods of time measurement in primitive times

Task 1 was a table about the annual spending of a Uk school, in the years 1995, 2005, with further predictions for 2015, in percentages. The table I found it on Simon's blog, but it was in pie charts: http://ielts-simon.com/files/screen-shot-2013-03-27-at-13.21.47-1.png . The table had 4 columns, and 5 rows, with proportions for teachers' salaries, equipment (e.g computers), books & materials, other workers' salaries and insurance.
Task 2: Most people say that the advertisements amuse or even annoy them and they don't influence them to buy things. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

My advice for all of you is to practise a lot even if you feel confident on what you know. Good luck!

Hi Queserasera,

The question was a conversation YOU HAD with someone
U should answer her questions.

Hi all.

Remember around half the speaking score is based on how you deliver information (fluency and pronunciation) so we can't give any real feedback on score just from your written script.

Hi Mr Simon ,
I got 5.5 in speaking part in IELTS 9th Nov , last time I got 6.0 in this part, I wish to Enquiry of my result for this part ,because all my other part already achieve band 6.0. only left this part. Is it advisable to recheck my result as it cost a lot of money? Can I have your opinion ?
Thank you.

Hi Indu,
First, thanks a lot for reading my story and giving comment, so I can know what others think of my story. Second, I checked the dictionary and it says "conversation is an informal interchanges of spoken words". So I do think my story has a conversation. We did give and receive oral speeches. The matter here is that there is more than one recipient. So what do you think? Is it still accepted?

Hi Indu,

I missed the word 'also' , i was trying to say that it will be a good idea if we 'also ' mention some other social problems as well ,besides Juvenile Delinquency.

Hi all,

here is my answer.

I am going to talk about conversation I had with someone I met on the flight to Paris.

Unfortunately, I did have the chance to ask his name, but thought our conversation on board, I knew that he is from the USA and graduated from Harvard University.

Well, he is a very sophisticated and experienced business who is running a IT business in China, However, all our topics are round education, which I found really stimulating.

We exchanged our opinions on what appropriate schooling should be . He said that there is no consensus on what constitutes a sound teaching methodology. However, as far as he was concerned, that fine schooling, from primary-level to tertiary-level, has some common characteristics. For example, he asserted that advantageous education should encourage student to think independently and critically, and empowers them to evaluate their teacher performance openly, as opposed to force-feeds students and render them only capable of spitting back predigested ideas.

The reason why i thought it is an interesting conversation is that I learnt a lot through talking with him. From another angle to analysis what education should afford to our offspring.

Thanks, please let me know if there is any inappropriate expression.

Also, Simon, I always get band 6.5 for my speaking test. How can I improve the 0.5 to band 7. thanks a lot.

I would like to talk about a boy I chatted with online.
I tried to find a partner on the Internet in order to plactice IELTS
speaking module. and I posed my skype ID on one English practice website
so as to have people add me as a friend. One day, I turned on my
Skype and one boy messaged me and said hi to me. I replied him politely
and we started to have an enjoyable conversation. We talked about how to
improve our English. After soon, I found that we had an interest in
common which is to read novels. We both like to read novels for fun,
especially when reading novels in English. It can not only bring us to
another fantastic world but also sharpen our English reading ability.
I was marveld at the unlimited Internet because the boy is from Mexico,
and I am in Taiwan.we talked about some interesting cultures and
geography in his country. I expereinced culture different and I made
the person I didn't know become one of my friend.

Hi queserasera,

Describe an interesting conversation YOU HAD with someone you didn't know. You should say

- WHO the person was
- where the conversation took place
- what YOU talked about
- and explain why YOU found the conversation interesting.

I assert that you should answer all her question to make ur answer more intersting

For example

Girl- uncle where are you going ?
You - i am going to my college
Girl - do you have chocolates ?
You - Yes, do u like to take chocolates

This is right. But your story is somethimg different

For example

Girl - where is this uncle going ?
Her mother- he is going to college
Girl- does he has some chocolates for me ?
Her mother to you - do u have chocolates ?
You- no
Her mother to girl - no, sorry

It is wrong because the question was "conversation you had.
You should be more active in conversation than her mother

I am not an expert but i am giving my ideas.

Let's see what others say about it

I will like to talk about a conversation I had a year ago with a certain man called Carl Sk ,the director of the largest modelling companies in London.I met him on my way back from work.He politely stopped me and asked if I was a model. I told him I used to model before back home in my country and since I moved to the UK I have not got the opportunity to continue.He said he was recruiting black models and I fitted the criteria ,and he will book me for a photo shoot if I were interested.I gladly said yes ,and I told him , I have been waiting for this day my whole life. He gave me his complementary card and we departed.this conversation is recorded at the back of my mind because it was the stepping stone to my modelling career and has shaped me to who I am today.

2 weeks ago I got the opportunity to speak with a solicitor during his Lunch break at Manchester Magistrates court.
We talked about some sections in the family Law in The United Kingdom .I found out many interesting things in Family Law for example how the court splits assets when a relationship ends

Also I got an idea that the paper work for most dispute cases is prepared by the solicitors. But in court before the judge the defendant barrister is the official body who represent the accused person and proceeds with trials .
It was interesting because I learnt something new British lifestyle. Also This conversation motivated me to read more about judiciary in the UK.

