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December 03, 2013


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Thank you so much. By listening to the talk and looking at the vocabulary , I'm thinking how much you care for your students ! May God Bless you Simon !

Hi simon

Firstly, I want you to do a favour for us.
Can you open a section in your web site that we can write about ourselves and argue some topics so we can improve our English.I think it will be beneficial for students


Hi simon,

Thanks a lot man.. I really owe you for providing this wonderful blog.

I have cross some interesting thing when I am practicing Listening test in Cambridge practice test 1.

It is a gap filling in section-3(26-29)
The instruction says we can answer in maximum of three words. So here are my answers.
1. small talk
2.write about work
3. chosen by us.
4. open book exam

Here are the answers found in key
1. talk//give a talk
2 write up work
3 can choose
4 open book

My doubt is.. my answers very similar but will the examiner accept my answers. Since answers can be 3 words, so my answers are three.

Please suggest.

Can be useful for lower levels.

science-based analyses
to a highly-efficient economy
with a few minor hiccups (temperorary problem)
at an ever-accelerating rate
spiral debt crises
downward spiral
The company is in a downward spiral
The future is inherently uncertain
generate conflict over food and water
spiking prices
at an affordable cost

hi everyone,m going to take my exam next month,would any one b intersted in having conversation via skype jst abt speaking topics, if anyone likes to prepare please give ur response...

Hi aleeza I will take my exam next month too.Last month I get 6 each part and I am not sure that I can understand completely because I am not good at English.However, if you want we can speak via skype


also i have that type of trouble in which you are suggesting from simon

Hi aleeza & mert

can you send me your skype id because i'm also going to take my ielts from about couple of weeks

plz by doing this we can build our confidence a lot

Dear Simon,

I would like to thank you for making genuine efforts to help candidates for IELTS through your website.

I am writing to you first time today but I followed your valuable instructions each and every day during my preparation.

Here are my IELTS score:

Listening - 8.5
Reading - 8
Writing - 7.5
Speaking - 7
Overall - 8

My advice to all candidates - Just trust in Simon whatever he writes/advises is worth following.You will definitely overcome your weaknesses in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening if you stick to Simon's instructions.

Thanks again Simon, hope to meet you someday in life.

Best Regards,

Dear Simon,

if response of a question is
(ongoing) travel (arrangements) which response(s) is/are TRUE?

(.....) is/are optional ?

(ongoing) travel
travel (arrangements)
ongoing travel
travel arrangements



is there anybody hear meeee :)

pls help !

in the Reading part

if response of a question is
''(ongoing) travel (arrangements)'' which response(s)below is/are TRUE?

(.....) is/are optional ?

(ongoing) travel
travel (arrangements)
ongoing travel
travel arrangements


You are so great Simon. Thank you very much!

science conclusion
in financial term
economic growth
solve poverty
central issue
individual issue
financial security
calculate precisely
society evolution

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