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December 15, 2013


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Hi simon,

Hi Simon

I have a question. I was taking a speaking practice Part.2 with my teacher. The topic was a piece of technology that is important to me. I talked about "The Internet" but my teacher told me the Internet is not a technology.I'm wondering why it is not a technolgy since people have invented it.


Your teacher is technically correct. The Internet is not really 'a piece of technology' because we would understand that phrase to mean either a specific piece of hardware, or perhaps a smaller piece of software. The Internet is too wide ranging to be called 'a piece of technology' in English.

However, this would have almost no effect on your IELTS score. The speaking test has no Task Response box and you are only judged on the quality of your language (Vocabulary and Grammar) and the quality of your delivery (Fluency and Pronunciation). You would have to be extremely off-topic to be penalised under the Coherence criteria. For example if you got that question in the test and spoke about your dog for two minutes that would not be coherent and you could even be penalised for suspected memorisation. Talking about the Internet here would be fine.

@ sjm can check writing essays

Thank you sjm.
Your answer is very helpful.

Dear Simon,

Sometimes,I have doubt about using ( 's ) in my sentences. like :
*Video games affects students' grades ..
*Children's parents should help them in ....
*The impacts of technology on students' lives..
*cigarette has bad effects on people's health.
* ...negative impacts on schools' curriculum.
when It comes to plural or general cases, I become more hesitant to use it.

hi simon, im new student of yours from bangladesh. you impress me very much.

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