HI everyone here is my answer, I am going to talk about a conversation that i had,which was on discrimination among races and religions and gender. .Actually,I was travelling in train ,i met a lady who was sitting in front of me.we started to talk to spend our time.the whole conversation was focused on human rights and equality. we both were discussed this issue and what factors government should be considered to diminish this problem.that lady had a really good impression .
I found this conversation interesting because if there would be no difference among people then peace,prosperity and stability of all countries might be maintained. for example if women have no same rights as men then definitely,country will flourish less in all terms. well, it is unethical activity. After that conversation i came to realize that humans have no right to subject one another on path of partiality.i had unforgettable experience with this conversation.

HI simon ,u did a remarkable work on this site. I appreciate you. i came to know about your site just 2 days before .i need 7 band in 3 modules except listening( 7.5). i will try to my best TO get it. thanks

hi everyone ,I m new to this site. plz let me know my mistakes . this the only way to learn thank u

i have problems with ideas what is the easy way to get them plz tell some tips?

I am going to talk about a conversation that i had recently with a lady while I was commuting by train. We chatted about gender equality, discrimination in health and social care , and racist against someone's religion . We focused on human rights and equality

The whole conversation was about human rights and humanitarian policy . Including the role of the government To eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in different sectors . I was impressed by the lady’s prospective . This concept extends to the recognition that girls and young women are unique
individuals with rights and responsibilities similar to those of boys and young men.

I found this conversation appealing because our views were the same and I was able to express my ideas orally with a confidence. we reached to a conclusion that peace, integrity and prosperity would be maintained if people had been treated equally .For example, if there is gender inequality ” women have not experienced the same rights as men”, the development of that country in terms of education and health is going to be reluctant . Impartiality plays a crucial role and it underpins all effective conflict resolution.

Hi navneet panag,
I re-wrote your answer according to my knowledge.

Hi khoory it is really good .i found that i don't know how to make good sentences . u have variety of sents. pl z tell me how can i solve it i have same prob in writing too.

I got only 6 band in writing and 6.5 in speaking . reading and list both 7 last time. pl z suggest smth for writing and speakin

Dear Navneet,

You actually have good ideas.

Today, I am going to talk about an intriguing conversation that I had with a well known tv presenter, while I was coming out of Sahara shopping mall. The man who interviewed me was Mr. Khalid al Ghamdi, the environmental correspondent of Sauti TV Channel-2.
The whole talk took place in the newly opened Shara mall on the northern King Abdul Aziz street.
The tv reporter asked to answer some questions for a survey he was doing about the facilities of mall. He asked me how do you rate the parking facilities for the customers? We also talked about the timing of this store. Actually, at the moment It is opening from 8am to 1am. I suggested that it would be far better, if opening timing extends for 24 hours.
ALL in all,I would argue that it was really very intresting and worh remembering talk with such a well known tv reporter.

I would like to talk about such unexpected moment in my life. A few years ago I and my best friend were visiting Paris and we met person. Actually, he just asked the way to one place, but of course we didn't knew anything about it. But he started to talk with us.
However, every time I am trying to avoid chatting with strangers, but this conversation was an exception. Therefore we were talking so freely that it seemed to me that he is my old good friend.
Another thing is that he was so open minded and friendly, but on other hand also very mysterious.I was so deep in this conversation, because he was guessing personal things such as, where I am from and what I am doing in my life including some future visions. As I remember everything was so true.
The most important that I was so scared, but at the same time it was so pleased.

Dear All,


Here is my description to share with you:

I'd like to talk about an interesting conversation I had with a stranger while I was on a flight from Dallas to Buenos Aires, Argentina, about two years ago.

If I remember correctly, he was an American backpacker and wanted to travel around Argentina on his own. Since I had lived in Argentina for more than 10 years, I guess I was the ideal person to give him suggestions for his trip.

At the beginning of the conversation, he thought I was also a tourist (because of my Asian looks) so he wanted to share and exchange trip ideas with me. But once I told him who I really was, I was the one making most of the talking. I remember he was a really nice guy and very very adventurous. He basically wanted to try everything and make the most of his trip, that's why he was very willing to listen to me and take notes of my suggestions on some secret spots around the city as well as popular tourist attractions in different provinces. I also wrote down for him the names of some traditional foods that he must try as part of the experience.

I found the conversation really interesting because it was hard for me to believe that a person could have such courage to travel by himself to a country he had never been to. It was also quite difficult to imagine how he could survive with his broken Spanish! But well, I guess that is what a backpacker is supposed to be.

All in all, although we haven't kept in touch since that conversation, I really hope he had a good time in Argentina!


Hi Martin ,
Thank you for sharing that conversation !

I want to share my real story.

A month ago, I met Lintag who is from the Philippines at the IELTS test center. It was a bit funny situation. While I waited for my speaking term, she was sitting beside me. And I also saw her passport. Then, I asked her where she is from. She answered, of course, from the Philippines. We talked about our job, and concerns about the test. Interestingly, we have many commonalities. One is that we are nurses and want to be nurse in New Zealand. Another fact is more amazing that I stayed in Cebu last year nearby her hometown. What a small world! While talking with her, I could remember the enjoyable days in the city. Later on, I asked her current occupation, because I am looking for a job. Fortunately, she gave me an idea to get a career. Her daughter is working at rest home as clinical manager. Therefore, she said, bring my CV to the facility. It is better to go there in person rather than apply online. And she told me that she will recommend me to her daughter. As well as she left me her contact number and email. The following week, I visited the place and got an interview in the next week. I am waiting the result. I really appreciate her to give this chance to me.

In my exam i describe as phone conversation is it wrong or write ? Plz tell me immedietly !

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