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January 24, 2014


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Thank you for your brilliant advice Simon.

1. It has been decades since I've started to use this clock.
2. It takes considerable much place and is manufactured by wood.
3. My family used to have it for ages.
4. All members of my family have a great sympathy for the clock.
5. I look forward for the day that my parents will gift it to me.

1. Even long before I was born, this clock is already there.
2. It takes up a lot of space with its wood-made structure.
3. It has been passed down in my family for several decades.
4. All my family members treasure the clock with their might.
5. It is my greatest wish that my parents will pass it down to me in the future.

This clock is antique.
It is a wooden made and the size needs a huge space to put on.
It has been passing through from the 1st generation to the the latest generation in my family.
My family is very fond of using this antique clock eversince.
I hope that in the near future,my parents will give me the chance to take care of it.

Thanks for your advice

It's even older than i am.
That wooden structure occupies large room in my house
It seems to be a century since my family got it
we all love it so much that it's considered a family member
I can't wait for the day it belongs to me


hi Simon

Last time I got 6.5 and why topic is

"Describe an old building, which u found very interesting"

Initially i got confuse , what to say but later i manage it although did n't requied band

1.The clock is very old.
*-This is very old clock.
2.It is big and made of wood.
*-It has a large dimension and is made of wood
3.It has been in my family for a long time.
*-My family has it for a long time.
4.Everyone in my family likes the clock.
*-This clock has a moral value in our family. OR. This clock is very popular in our family
5. I hope my parents will give it to me one day.
Hopefully, I would be the next who receive this object in family.

The clock which i am using nowadays is around two 3 decades old.

The features that a clock acquiring are magnificent such as it have a large screen and made of a very strong pine wood .

my family have been keeping this clock in a safe place scince ages.

As well as this antique clock is very much precious to my family. They look after it and maintained it to keep it in a working order .

I am so keeen to have this ravishing clock . So i would ask my parents to give it to me in my later age .

The clock is antique.
The wooden clock takes up lots of spaces.
It has been years since we owned it.
All of my family members can't live without the clock.
Hopefully the clock will be passed to me by my parents one day.


I want to practise Speaking online with anyone who is looking for band 7.0.
My present level is between 6.5 to 7.0. I need 7.0 Bands.

Those who have same requirements can join me at Skype id: piyush.patel2005

Hi Simon,

Today I want to thank you because I achieved my desired score because of your support. I studied ielts on your website everyday.this was long battle and at last I defeated Ielts. Whether or not I become pharmacist in UK, I am happy that I defeated Ielts. I followed only your methods. 7 7 7 7.5. Thanks simon.

hi raja i m navneet i got 7.5 in listenin 7 in reading but 6 in writing and speaking. i did lot of hard work on writing . i need 7 in writing and speaking wht should i do plz help

Hi raja and navneet
cogratulation raja can you please share your
experience with ielts because I couldn't got more
than R6L6W6.5S6.5 and I need 7in each
part . how you tow manage to get 7 inR&L
or more and raja please tell me how you prepared
before exam .
please reply.
thanks .

Hi Simon
Want say my thanks to you, I have achieved my desired score 7.5,8.5,7,7at my 4th attempts. I have followed your advice and used your ebook,and finally got it.
Thanks again,you are doing a great job.

Sorry...I am so excited and have done a lot of grammatical mistakes......really we are grateful to you Simon...

HI KHAIRIA,actually listening and reading need practice. everyday i did practice of l and r and w. but i nvr achieve 7 in writing and speaking

congratulation Sathi can you please share your
ways to prepared for ielts .I need 7in each
part and Ifind it very difficult to get it .

thank you for reply navneet
I want to ask you your way in study ,because in last
exam I did all Cambridge books expt 9 and I
practiced many other ielts books and during
my study I managed to got 33&even36&38 over40
but in my real exam I only get 6 in bothR&L.
I hope we two get four 7 or more next time.

many thanks

Congratulation raja and ask the best in your future career.

