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January 26, 2014


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Dear Paul,

It gives me a great pleasure to write this letter , first to thank you and also for a request. I couldn't thank you more for the time you have taken off from the work for our previous trip. I had a great time.

The pictures we took were breath taking and captures the happy moments we spent together in the beautiful Swiss valley backdrop. But i am afraid i have lost those pictures , may be in the flight while my return journey. After i reached home i searched all my luggage but with no success.

Since those pictures were taken from your camera and we took the copies together , i was wondering if you could send me a copy of those pictures , specially the one behind the waterfalls , you remember how long it took us to go to behind the mountain to reach that perfect location...!

Thank you buddy. See you soon.


Dear Paul,

Hope this mail finds you in great health. I am writing this mail to request a copy of the photographs we took in our last vacation together , what a wonderful time we had...!

Our last vacation in the Swiss Alps was so special that , i always remember and plan for similar vacation to come soon. Last week i visited my aunt , during that trip i am afraid i have lost our vacation photographs probably in the return journey. I called up the transportation company by which I returned, but with no success. Specially the one we took with UN ambassador at our hotel , that snap is quite prestigious to me.

I believe you have a copy and can you please send me a copy of the photograph to my address. I am available all this week

As we planned earlier , we should be able to go for Mongolia for next vacation.

Can't wait to see you again..!


Dear Paul,

How are you buddy? I have to thank you for the great vacation we had last summer, man that was one of the best holidays of my life.

I always adored those moments we spent and share the amount of fun we had, with all my colleagues at my office. Lately when I went to visit my grand ma , I took all the related photographs of our vacation to tell the tale to my granny , when I returned home after that visit I cloud not find the snap , i am afraid I have lost or misplaced it , I searched for them but with no success.

Honestly I am sad this happened, specially the one which we took just before the snow fall, that was a masterpiece and I never saw a picture quite like that....! You can send a copy to my address at Munich.

Just a quick reminder, I am game for the next trip as we planned.
See you soon.

I'm sorry about...
I am sorry that...
I'm very sorry about...
I'm very sorry for...
Please forgive me for...
I'd like to apologize for...
Please accept my apologies.
Please accept my sincere apologies. (very formal)

Asking for Help
I'd be grateful if you could...
I would be grateful if you could...
I would appreciate it if you could...
Could you please...
I was wondering of you could help me.(informal)
I would like to know...

Asking for Information
I am writing to enquire about...
I am writing to find out about...
What I am looking for is...
I would like to know about/if...

I look forward to seeing you.
I look forward to hearing from you.
I look forward to meeting you.

Dear Paul

I hope you will find this letter in good health. I’m just writing you for the holiday we spend together and I wonder if you could send me the snaps that we took at Burj Kahlifa.

My parents and friends are asking me for the photograph particularly that we took inside the Burj kahlifa, as they all are excited to see inside the building and interior work. It's always been special to refresh your memory when you look around photographs. Unfortunately, I lost my soft copy, I hope you still have your copy as we took all snaps with your digital camera.

You have already transferred all photos to my laptop, but I’m worried about my laptop’s hard drive, it's out of order now. Miserably I saved all my snaps in my laptop, maybe I lost all my snaps.

Hope to see you soon with a new holiday trip.


Hi simon thanks for our site

"How are you buddy? I have to thank you for the great vacation we had last summer, man that was one of the best holidays of my life."

Very American !
Buddy .... man

Very 1960's

Not sure this is acceptable in 2014 in a(n) ILETS exam

Dear John,

I hope this letters finds you well. I am writing to request the photograph that was clicked at the Statue of Liberty during our trip and that had both of us standing in front of it.

As you know, New York city and in particular Statue of Liberty was my dream place to visit. We both had a photograph clicked at this place from your camera. It was my most loved photograph as I was with my best friend and at the dream place I always wanted to be. I need this photograph to put it into the photo album where I keep photos of all memorable moments of my life.

