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January 01, 2014


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Dear Simon, Have a Very Happy New Year. Good to know about your New Year Resolutions ! Thanks a lot.

Happy new year sir...

sounds wonderful!!

Thats a good news for everyone

Great Simon,i'm looking forward for it.

I wish you had fun Simon and thank you for your effort.

my first aim ^^ thank you. have good year.

Happy new year. Best wishes for you.

Thanks for your wonderful resolutions. Happy new year.

HNY 2014, this year is going to be outstanding. Thank you for all your efforts in creating such amazing IELTS network.

Great! Happy new year sir

Happy New Year ^_^

Happy new year!

Happy New Year, all the best to you and your family.

happy new year sir

happy new year Sir...u r doing an excellent job...God Bless U !!!

Great news!

Thank you so much simon and happy new year for all... It is great resolutions... thank you and good luck for all

great! thanks so much! :)

I am looking forward to it, but in China YouTube is blocked. So if someone can transfer the video to YouKu which is chinese YouTube, it will be great.

Youku: www.youku.com

wish you a very happy new year 2014 !

Looking forward to your lessons.

This is good news for us teachers :)

Happy New Year, Mr.Simon! Thank you for your great kindness and wonderful lessons!

Happy New Year, all the best to you and your family.

Thanks your aims

Happy New Year ! I am really looking forward your new interesting lessons.

Dear Simon and everybody following this blog,

I did IELTS 5 times, the first time i did not prepare so well but I got total 7.5 score with 6.5 in writing. After that my scores started to decline every time I retry the exam but my writing score was constant. The last time I did the exam I got 6 in reading compared to 8.5 the first time I tried this exam. This is really frustrating and confusing. I tried everything available to improve my score, but nothing seems working. I need band score of 7 and 7 in each area. any advice? your help will be greatly appreciated

Happy new year simon, thank u so much for all the effort u are making in this amazing blog, that is a good news , looking forward to ur lessons

Dear Simon,

Happy new year, and it is one of the greatest news I read in 2014. I hope it will help enormous number of people who are struggling to pass IELTS.


Dear Simon,
I am excited to hear the video lesson news .However, in many countries , just like me , we do not have access to Youtube (that is really a shame!!!!). Could you please put your lessons on this website too, because we are looking forward to them . We are also in need of them. Thanks a million.

So excited to hear that from you, Simon! I wish you have a happy new year, and I hope all of your resolution will be done!

We can't watch Tube videos in China.

Great Simon,
I want to give you my salute!

Also, I want to make a wish:
good luck with my IELTS test in 2014 - 7 for each!!

great, sound interesting

Can't access to Youtube.com here in China, how inconvenient is that =(


Sir i very confused in listening and reading task
i scored 25 out of 40 in listening
and in reading 20 out of 40.
please give me some guidance
My test date is 25th jan in karachi.
please reply sir
i need your help.


Thank you very much. I cant wait to see your lesson.

Thank you very much. I cant wait to see your lessons.

Happy New Year Simon


Thank you very much for your lessons on this site. Very beneficial.

I am wondering the criterion about the grammatical range and accuracy. How exactly the candidates are judged on the accuracy? How many scores will be deducted if the candidate misuse the tense?



Happy New Year Dear Simon:)
Students will get more opportunities from live online lessons as well as video lessons.
It's a great new year news:)
Have a wonderful week:)


Hello Emma:)
Happy New Year.
If you just look Simon's previous lessons,
You'll find the answer.
I've printed all important lessons from this website and practice. It's really helpful.
Best of luck:)

You are a best teacher, ever, ever.


Thanks guys. I'll try to find a solution to the YouTube problem (for those of you who can't access it).

The "live" lessons won't be through YouTube, so hopefully they will be available to everyone.

Hi Simon,

I second what the other students have already written. May this 2014 be wonderful for you and your family.

Another solution for the youtube (for those who cant access it) is to make available the *.flv file. Do you know if they can download the file?

happy new year , all the best for you & your family

i am from China ,we can not log in YouTube, so we can not see the video. how to see your video then??

Happy New Year!!!

i am looking forward to attending your live lesson on youtube

Dear Simon,

I am from China, and preparing the IELTS test. my target goals is BAND score of 6 point. Today it is the first time for me to come to your homepage, it is really useful. I will try to be back here every day, and very appreciate your guidance.

Thanks again in advance.

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