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December 11, 2013


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Thank you so much

Just want to say thank you


Which one is better to write 4 paragraphs than that 5 paragraphs

Thanks SIMON for such a quality essay :)
God bless you

Thank you so much!

Simplicity makes perfect.
I think the essay is not hard to understand
Thank you for posting

Hi Simon! Thank you so much for your site! I hope this saturday I would get the same topic for writing task 2 :)

May I ask you some questions?
1. A former IELTS teacher of mine taught us that "it has no meaning to write a conclusion because it just a waste of time and it may harm your score if you made a repetition". The whole class was surprised with big eyes "Why?why?why?" as all of the materials for IELTS we have known say that conclusion is compulsory. But the teacher answered simply "believe me! I am an examiner in British Council"
so all of his sample essay (band 9) consists 4 paragraphs concluding 1 introduction Paragraph (we put our thesis here) and 3 body paragraphs. His essay is very complicated in comparison with yours. Primarily we only learnt 'linking' sentence structures. Although they are not linking phrases, we can put our ideas in it to complete a essay. I am quite confusing!
as you said the examiner wouldnot like the phrases like "... a controversial issue in today..." we have learnt these things but not ideas. (thank you for your idea ebook by the way)

Is conclusion compulsory? was he right?

2. the teacher also said "balanced thesis is wrong because it's not strong" he taught us to use "0%, 25%,75% or 100%' agree or disagree by different ways to express it.

is it correct? 50% thesis is ok or not?

Have a lovely Christmas season to anyone!

thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Thank u so much

thanks alot - it's usefull

hi everybody

are 101, 202 and 404 series of english books helpfull ?

could you advise me please?

Hi Peter

1. Your teacher is partly right. Conclusions are not compulsory. In fact, almost nothing is 'compulsory' in an IELTS essay and it is possible to achieve 9 with a large variety of different formats. He also has a point when has says that the conclusion can be repetitive. I advise candidates to simply restate their opinion in the conclusion, and not repeat their arguments in any detail. I also agree that the conclusion should be short.

However, a conclusion is a VERY good idea in IELTS, because it allows you to state your opinion again clearly. Remember, the only thing an examiner needs is a clearly expressed and supported opinion, and a conclusion helps the examiner find it. Without the conclusion, it may be difficult to understand.

2. This is not true. There is no 'wrong' opinion in IELTS. Many great IELTS essays say 'I cannot decide'. As long as the opinion is clearly expressed and supported by the body of the essay, then you can choose any opinion you want. In fact, as an examiner, a clearly expressed 'balanced' opinion is nice to read because they are actually not often attempted.

Remember, IELTS is a test of your ability to use English to communicate. The essay does this by pushing your ability to express views and use arguments to support them. There really is not much that is 'compulsory', and if you look at the marking descriptors, as long as you fulfill them (and use good vocabulary and make few errors) you should attain a strong score.

Dear Simon:)
I'm back again after a long break.
I always love to learn fro your essay.

Thank you so much for great contribution.
Have a nice day:)

Thank you, Simon and sjm.
I'm learning a lot.

Hi Simon,

Is it correct if we write your sentence with plural verb??

the resident population already PAY?? money to

thanxxxx a lottt

thank you very much Sjm! you really help me to throw away my doubt.



I'm glad people like the essay. My students here in Manchester helped me to write this one.



I usually write 4 paragraphs rather than 5. There's no rule about this, but I find that 4 is best.



I couldn't have explained things better than sjm! I completely agree with everything sjm wrote. I'd also add that too many students focus on 'linking' - the ideas that you are trying to link are MUCH more important than the linking itself!


Thanks again sjm. Your help is really appreciated.



Yes, you could use the plural there too.

Hi Simon,

I have questions regarding to your essay:
1- you introduction is too short, and I didn't a general and thesis statement, you just re-write question in different words. Is this acceptable?
2-You gave your opinion in the introduction, and some IELTS books say that DON'T WRITE YOUR OWN OPINION.....I am confused :( .

Hi Simon,

Just love your essay. Short, simple and effective. I totally agree that we do not need any complex or pretentious writing to get a high score in IELTS writing. Btw, I think that "...tourist sites..." in the final sentence of the second paragraph should be "...tourism sites...".