Unfortunately, I lost my copy of the photo while shifting to the new house. I was planning to put it into the album, but in the hassle of moving to a new house I forgot to do so. And now, when I am searching for it to show it to my family and to put it in the album, I don't find it.

I would appreciate if you could print a new copy of the photograph and send it to me.

Give my best regards to the family and I look forward to seeing the photograph in the post.

With love,

Dear Dev,
How are you?. I am writing this letter to request a copy of photograph which we have taken together at leaning tower of Pisa during my last visit in Italy.
As you aware that I moved to the new home last week. During transit, by oversight I have missed my photo copy somewhere. I am searching the same for past three day but unable to find the same and I feeling bad that I my missed my faverite moment of my life.
So I request you to send me the copy of thee same to maintain in my memories album. You know very well how much it matters me. Please post through the DHL courier and account detail I have enclose with this letter for your reference.
Awaiting for your positive response. Convey my regards to your family. Hope we will meet during your next visit to india.


Hi Brian,
I hope you are doing well. Thank you for all that trip you held a couple of days ago. That was really nice of you to invite me to bush walking. Those mountains, forests, animals were spectacular. Honestly, I’ve never been in such amazing place before. I talk it all with my classmates and they were taken aback when saw that photos.
You remember that picture taken in the vicinity of that cottage, the one which Alex took, unfortunately that got removed, in fact, when I was copying my images from flash into my laptop one of them could not transferred and damaged. As I talked about that endangered animal captured on that image, I’d like to ask you send it me to show it to my classmates.
Thank you again for all that trip and warmly hospitality your lovely family showed to us. I put down my email below, and am waiting to you to attach that photo.


One of the problems comes up with friendly letter is the tone. As I see above, some are writing their letter with formal tones, which although you find difficult words, those do not fit a friendly tone. who one writes to his/her friend in the way in which he/she writes to an organization??


Dear Carl,
How are you? I know you didn’t expect me to write this letter to you. The reason of sending you this letter is to ask for a copy of a photograph we took from the mountain view in Bukidnon. I don’t want to miss those wonderful memories, the beautiful landscapes , and the lovely people, especially our moments together. You know I had a great time with you.
I’m afraid I have lost mine. I don’t know why, probably the memory card of my cell phone where you saved my copy has been corrupted. I did everything I could to retrieve those files but I failed. So if you could send me a copy, you don’t know how much you make me happy.
You can send it to my email address [email protected] or tag me on my Facebook account. I will be waiting for your response Carl. Thank you so much. I missed you.
See you soon.
Your best friend,

Simon please give some suggestions on this general writing task 1.

Write a complaint to the construction company that is building new offices near your house and say

- What is bothering you?
- What do you want the company to do?
- Suggest your solution to the problem.

Dear Mun,
I am good by the grace of GOD, hoping that you must be the same. This is in regards with our last tour photographs. Remember the in January 2012, we went to Canada from US to see Niagara Hill, and we took some nice pictures, though all of the pictures were adorable, however, there were few pictures taken by our wife’s when we were at the Hill. Remember that we did quite hard work to manage to reach to that particular height for the sake of capturing moment, though it was quite risky. Our wife’s had done marvelous job in capturing those moment.
Unfortunately, my USB disk got corrupted and I have lost entire photographs folder, not only that, I have lost all my entire content, I tried to recover & restore them, however, failed.
Is it possible for you to send me those master piece over the email? please remember that do not resize because change in pixels will impact the final resolution of snaps.
Looking forward to see your attachment


Hi Yousuf

You write well, but I think some sentences look much more formal rather than informal. For example, which close friends write to his/her friend " in regards with ".. or we manage.. for the sake of capturing moment,

I guess focusing on informal tones is a must in a letter aiming to a close friend.

some slip-ups:
1)hoping that you must be the same>> hoping you are well too

2)Remember the in January 2012,>> Do you remember or remember ON January 2012 ( with exclamation)

3)though all of the pictures were adorable, however, there were few pictures taken>> remover HOWEVER , do not use though and however in a same sentence.

