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January 20, 2014


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The question of TRUTH, false,and not given in reading confused me a lot. as i know if the information is not given is NG. my question is that the information not given directly or not given the exact the content with the question but we can from the context telling the truth, or logically true. If the case like that i should chose NG or F? the example is the first passage factor #4 in test one in Cambradge9.my book is page 19.
i am looking for your response.
thank you.

You are the man! You are the bottom of man! You are the squareroot of man! You are the feedstock of man!

@duzadamsami my suggestion for the second expression would be "You rock!" ,for the third "You are really great",and for the last would be "You are the best!".

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@minibluebag I wrote what they literally meant in our language.

Thank you sir. can uplz do passage 2 from this same test especially choose the correct heading. I couldn't choose the correct heading for first 3 questions found it very difficult plz if u can thanks a lot.


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Hi Simon,
Thank you for the keywords.
Here are my answers:
27) -D
30)- D
31)- F
32)- Linguists act..
33)- Foreign language
34)- poor quality
35) -non- verbal behavior
36) - the camera
37) - frequency of usage
38) - particular linguistic feature
39) - size
40) - intuitions

34) - poor quality
35) - non - verbal behavior
36 ) - the camera
37) - frequency of usage
38) - particular linguistic feature
39) - size
40) - intuitions

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hello,in the exam, my problem is on reading passage.I can do 3 passages in the given time during my own work at home but in the exam I can complete just 2...

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