Hi Queserasera and all,
Yes, it's true that Simon's essays are not too long and yet comprehensive. He always tries to keep things simple for us.His essays apparently look simple but when we try to write an essay like that ,only then we realise how difficult it gets to keep our work relevant ,effective and yet not too long.

Dear Simon
My teacher says that all of the "to what extent" questions, shouldn't be answered as a strong answer.(2 paragraphs for agreeing (or disagreeing) one point of question and one disagreement paragraph(or agree if you disagreed the first part) for the other part of question.
What do you think?should I do this?Some times I can't even realize that the question is 2 part! like the 'capital punishment' topic.

Actually he means 2 paragraphs for agreement and one for disagreement for the same question!

Dear everyone,

I would like to post to my essay about this topic at here, so please give some comments about it. Thanks

The issue of foreigners paying more for cultural and historical visits is widely debated in todays world. In my view, it is not clear whether the visitors should be changed more or not when visiting the local historical places, as I have different attitudes towards this issue.

On one hand, the reason why foreign customers pay more is because local people already pay taxes including the fees for repairing the sites. Repairing cultural and historical areas is essential for their protection, otherwise they will be destroyed or lost. In order to renew the sites, governments need to provide a fund that is accumulated from the public for several years. As a result, governments will benefit the local public with cheaper prices for visiting these areas.

On the other hand, some point out that foreign visitors should not pay more, because this may result in a drawback for a local economic. The reason is that the visitors will not decide to visit a country when they find out that they need to pay more than local people. A good example illustrating this point is that the majority of visitors will not go to historical sites in Malaysia, such as Malaysia Istana, because they feel it is unfair to pay more than local malaysians. Consequently, this trend can result in economic risk for Malaysia.

In conclusion, local visitors should pay less because they are paying taxes, while tourists should not pay more which would give a bad image to the country. In my opinion, I tend to disagree with the proposition that foreign visitors should pay more than local visitors.

Thank you,

Dear Simon,
Can i use "ones" to imply "products" in this case, in formal writing?
It is sometimes argued that by the power of advertisements, consumers tend to purchase a large number of products that are widely advertised instead of their necessary ones.
Thank you so much!


Please can you fix my mistakes in my essay (my goal to get six):

Nowadays people are more concerned to get profit from tourist who come to visit other countries. However, some people tend to debate that is it unfair to charge tourist more than local visitors, especially who want to explore cultural and historical attractions.
Naturally, today when money does a big impact to our lives, we try to make a lot of money. One of the biggest part of hospitality is tourism. Thousands of foreign visitors go to other countries to introduce and enjoy with culture of another country. What is more, these kind visitors leave a lot of money by buying services from hotels, purchasing souvenirs and using other hospitality services. It helps to collect enough taxes for government and allows to reduce unemployment rate.
I strongly believe, that is it unintelligent to overcharge foreign visitors. For example, if I plan my holidays to overseas and I find out that there are some places where you have to pay more than local person, I abandon that idea at the same second. I thin there more people who support my idea and act like me.
To summarize, I want to support the idea that we can't overcharge tourists. Every government should be interested at keeping tourists streams by giving equal conditions for everyone.

Please estimate my essay. Can i get 6?:)

Hi Simon, i followed all your post but i found no guide about "Cause and Effect" essays. For example:
"Many university graduates leave university facing uncertainty and unemployment. What are the causes and effects of this problem? Offer some solutions."
Should i just treat this like problems /solutions essay ?
Can you give me some ideas. Many thanks !!

Hi Simon! I'm going to take IELTS just in few days. Could you please answer me for some short questions. Can I use Thesis, Topic sentences during the exam? I also want to know, is it appropriate to use words in such way like ";therefore," or ";however,". Thank you very if you answer and also thanks for such wonderful website.

hi SIMON ,

The first sentence of the first paragraph is a bit difficult to understand for me. Don't we need a comma after would be that?
Generally could you please explain more about punctuation and definite article .
It would be greatly appreciated.

hello simon,

Hi Simon,

If we disagree to an opinion and in question we are asked to "discuss both opinion and then state your opinion"

Can we start the Para2 and Para3 like below or do we have to seperate the para 3 in two parts? Please clear my confustion..

Para 1 - Intro
Para 2 - Proponents argue that...
Para 3 - Neverthless, Opponents and I believe...
Para 4 - To conclude, ..

Thanks in advance !!

