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November 28, 2013


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Thank you for today's post,Simon.It's not looking complicated at all.

Hi Simon,
Should we not use the phrase 'vice versa' in academic writing? So far i haven't noticed it in your essays, and is it alright if we use it in 'speaking' section?

Hi Simon,
In some regions in the UK, I noticed that people often miss the 't' sound when pronouncing (such as the word 'water', they say 'wa-er'. So if candidates do the same thing in IELTS, will it affect their Speaking score?

Hi Simon,

I wrote a report on this. Could you check it for me?

The line graph indicates the information pertaining to how much meat and poultry was consumed per capita from 1955 to 2012 in America. Overall, Beef consumption witnessed a decrease after a considerable rise and the figure for Pork fluctuated whereas there was an increase in the consumption of Broilers and Turkey.

As can be seen, in 1955, a person used nearly 60 pounds of Beef, making it the most consumed meat. The figure then rocketed to a peak of exactly 90 pounds in 1976. After that, there was a steady decline to 50 pounds in 2012. Regarding Pork, it began the period with 50 pounds in consumption. It then fluctuated and reached two peaks of more than 50 pounds in 1970 and 1982. Subsequently, the figure fell slightly to just above 40 pounds in 2012.

By contrast, Broilers and Turkey was not consumed until 1961. Afterwards, Broilers’ consumption underwent a steady rise from approximately 15 pounds to a peak of 60 pounds in 2006. Following that, it decreased slightly ended the period with about 55 pounds in 2012. As regards Turkey, its consumption was about 5 pounds in 1961 and maintained the lowest consumption throughout the whole period of about 10 pounds in 2012.

Hi Simon,
It seems for me that we need to write something about prediction at December 2012. Isn't it?

It's perfect, Simon. Thank you for your view and great analysis

..to around 5 Million . to about 5 M.
in this case, about and around can be used interchangeably.
but they don't show the closeness to accuracy which approximately does.

Am I correct?

Hi Simon,

Today I take the test, and now I am really nervous :(. I didn't plan my time well so I had only 15min for task 1.

Because of the rush, I didn't give specific figure for the data in the table (but I did compare and give out the trend). So do you think it adversely affects my score of task 1?

Thank you :(

Dear sir ,
the boiler consumption rose to app 60 puond per person you have written 30,,,,,isn't a mistake?

How much mark will i get from this????

Hi Simon,
Can I use past continuous tense for your second sentence: "During the same period, consumption of broilers also rose, to nearly 30 pounds per person, while the figures for pork was fluctuating between 50 and 40 pounds per person"
Another question: Could I use "the figure" instead of "the figures"?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Simon
Can I add the for every subject relate to each line, for example, the beef consumption or the consumption of beef

it is necessary to write something about the predictions at Dec 2012, isn't it?
could you answer my question?

Hi Simon
I am from Nepal and preparing for IELTS exam to score 7. So I kindly request you to advice me tips to score each band 7.
Thanking you.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your blog I found it really useful.

You said u have ignored the 2012 forecast and treat it as past year, is this oKay to do in the test too?? Even says the "forecast" the question means has actually passed? I personally don't think it is okay though. Thanking u!

Regards, Mei

Hi Mei,

That won't happen in the real test. If they want you to include a forecast, they will use years that are clearly in the future (e.g. 2030, 2050).

Hi Simon,

Thank you for another great lesson.

My question is regarding to the use of "plummeted" on the 4th paragraph. Did you use this word intentionally, as this has been reported on the news? I think you've said this type of word is more adequate under 'journalistic' writing than 'academic'.



Dear Simon,

You are precisely correct! I took my exam today in the Philippines, and I I was tasked to describe a MAPS, PARK VILLAGE AND THE CHANGES THAT TRANSPIRED between 2 maps AFTER 10 YEARS. Im really glad I heeded your advice not to take that kind of question for granted for my writing task 1. Thanks a lot Simon!

Hi simon
please i wanna ask you about process of milk production i want more information about how i write essay for it .
please advice me because i have exam please ...
Thank you

Hi Simon, can I compare beef and broilers in one paragraph then compare pork and turkey in another paragraph?

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