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January 12, 2014


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Dear Simon,
This an awesome lesson. I am lucky to find a helpful the teacher like you and this useful site.

Dear Simon! do you recemmend to use "IELTS WRITE RIGHT" book ? I'll wait your reply!

at the date of 9th January2014 i have faced IELTS
Writing was
Comparison between One Local museums at different time period

and 2nd one was some people think ordinary people should keep arms at their home and some people dont believe that. Discuss both ideas and give your opinion

Speaking was
Popular product which was made from your region
Why it is produced there
Availability this product
Having its import opportunity

my friend told me he just had a process writing task 1 yesterday. poor him. :))

Dear Simon,

I'll take an IELTS on 18th. Also, I need to tell you that I'm profound hearing-impaired, so of course I won't take listening part, but I try to do speaking. My question is: do you think that is a good advice to remember to examiner about my deafness? If it is a good point, can you give any advice. (A perfect short spoken sentence). Thank you very much for taking the time to consider my question. Kind regards, Francesc.
PS: Your website is so useful and helpful, I am using many your resources.

Thanks Lisa!


I'm afraid I don't know that book Jasur.


Hi Francesc,

Yes, you should definitely make everyone at your test centre aware of that, including the speaking examiner.

Hi Friends,

I am taking my exam on 18th, Please post your writing test 2 and speaking test on 17.
Please post the questions you wrote, as you complete the exam.
I am from india

Thanks in advance

hi simon,
could you please tell me why this university force me to study some kind of english course while i have enough IELTS score(L6,R7,W6,S6.5)

plz give me some advices. thank you so much

I expected to see how Simon looks like...

It seems that Vimeo still cannot be played in China.

Hi guys
i WROTE MY Exam on 11 january 2014 sat
my writing topic was nowadays criminal trials are been shown on tv .do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

speaking topic was
describe a decision that took a long time to make when did u take and who told u to take it

discussion was how do media affect in taking career decisions

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