I'd like to ask u some questions:
which opinion i should give in body paragraph 1: my own opinion or others opinion
paragraph 2: which opnion
paragraph 3: which opnion

Thank you so much for all your works, I find it really helpful when preparing the writing task. Actually I have been taking IELTS for three times and still can't get a 6.5 in writing (6 every time). But now I discovered this amazing website so I hope I can succeed this time!
As for this topic, I wrote an essay which was pointed out digressing from the track by somebody.Because I wrote paragraph 2 and 3 showing why local people should pay less. Is it logic or she was right?I really need your help.
thank you so much! Wait for your reply.
Best regards
XT Lyu from China:)

Hi Simon,
In the essay that you have written I found a word 'overseas'. You must have used it as a noun while this word is either used as adjective or adverb. Or maybe, I could be wrong, so if you could please respond to my comment.

PS. I use Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (8th edition).

Thank you very much.
When I read your essaies I found it so easy to write an essay,once I started my own writing found it very difficult..

It is sometimes argued that tourists from foreign countries should be charged to pay more than residents for major tourists attractions. Personally, I believe that this is not fair policy for economy of host country.

There are many reasons why I disagree with this view. Everybody know that in todays globalized world, tourism is important, even vital, source of income for many countries. In addition, it is essential leisure activity to the life of nations because of its direct effects on the social, cultural, educational and economic sectors of national societies and their international relations. There is no doubt that this kind of industry brings high amount of income to the local economy in the form of payments for goods and services needed by tourists. Apart from this, it also makes possible for creation of job opportunities in service sectors. If country makes difficult for visitors to travel historical or cultural places it would be negative impact on economy because these tourists will more likely choose other countries for their vacation.

Argument in favor of restriction of foreign guests to access our main tourist attractions by charging them to pay more could damage hospitality of host country. While they spend more time seeing symbol of our cultural identity or interesting places, they also observe what traditions, beliefs, cultural we have and they can share all of these experiences in different parts of the world during their travel. If they are forced pay more money, as I noted, it will certainly lead to many problems like an expansion of unemployment in service sector or international trade. The service industry which benefits from tourism including transportation services, such as airlines, cruise ships, as well as hospitality services, such as accommodations, including hotels and resorts will presumably depend on mainly residents of host countries throughout tax.

In conclusion, it seems to me that there could be more negative effects of discouraging tourist to come to visit these places and it is needed to lessen burden of taxes on them when considering importance of their arrivals.

Hi Simon,
thanks for the effective and simple essay , just one questions ...Is it more effective and make difference in writing essay 2 with more formal words, for example,"due" instead of"because","property/site"
in alignment /according, based on/rely ,monetary subsidies /subsidies....and so on.
I hope vocabulary count more for score .

Really, it's very effective. I understand how you apply simple words and make good sentence. Nice....

Thanks Simon for simplifying IELTS issues in such a wonderful way!

This is a difficult topic. I do not have idea for it.

It is true fact that old, cultural and historic spots around the world, attracts many tourist.Considering this, some analyst hold n opinion that foreign tourists should pay more than locals to visit these sites. However, staunchly disagree with above proposal due to variety of notable reasons.

Hi Simon
I am also a trying to learn english language.I am beginner.Today first time I read your eassy.I hope it will help me alot.

hello sr
i have heard somewhere that , it is not allowed to start a paragraph with "it"
can u give a clariffication about my doubt

I've never heard that Biji, and of course I disagree!

is this really band 9? both paragraphs have the same idea.. "this will cause less people to come here which is economically bad"


Yes, you would probably get a band 10 ;) if you wrote this essay in the exam.

Hope everything alright in Manchester and all your students and close one are safe. I condemned this act

Thanks Keyur!

Hello sir,my exam is on 23 rd June. I have taken the test twice in 2015and 2016and my band score was L-8,R7.5,S-7.5,W-6 and L-8.5,R7.5,S-7.5,W-6 respectively.i need 7 bands in writing. I m doing my best. Could u plz give me some suggestions about writing?i have a doubt that I write short essay may be near 230 words. Will that be the reason that I m not getting band 7, at my coaching centres I used to get good remarks from my ilets teacher?plz help me out.

We will have practice together.... I am too lacking in writing

Please HELP!

In the above essay I am confused about 2 body paragraphs. Which paragraph was written on which part of the question? Or both paragraph were based on same idea and making just 2 paragraph?

Please someone help me.

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