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January 07, 2014


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Dear simon,

I started to be addicted to your blog. It is the first thing I do when I wake up. I like your lessons and your ideas. Thank you very much for all of the hard work you are doing to help English learners and God bless you.

Thanks Suma. I'm glad you like my lessons.

it helps me to improve my English
thank you, my dear


In speaking part,it is shown a criterion about the lexical resource----"show some awareness of style and collocation". I feel puzzled what exactly does the "style" stand for?


Hi Simon,

I am really new to use this site. Could you please let me know the order I ought to follow down? Or just follow the posts on a daily basis? Even though I've been based in London for 6 months, my English ability still gets stuck. I do need suggestions for an IELTS score of 7, please. Thank you very much !!

Hi guys

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that is great idea .

Dear Simon!
Whoud you mind if you teach some ways of making keyword table? how we can do it? by predicting? or ... ?

very good and interesting Website. Thank you very much for your kind help!

Hi Simon,

What if the answer is a Date with an Year?
also Is a combination of Word and Number wrong?

Hello sir,
Re-evaluation was filled by me in November 2013 and today I called BC office India. They told me that your score increased and TRF has been despached yesterday. But they did not told me in which module bands got change. Tell me any way to know them as I will receive TRF after 10 days.
Thank you.

thank u sir for your good information

I am going to have ielts test on 11/1 , this coming Saturday ...
This website helps me a lot since I spend a little time on the test...


'Style' refers to the ability to use vocabulary to express your individualism, similar to your 'dress style'. This is often demonstrated by the candidate choosing a particular word or group of words over others. Also style is quite unified. If you used a mixture of formal and informal words for example then there would be no sense of style, again similar to wearing clothes that do not match.

Hello Simon and everyone,
I wanna ask whether it is OK to use synonym in listening.
For example, in the recording, it says,"Have you made your schedule?"
Then I am asked to fill in "X asked me if I have made my ______"
Of course, I know filling in "schedule" should be the best way. But if I forget how to spell it but I remember its synonym "timetable", can I write it instead?

Vocabulary plays an indispensible role in listening section. We had better boost our vocabulary by writing them down in our note book and go over them from time to time:
Vocabularies extracted from listening tests IELTS Plus 1 we have done about working dogs

To give somebody a word of advice
To work out at the gym
To work out the meaning
To be a little bit out of budget
To cope with arduous conditions


International treaty
Disaster relief operations


Obedient and Smart dogs
Gentle nature
Harsh conditions
Tough and courageous
Disastrous situations
Loyal animals
Appropriate case

where is listening answer

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