4)Remeber that we.. you know that how hard was that to reach that height on the hill to capture all that lovely/spectacular/marvelous/wonderful scenes

5)Our wife’s had done marvelous job >> Our wife had done..

6) I have lost entire photographs folder, not only that>> I've lost not only a folder of photographs, but also lost all data on my laptop.

7) I tried to recover & restore them, however, failed.>> but failed/ I couldn't

8)send me those master piece over the email?>>BY email

8)Looking forward to see your attachment>> looking forward to seeing your attachment


Thanks Salamat,

I appreciated your corrections & suggestions. I think that is what one of the purpose of this blog. There are few here who comments & correct like this, I have not seen at least. point No 2 is my mistake, 3, 5 and 8 are well taken.

I encourage these practice on this blog, I believe many of us would read and certainly get benefited.

When you are giving your exam..


Hi Abdolreza,
I hope your comment applicable to my post also. Would you be kind enough to correct my letter for my improvement.

Hi Kapil,
You write well, and I think your formal writing is good enough to deal with a good essay, but there are some points should be considered like “ as you aware” replaced by something, like “ as you know” to show an informal tones fited a letter for a friend. I tried to change your letter based on your context of letter, although there would be many ways to do so. Hope you will find it useful.

Dear Dev,
Hope you’re keeping well and your parents are fine. Thanks for all that arrangements you made for us to have such trip. That was really good idea to have all that moments captured, but today when I was looking for the photo taken by Tommy, all of a sudden I found out that the picture left in your car. Probably, that because of you rushed into the cottage when the rain started.
Would you please send it to me, as it reminds me how excellent time we had and memories flooding back when having look at it, besides, that the only picture that Sara and I stayed together.
As we’re just settling in to the new house, our Internet connection hasn’t set up yet, so then would you post it to my new address? The DHL courier would be better if you don’t mind.
Hope to see you again,

Thanks salamat for your valuable comments... Hope considering your points & other post.. i modified my letter below.

Dear Dev,
I hope you and your family are all well. It was such a pleasure to see you again last summer. We sure had a great time catching up with each other after so many years. You have always been a cherished friend, no matter how much of a gap there has been since we met. Anyway, the reason I'm writing is that to request a copy of photograph which we have taken together before leaning tower of Pisa.

Today I had a look at my album for recollecting wonderful memories, all of the sudden I found that particular photo missing. Me and my wife searched for it but unable to find. I think my wife was having a look at the photograph at Milan airport during our transit from Italy to India. Hope she would have missed somewhere in airport.

Would you please send it to me as it reminds me how excellent time we had and wonderful memories flooding back when having a look at it.

Hope to see you again in next summer.


Dear Paul,

I Hope this letter finds you well. I was going through photographs of our excursion to cambridge last month.Thanks for clicking loads of snaps , I simply could not stop watching.

It reminded me of nice time we had together. There is this one photo on the punting boat where both of us hold hands together slightly squatting with opposite leg raised in air just above the water. The visual was well taken by one of the Trinity students. I was wondering if you could send that over to me.

Unfortunately , my personal laptop has been infected by a virus and has corrupted some of the trip pictures.This image in particlar could not be recovered despite several attempts.

Trust me I have never done anything crazy like this before.I plan to have it in my personal diary and show it to my grand children boasting about my adventure when I grow old.
This definately goes down in my memory lane.


(162 words)

Dear Arj,
How you doing brother? I hope very thing is going great on your side. Do you remember the last time we meet, we had a wonderful time in Sydney and we clicked a lot of pictures as well. Bro that was the best time of my life.
you remember the time we went to Opera house and you click a few pictures of mine. Well I need those pictures as I have to send them to my sister so that she can print it for me and then can took it back home for my parents.
I know you had send me a copy last time but I had lost it due to formatting of my laptop. I would really appreciate it if you can email me the copy again. Give my regards to uncle and aunty and hope to hear from you soon.

Guys this is the first time im writing some thing to help, im not sure my English is good or bad, Do rectify me.

