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January 06, 2014


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Dear Simon,

It is great and thank you

Was it your voice? :)Would like to hear your own voice soon~~!!! Was very helpful. Thanks.

Thank u so much! I really love this lesson.

I think we could also improve listening and correct our pronunciation through the video. Thanks so much Simon.

Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for this helpful technique in the reading part. I love the lesson and looking for more.
Best Regards


Thanks guys. Yes, it's my voice Kosari.

thanks Simon very much. It's easy to understand. Very useful. Hope you will make more videos to give us a few significant tips about true/false/not given section and listening :)

Hi Simon and everyone
I've completed all Cambridge series reading practice test,IELTS test Plus.Now i dont have any material for reading practising.What can you advice me ,which material should I take to parctise on?.Moreover,my reading score frusturates between 7.0-7.5,however,i need 8.0 in this section?What can you advise to raise it to 8.0Thanks

sorry *fluctuates:)

As you disabled comment feature on YouTube, I would recommend you to add link of this post into video description. It will definitely boost the blog traffic.

Thank you so much Simon! This makes learning more interesting. I hope you could do more videos about the writing tasks especially task 2. Thank you.

Thank you sir.. I do appreciate your handwork
Towards us.

Dear simon
I am Iranian citizen and in Iran we do not have any access to You tube. Please assist me to be able to utilize your beneficial lesson for today.
Sincerely yours

hi simon,

you tube is not working in my country.i checked vimeo. its ok .plz post your video on it.thanks

many thanks Simon, very userful
p/s: looking forward to hear your voice and see your face in the next video:)

Thanks for caring us. Yes, “Vimeo” working fine in PK, and “Dailymotion” is also accessible here. Please continue share your valuable lessons here.

Dear Simon, coincidentally, let me ask you some questions in academic writing task 2 about creating the words between "..." (quotation marks): how can we know a word we make is right and not conservative? What are the good and bad effects on evaluation way of ILETS examiners when they see it? Thank you Simon, I very appreciate your help.

To Chinese student:
I tried goAgent yesterday and found that it worked so good -- I can watch Youtube and Facebook!!

Dear Simon,
In Iran Youtube is not accessible, but Vimeo is OK (at least up to now!)

Really a great tips for fill in the blank question. More tips for T/F/NG and Heading question we hope from you. Thank you very much.

Dear Simon,

Vimeo is ok.

Thank you very much!

if someone has not access youtube,they can change Dns address to achieve youtube video's.Thank you silmon

please provide us with the video download URL if possible.

Thank you. Simon

for china, I can forward your video to some chinese video websites. You know you are really famous amongst Chinese candidates.

China can not access to youtube~
please post them on Vimeo or just provide us with the download URL.
Thank you.

Thank you Simon.

Dear Simon,

As you asked you to let's you know whether those hosts are available or not, Vimeo is not available either here in Iran. I guess it'd be better to look for those hosts which are not famous as most likely find them accessible here.

Many thanks

Thanks Simon!

Dear Simon,

I am preparing for IELTS now for about 3 months, but I have a significant problem of writing Task 2, the problem is I can't creat compound sentences, therefore I am afraid of writing. I need to know which book can be usefull for me that will help me building sentences or can u give me advice coz I have a months for exam


Yes, Vimeo is available in China.
Thank you.

Dear Simon
Can't wait to watch your video lessons, though I'm in China now. But Vimeo is accessible here! So could you please post the video on Vimeo too? Thank you very much!

Hello sir,
Re-evaluation was filled by me in November 2013 and today I called BC office India. They told me that your score increased and TRF has been despached yesterday. But they did not told me in which module bands got change. Tell me any way to know them as I will receive TRF after 10 days.
Thank you.


If you can't see the video, there's some useful advice in some of the comments above (a couple of students seem to have some tricks!).

Anyway, I'll put the video on Vimeo when I get a chance (probably this weekend). I'll also make it possible to download the video from there.

hi Simon
in my opinion my writing skill is not enough to get higher score from Ielts. what u advice to improve my writing skill?

Hi Simon,

I'm wondering what accent do you have? I heard that most difficult accent in the UK would be Newcastle accent!!! what about Scottish accent? please tell us is there ant signs that one can notice which one from which place in the UK?

Thanks you

It is helpful but I still found I do not have e ought time to find . I want to know how to find the answers' locations. It is hard sometimes the answers were distributed very far from each other.
I took the test in USA and I found their speaking requirment was really high. Does someone can tell me the key points for speaking ?

Hi Simon,

Would you still need any help?

I'm more than happy to help you to make the video available for people living in countries where youtube is not available.

Dear Simon,
Vimeo works in china. It is lucky that Vimeo can be acccessible in china. Thanks a million Simon.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your passionate and hardwork.

It is simple but very useful! thank you :)

Hi Simon,

YouTube isn't available in China, but Vimeo is accessible, could you please put vidoe there? Thanks a lot!!


how are you. here in Iran I am cannot get to youtube. please very thank if you change it


Hi Braulio,

I'll definitely put the video on Vimeo this week, but if you can do anything else, that would be a great help. Thanks.

Hi Simon,

I will speak to my chinese friends who live here in Australia, and see what they recommend me.
What I thought as another solution, maybe you could put the *.flv file in another server, so they could download from there and watch locally in their pcs.

Dear Simon,
I just want to say, it's a best lessons I ever had. I just love the video lessons. I understood you very well.
I wish I could learn from you direct.
Thank you so much for video lessons. Especially reading is hard part for me, and now I hope I will improve it.


Respected simon and my all friends
I have a question for you all....and that is,i gave my ielts examination on 2014-Jan-11...my writting and listening was good but iam not satisfied what i thinking before......and my reading examination was quite bad.I have just finished 2 passage in 40 min but atlast i have just 10 min so i have done all the question fast...................i am really about my exam....................

Unfortunately, we do not have Youtube in our office because it is not allowed but I have internet at home so I got to see this before going to bed. Thank you Simon for the help.

I like your voice and this video very much, so I've seen it many times. Thank for your help!

Dear simon,

My reAding is about 6.5-7. How can i improve my reading skills over 7?
When i do reading test, i dont look up dictionary, i dont find keyword, i set up time. Is my approach right?

亲爱的们,求人不如求己,翻墙都不会还出什么国啊→_→ freegate

Thank you Simon for sharing your knowledge with us for free. We are lucky to have you 😊👏💡

TO Muhammad

What strategy are you following for reading?

skype: akmal.mahkamov
email: akmal.mahkamov@bk.ru

The video I guess is really helpful (seeing the comments above me). I would be more than grateful to you if you would love to make a video considering the ideas to obtain a good score in speaking section.
Thanks in Advance...

I would really be more than grateful if you would make a video explaining some better ways to secure a good score in speaking...

Dear Simon,
I wonder if we should make a keyword table after or during doing the reading test.And how could we make use of the table the best to improve the scores? (should we review the table once in a while and practice the reading again)
Hope my question finds you well.
Thanks in advance.


Don't make a keyword table in your real IELTS test. This is just something that I recommend when practising at home.

I recommend making a keyword table after you've done a practice test, as a way to review vocabulary. The more you do this, the more you'll get used to seeing 'keyword' relationships i.e. the similar words in the questions and passage. Reviewing is always helpful.

This video really useful thanks

Dear can you make more video about reading please.

This video us very useful thanks sir

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