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December 06, 2013


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Enjoyed reading your conversation ! You always make things so easy for us!! Have a nice day Simon

Thanks Sam!

Very useful! Thank you so much! By the way it's not difficult to get band 9 for ielts speaking as I thought.

Dear Simon and All, how to make the conversation especially the part 2 of the speaking part smooth ie continous flow of thought , appreciate can share some tips

HI SIMON can you answer my questions as you were ex-exeminer: is it neccessary to have a good apearance an to be in a good mood during the speaking test in order to make an impression on exeminer.By the way your tips are always helpful thank you sooo much :)

thank you very much for your valuable words sir.......

Dear Simon,
Thank a lot for your sharing knowledge

if you can, pls share anymore because I'll sit for IELTs exam on March. I've already decided it.

Best Regards,


Amazing answer, great website .... but I wonder how many IELTS students could really come up with an answer like this.

"... whether they were factory or hand made, the woods and varnishes used, the variation in sound quality"

It is easy to sit down and write the perfect answer to a Part 2 oral question .... but I am not convinced that many, if any, students could produce an answer like this on the day of the exam.

Thank you very much for your lessons. They really helped.

I have my Listening n Writing Today.

Yesterday I had speaking test in India.

I was given a topic of Clothing in Part 2. I spoke for around 1 minute and 40 seconds or so. Then I stopped but the examiner still suggested me to speak more. I don't know why.. I thought I had spoken enough. So, I gave one more sentence but in between there was a pause of 5 seconds. Will it affect my score adversely?

I spoke very well in part 1 and part 3 without any grammatical mistakes and also used fair amount of vocabulary. Intermediate or Upper Intermediate level.

I was hoping to get 7 but may be due to this topic, probably I will get 0.5 Bands less.

Anyway whatever happens, I will keep practising to improve my English overall. N one day wish to get 8.5 or 9 Bands, hopefully.

Thanks again.
Regards n Best luck to all..


Tam Vu - unfortunately it is extremely hard to get a 9 for Speaking. Even if you could produce Simon's words, it is incredibly difficult to gain a 9 in the 'delivery' boxes, FC and Pronunciation.

Curious - yes, not many people could produce Simon's version (Band 9 in LR and GR). But if candidates could just add a little bit more of this type of language, it might push them from a 6.5 to 7, for instance.

Zarina - being in a good mood could help in a few ways. It may help you appear more confident. It may also help 'push' your voice into more 'native-like' intonation ranges. And it's always nice for an examiner to see a smiley face instead of a terrified one.


sjm (above) has already said exactly what I would have said.

To add to sjm's reply to 'curious': I completely agree - I would not expect ANY candidate in the speaking test to be able to give an answer like mine above. However, I think it's important to expose students (who read these lessons) to the kind of language that a native speaker might use.

You never know what someone will pick up and remember from these lessons, and as sjm said, just a little bit of this language might make the difference between a 6.5 and a 7 for someone. I've always believed that teachers should stretch their students rather than allow them to stay within their comfort zones.

it's helpful. thank you so much

SJM THANKS your answers are helpful

Hi Simon,

I got Band score of 7.5 Overall.
But as I mentioned above. I got low band score for Speaking.

Listening: 9.0
Reading: 7.0
Writing: 7.5
Speaking: 6.5

It's all with your blog and some practice.
Thanks a lot.
I may reappear for the test.


sir,last year i gave ielts exam and got 5.5 overall band and my speaking is very poor . I want to get 6.5 band overall .plz help me .how improve speaking . thanks

Hi Simon I want to improve my speaking and writing . How can I improve these two modules. Plz help me I need 7 each band..

For practising speaking please contact skype id: ielts_2013

Dear Simon ,
Thank you very much for your model answers and your encouragements.Actually I am looking for some one for my speaking partner though SKYPE
Please add my skype id

Hi Simon,

I just finished my speaking test. The 1-2 minutes talk was out of topic. But I have answered very well without grammar mistake. Will this effect my score.

today I gave my speaking.. I got the same topic mentioned here... :)

thanks for this great info

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