Hello Nike,

How are you? I hope you had a great trip back to London. I am writing to get a photograph from your camera.

You remember, we took a photo of both of us in Luna park with Harbor bridge in the background and a young Russian girl clicked the photo from both of us camera's. I like that photo and you are looking handsome in that photo. Could you please post it on my Facebook wall?

You remember, after the photo click, I was talking to the Russian girl. Her name is Aleyna. She told me that, that was her first photo she clicked in Sydney, it is special for her. I promised her that I would definitely post the photo on her Facebook wall.

Actually, she took the photo from my camera as well but she forget to make the flash on. The photo is awesome! but it is little bit dark. I know your camera is far more superior than mine and the photo is looking even better than my copy. I am sure you have no problem with sharing our photo with her.

I am eagerly waiting to see the photo, please post it soon.

Keep in touch!

Your best friend,

Hi Simon,

I would be nice to have your model reponse to the this letter

Dear Mazhar,

How are you doing? I hope everything is doing well at your end. I am writing a letter to request the photograph of our s that was taken in KLCC, under the twin tower that had both of us standing over the bridge.

As you know, in particular Twin Tower of Malaysia was my dream place to visit. Among our photographs there that was the dearest to me. I need that photograph to put into the photo album where I am keeping photos of all memorable moments in my life.
Unfortunately, I lost my own copy of it. While I was busy deleting unnecessary photos in my camera, I didn’t notice that I accidentally deleted that very important photo.

I would appreciate if you will forward a copy of it through my email.

With love,

Hi every one, there is a question that I have about answering the question for letter writing.

If the question says there have been some problems, and one of the requirement ask for description of the problems. In response to the question, if we only write about one problem in the letter, would that cause points been taken away for not fully covering the requirements?

An example question could be found here: http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2012/10/ielts-general-training-letter-of-complaint.html

In a similar notions, if a question uses plural forms e.g. issues, solutions or ideas, do we need to write more than 1 as a proper response?

Thank you very much!

Hello Huong,

I hope this letter find you in good health. I'm writing this letter to request the photograph that we took at Cua Lo Beach in last December.
As you know, I love this photograph very much. In this photograph, both of us look powerful and you have a special smile.
I have already saved the photo on my computer. Unfortunately, my children played the computer and deleted unconsciously some my photos including our photo.
Iwould preciate if you will forward a copy of it through my email. Do you forget our next trip this March, don't you?
Thank you very much!

You recently went on a trip with a friend and you both took some photographs. Wrie a letter to your friend. In your letter,
Ask your friend to send you one of the photographs
Explain why you need that particular photograph
And tell your friend what happened to your copy of it

Dear John,
How are you? Hope you too thrilled with our trip memories, so do I.
I am writing to ask you for a favour to send me one of the photographs that you captured near the Hollow building.
I really love that picture, the view was totally stunning. Because of the rain, the rainbow appeared in the back and made that so beautiful. I have told to my friends all about it and promised to show the photo.
I know, you gave me a copy, but I could not find this anywhere of that folder. I think when I took pen drive off the laptop; it was still in progress of coping. I couldn’t even realize until yesterday when I started to find that specific picture.

Would you mind to send that to me please? I would highly appreciate it. Just send on my email id or share on face book please. Anyways, I am thinking to go to another adventure with you, what you think? I am holidays on June; probably this would be the best time. Don’t forget to write to me. See you
With Love,

Could anyone please tell me about my writing level which i am going to present in my forthcoming lines.

Dear sir,

I am writing this particular letter to express my dissatisfaction about your construction beside my society named "Sun City".

Although many sophisticated silent machines and mixers have choosed by you yet,there are some of the problems which are faced by us, and traffic congestion is the one of them which occurs because of low space of parking at your working spot.Vehicle owners have to park their vehicle at the both sides of the road which combines our society to the main market of the city.What is worst is that we oftenly late to get at our workplace at the perfect time.

