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December 19, 2013


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Dear Simon,
Could the car category be described by this sentence: "Car was by far the most popular form of transport" ?

hello simon sir

"It is difficult to imagine a world in which everyone is truly satisfied with (THEIR)(HIS)(ONE"S) job".


hi Duong
i think you must write travelling by car was by far the most popular form of transport.

Hi Simon,

Can we say "An average person" instead of "The average person"? What's the difference between the two?


Hi Markus,

In my opinion, your question could be answered by saying the use of 'the' before average is required because average person has been determined (by the chart), i.e 255 persons. If we replace the sentence by saying ' an average person',so it would change the meaning of what the table describes. It is not any average person, but 'the average person'. Does that make sense?

Maybe, you could think of other examples ,for instance the car or a car, the television or a television,and so. We use the appropriate article according to the context.

Hi Arush,

I think the sentence is written " It is difficult to imagine a world in which everyone is truly satisfied with their jobs".
Although the word everyone is on singular, its meaning is not only one person, but everybody, so the pronoum after the verb is 'their', and the noun is 'jobs' rather job.


In many countries, sport and exercise classes are replaced with academic subjects. What is your opinion? What are the affects to the children in their lives?
Whilst a good education is imperative and crucial to a child’s future and career, I believe that a well structured approach to education including physical activities provides the child with a balanced upbringing.
Sports and exercise classes play a significant role in the learning and development of our children. World renowned scientific research suggests that children deliver optimum performance through a balanced approach to education. If a child devotes their entire time to academic subjects, without exercising, they are starving themselves from the body’s natural course to recuperate in the form of physical activities. The body constantly needs to replenish itself from the vigor’s of daily life, in this instance the continuous devotion on academic subjects and a good remedy is to engage in exercises where physical and mental stimulations occur releasing endorphins for sense of well-being.
Equally as important, is the need for our children to develop critical problem solving skills, decision making skills, enhancement of communication skills and harnessing and strengthening bonding amongst peers. Sports and exercises entice children to develop group dynamic traits that are reflective of workplace practices. Often during sporting events, lifelong friendships and comrade are forged.
Greater emphasis is placed on the child to succeed in their academic studies which contributes to pressure and without adequate exercises, the likelihood for a child to experience stress and anxiety in their academic lives are increased exponentially.
In conclusion, whilst it is important for a child to succeed academically, the chances of success are increased with a balanced approach that includes regular exercising

hi simon and my brother braulio

could you examine that essay for me please that
is my request as a beggar plz


Hi Singh, how many words does your essay have?

its 257 words

thanks braulio

Got it! Thanks Simon!

Hi Markus, I'm afraid i am not qualified to assess or make any comments about your essay. Maybe an ielts instructor shall help you on this matter?



Can we write the second sentence as--
People covered more distance by car than any other form of transport.

Traveling distance in miles by foot is substantially low compared with the overwhelming trend of car travel distance.

In 1985 and 2000,7raveling distance in miles by foot is substantially low compared with the overwhelming trend of car travel distance.

Could u let me know : Have I used the write grammar please in my sentence

anyone of you could guide me that how i practice to do reading task before an hour. i wanna do this task in 45-50 minutes. i know all the techniques of reading module but unable to bring me upto 45-50 minutes and main problem is i am unable to solve all 40 questions in one hour.

please reply.

Hi,Simon.I got 6.5 in writing in November 30.I remember task 1 was a table and task 2 was about purchasing some brands. Could you please tell me the probable marks for task 1 and task 2 respectively so that I know which part I should put more efforts on.Thx a lot!

oh my god !it seems me soo difficult:( is there any one who can help me to understand this task pls ....
my test held on 9 janury and im from karachi,pakistan.

Hai, everbody
This is a good passage for ielts writing task -1. Note how thw writer has used synonyms and ithe language for introduction.
..The world has become better fed over the past 50 years

MANY people will groan after stuffing themselves on a Christmas feast. A traditional three-course turkey dinner can be as much as 3,500 calories. Such indulgences are a luxury in many parts of the world—but thankfully less so. Over the past half-century, the amount of food that people consume has increased (measured in calories), according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. Our interactive map and chart tracks countries across five decades, letting users select places, years on the timeline or any chart-line. (It performs poorly on smartphones; our apologies.)

The mass of data shows sharp changes. China boosted its consumption alongside its economic growth. Eastern bloc countries saw a marked decline in their food supply after the Berlin Wall fell. The toll of war and political instability is visible in Africa from 1970 to 1990 through the lens of calories consumed; happily, today one sees consumption increase as governance improves. Yet more work is needed. The chart shows a cluster of countries at the bottom where the food supply barely changed in 50 years. In Burundi’s case, it dropped from a healthy 2,100 calories daily per person in 1961 to 1,600 by 2009, the lowest in the world.
thw language for introduction.

Above chart shows 1985 to 2000.In addition in 1985 per person walked 255 miles and 237 miles at 2000.In 2000 was the highest people walked.On the contrary in 1985 car drived 3199.It was the lowest at 1985.At 2000 was the highest person car drived at 4806.
To sum of we had to seen most of the people was car drived than walked.

As the table shown, car is more popular than walking. Specifically, on average people walked 255 miles in 1985 and this figure dropped slightly to 237 after 15 years. By contrast, the distance of people travelled by car increased apparently from around 3200 miles to just over 4800 miles.

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