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December 13, 2013


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Hi, Simon
I almost finish all of your class on the website, I like them all.

Here I have a little question:
The three requriments about what you should say will be written on the paper we make notes, or read by the examiner?


Hi Simon, I find part3 of speaking very difficult when compared with the first two parts. I took IELTS(A) two times and got 7 in speaking in the two attempts, as I could do well in part1 and part2 but failed to answer properly in part3. I need 8 bands in speaking, please suggest me how can I work on part3 to improve my score.

with regards

Hello simon sir
It feel same as me as it mentioned by prasad gandham.
While I am trying to answer my part 3 I found that i don't know what I have to say it goes like blank in that case what I have u do??

Hi there ! Is it ok to use some expressions like these: ' Well. I do mot have specific information on this .. But ... ' in part 3 ?

Today, I am going to talk about a ceremoney that occured a couple weeks ago.
A celeb from bollywood visited my sweet dwelling palace wothout any prior notice. It was Shahid Kapoor, an unsung ever populor Hindi Film super star. It was just a breathtaking and intriguing moment, when he started approaching to shake hands with me.
It was my 17th marriage anniversary party. It was a huge gathering of my friends and family memebers. The sudden appearance of a celeb without any prior notice made the ceremoney worth remembering for my family.

This bollywood unsung Hero made a surprise visit to my sweet dwelling palace just to say few words about his new film called PHATA POSTER NIKLA HERO. The film is full entertainer, action packed, and is goung to be released next month. He also discussed about the funding and support to homeless flood victims in nortern India.
All in all, I woud argue that The ceremonial reception was really amazing and beyond the imagination.

What are the advantages of staying in a hotel instead?
this question is mean i have to tell the advantage of staying in my house instead of hoteā¸Ē right?

Hi Vivienne,

The part 2 question is already printed out on the paper. The examiner will give u the paper to read and think for 1 minute. You will get 1 minute to prepare make notes for answer.

Hi, Richard

Thanks,I'm glad you helped me.


Hi , can someone help me. I have taken IELTS three times before too and now i have no reading material to do practice as i have done with all cambridge ielts books. Even i have used internet resources too.Therefore,in this case what i do,how i do practice?
please please guide me.

hi simon how are you
can i asked you about part two

this accasion i created it???
or what please explain more about it

hi Simone
this question is hard to answers, any persons have idea
Talk about a family business that you would like to start.
1/ what business would it be?
2/ where would it be located?
3/ who would be your clients? why?

hi today I am going to talk about my babies first birthday party which was organised at my farm faridkot. I invited my best college friend sippy gill. we all intensely greeted him when he arrived. he is a famous punbai singer in our Punjabi music industry and was a eye catching guest in my party. he sung some Punjabi songs and all guests enjoyed and danced. he stayed with me two weeks during those days we did some shopping and visited at many places. he brought some gift for my family. daily we took our dinner in big 10 restaurant and sometime went to the cinemas to watch movies. we captured all sweet memories in my camera.

hi Simone
I want to improve my speaking from 5.5 to 6.5

any adivces?
How to improve that?
which part would be most important?

Thank you so much Simon. Your website is really helpful.

I got my IELTS results today, overall band 7 with 7.5 on speaking.

Hello simon sir

While I am trying to answer my part 3 I found that i don't know what I have to say it goes like blank in that case what I have u do??

For practising speaking please contact skype id: ielts_2013

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