Firstly, you will have to stop using our society road which is the first and the foremost obstacle facing by us.You have to give ours proper componsate to our society administeration for used our road.

I am dispratedly waiting for your quick decision.

Yours faithfully,
Gu sih

Hi Guys,
Can you try to write a letter in Task 1 in GT please?
Task 1: Write a formal letter to the employment agency describing that you are interested to do your a job in aboard in another country.
explain about your past experiences and previous job.
- why do you want to go in another country for a job?
-what can be benefits in another country from your new job there?
This is a similar question in GT writing in 15/3/14 in Australia. if I am not wrong so far

Hello Simon,

Could you please review my letter for the below topic.

Your children are learning a foreign language at school, but they need some extra help. One of your friends suggested to contact a language tutor. Write to him/her and say
- Why are you writing to him/her?
- What do your children need help with?
- Ask the tutor about his/her experience and suggestions.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to ask for assistance about the French language which our children are having difficulty in learning the subject at school.

I have two kids and they are studying at the nearby primary school. The school has included French course as their foreign language for this year. The kids are having difficulty in grasping the language and they are finding it hard to cope with the subject. Recently I met one of my friends and he advised to reach out to you to seek succor about the language. I am just curious if you could offer some assistance to the children and guide them towards learning French. The children would be more delighted if you can share your journey and thoughts on the language. Considering your experience and expertise on the French knowledge, I would like to know if you can offer coaching
classes to the kids which would do a world of good to them.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Write a letter about you your self visiting a flea market

Dear Sendra,
Hope my letter will find you in good health. In our last trip we had taken a lots photograph standing in front of waterfall. Please send me one copy of that photograph in which both of us were standing.
That particular picture is special to me because of its pictorial technique. Out of thousand pictures we had have on that trip, this picture can a symbol of our flowing friendship. The most important thing, I’m preparing an album on our all trips that we have made in last 5 years.
I have had this picture too but accidently some paint color drop on that picture and it’s not usable at all. I feel so sorry for the happened.
That’s why I am asking for that picture from you and hope you’ll send me one copy (printed or scan) of that at your earliest possible time.
Waiting to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Babul Siddique

Dear John,

I hope you are well and that you would had enjoyed our fantastic trip to Shimla.

I was sharing the exhilarated memories of our trip with my family and friends here in India. I surmise that you would also be doing the same there at Sydney, your hometown with you pals. It was a very fascinating and energetic trip as we both have come together after a prolonged period. You remember we had shot quite a few picture with the handy cam that brought with you.

I would like to mention that unluckily the photograph which we took on the Ridge, near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, got misplaced from me. It was one of very lively photograph among the others. Moreover it was the only picture in which we both were present, and I consider it will keep my memories afresh whenever I will look at it in future.

Yesterday, I was browsing through the photos on my computer and suddenly my computer crashed. A few of the photos got corrupted after this malfunctioning of the computer, and I lost my copy of the snap. I hope you will have its copy with you. The photo I am taking about is the photo number DC0001.jpg.

Please send the picture to me as quickly as possible, and take care.

Have a nice day.

Hello Mark,
Im doing good and i hope you're doing good too. i hope you had a great time in our holiday like me.
i am writing you with regard to ask a photo that we have been taken at London tower Bridge. we had a great time together could you please send me a copy of it.
you know thats my dream to visit london tower bridge, and i have a very special moment in my life which is i visited my dream structure with my dearest friend. what could i expect more than this in my life. i want to keep those special picture in my special album, which i always keep my special moments safe.
unfortunately i lost my copy, i have searched for it to keep in my album but it want there, i guess i lost it when i was moving to a new apartment, i felt so terrible when i realised it. so if you could send a copy of it that would be really grateful.
i will be waiting for you response and a picture that i have requested for.

have a nice day.

Dear Cami

Hope that this letter finds you well, and that you enjoyed our trip as much as I did.

I'm writing just to ask if you can send me one of the photographs that we took in Paris. Remember the one we both made a heart shape in front of the Eiffel tower? I would need it next Thursday, so thank you in advance if you could send me the photo by Tuesday.

I'm quite sure that I have told you about the project on travelling for my marketing class. I have a brilliant idea of using the photos and videos that I captured during our trip to Europe, it would be more practical and interesting, I guess, to use my own materials for the visual arts.

I know this might make me a bit silly, but I accidentally erased the entire folder for our trip while I was supposed to copy it onto my flash drive. It's also the reason why I'm hoping that you can send me as many photographs as you can. Highly appreciated!

Send my warmest regards to uncle Paul and aunt Michelle, okay?!

Speak to you soon,


Street Address

City Name

Writing Date

My very dear Uncle

Yesterday was my birthday. We all knew, you wouldn’t be coming but waited to hear from you. At last, the courier boy came with the parcel. Uncle, I received many gifts on this occasion, but your gift was the best. You have gifted me a beautiful wrist watch, which is now my favorite possession. In fact, everybody liked it. I thank you very much for such a lovely gift.

Your gift is very precious to me. I was often late for school. Not anymore. Now I shall be punctual. This watch will help me during my examination days also. The watch is a token of your love for me. I shall always keep it with me. Once again, I thank you very much.

With best regards

rachit kataria

Write a letter to your aunts resident requesting for christmas gifts

Dear John,
I am still excited about our European tour. It is unbelievable how we could visit seven countries in just two weeks.

I am so excited that I decided to visit Paris again, this time with Mary, my girlfriend. It will be a surprise for her so I would like to ask you a favor. Remember the picture from Paris where I was pretending to hug someone? Could you please email it to me. I want to make a post card out of it with a sign 'You have to be here'. I will send it to Mary as an invitation.

I cannot use my copy of the picture, because I keep all my photographs in my computer which is currently broken. I will have it fixed in ten days only, but I would like to send the invitation by the end of the week. Please, send me the picture as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance,

Dear Berto,

I hope you're well. First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful trip we had togeher last week. It was an exhilarating experience for me!

By the way, I'm writing you to ask if you can send me a copy of our photos we shoot during our trip. I want to print some of those amazing sceneries and put it on my photo albums especially when we were in Pagsanjan falls. You know me! Just like the old days, I'm still a photo album lover. I want to keep printed copies in good hand, soft copies sometimes corrupted. I bought new albums so i can keep them in.
Speaking of clumsiness, i can't find the usb you provided me after our trip. I've searched my room and i found nothing, maybe i lost my usb on the way home after school. Anyway, just send me a copy if you have time on my email address.

Thank you very much!

All the best,


Please comment on my post if theres correction, so i can learn. Its my first time to do the letter writing.. Thank you very much..

Dear Paul,
I hope you find this letter in good health. I'm writing this mail to request you to share me all the copies of the pictures we took during our last trip to London.

It was a very memorable vacation, as we visited the Palace and got to chance to click a photo with Queen. I consider that picture very prestigious.

As you know, I moved to new apartment, while shifting, I missed the external hard disk. I'm sure you will be keeping your copy safe.

Send me all those copies By email.

Looking forward for another exhilarating trip during our next vacation.

Bye for now.




bagus untuk pelajar2 seperti sya

★★★★★ very good

Goodmorning just want help how to say of my bf of my sister because it's his flight today going back home to us.. I just want to thank him for lastnight dinner and invited our family join him and my sister dinner don't know what to say. He stay here for 2weeks Because my sister and him lof of memories and bond each other but he will be back next year of may. Thank u

Really nice letters

a nice letter for me !

dear my cousins,please comment if my composition is wrong..

I would like to thank for your gracious hospitality at your house last week.it was a great pleasure to meet all of you.
we had a lot of fun such as singing songs ,playing and more.we also enjoyed learning how to cook from your mother.it was very easy.
we hope we can visit all of you again and you can visit we at the school holidays.You can learning how to play piano from my brother.I can't wait to meet you and also I cannot wait for you to taste my cook..

I request you send a email

Please send me

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