Thanks dear. It was nearly 1year journey. I came to know about this website in last March, since then watching it everyday. 1st tried at May(7,7.5,6,7),then again july(7,8,6.5,7). After 2nd time started to analysis simon's essay,and collected his ebook. First I try to notice every sentences of his essays,and then started to write my own essay by using the ebook. I used this site for both task1&2. Even I made a notebook where i wrote down all of his essays and read them very carefully everyday. At November 3rd try(6.5,7,7.5,6.5),finally at December got 7.5,8.5,7,7. This was my story. For L &R just practiced from cambridge books as advised by Simon,,and speaking: recorded my voice everyday....
So dnt give up hope, keep trying and follow our great teacher.

Thank you Sathi for reply .
Good luck in yuor future study or career.

1The clock looks that it was made ages ago.
2 It was kept in a wooden box because it is about 3 meters tall.
3 my family inherited it from their ancestors
4We have got a very memorable events with that clock, so it is a very sensible object for us .
I am looking forward to having it one day.

Hi Simon,
Can u check my work please about an old object.
1.) A necklace with butterfly pendant that is made of gold.
2.)My Aunt(my father's younger sister)bought it when she was working in Saudi Arabia as a nurse.
3.)My mom said, it was given by my auntie as a present when I was 5 years old.
4.)Until now my mom kept it as a remembrance.
5.)Planning to give to my future daughter.


1.The clock was there even before I was born.
2.It was carved from wood and occupies more space.
3.It is been with my family for ages.
4. Everybody in my family is very fond of the clock.
5.It will be the happiest moment in my life when my parents presents the clock to me.

hello simon m following you from quite sometime,appeared for ielts meanwhile but i got just 5.5 in writing although i used a lot of complex words n phrases,ma doctor and u know i have a huge vocabulary n skill to express,m fluent as well in speaking,dont know what to do...kindly advise me some of your precious material or anything... my reading n writing are at bottom level,as howed in ielts result.now again m going to appear in few weeks for ielts, eagerly waiting for your priceless advice

1. The ancient clock still works abslutely
2. It is huge wooden clock
3. My parents bought it when I was only a child
4. The clock seems to be a part of my family
5. I expect that the clock will be a big gift in my next birthday.

Hi Raja and shathiii

Could u please tell us . Apart from getting through this website are u people have had beens involved in reading newspapers or other stuffs like watch English programsetc ? Or u have been just stocked to this site nd ebook... ?
I'm still confused In terms of taking a starting point of preparation. I cant make my schedule . Always find difficulty that from where should I start ? I'm frustrated :-(
Whenever I plan to write something I always distracted towards something else like start worrying about speaking module etc.. nd vice versa ...it reaches to that dressing level when I jus pull away all my books and start worrying and depressing :-((((((

Congratulations Raja and Sathi. Great scores!

It is your credit dear teacher@ Simon.

@Sami. I have explained how I improved my score, but want to share another thing; I am very much fond of bbc documentaries abt history and animal world. It is almost my daily routine to watch one of them,and also like to watch historical movies. For reading sometimes I read science articles,and when I finished any reading passage from cambridge books, I used to read them again just for interesting informations. Undobtedly these work a lot to rich your english. If you could find jenuine interest on them like me, it will help you definately......

With thanks

Hi everybody:
I have listed some good band 7 phraes and expressions here:

To have a positive outlook on life= be optimistic
To get on well with someone = have a good relationship
To make up one s mind= to decide
To bear in mind= to remember
To lose one s temper = to get angry
To bring up children well= to raise children

To compete with someone
To have a lot of fun/pleasure
To be on the air
To get stuck/caught in traffic
To have plenty to do
To be packed with people

To get rid of something/someone
To look up to someone
To be of interest
To be of importance
To look up a word
To surf the internet

To cost an arm and a leg
To have a good sense of humour
To have a good taste in cooking
To have different tastes
To have a lot in common with someone
To be in touch with someone

To argue with someone
To have too much luggage/baggage
To commit a crime
To make a commitment
To be on the wrong/right track
To pave the way for someone to do something

HI SIMON last year i have taken ielts and i got 5.5 band overall,so give me some tips to improve my band ,i have to get 7 band

1.) Since I was a child that clock is an important forniture in my house.
2.) It take a lot of space in the room of my mother and it have a unique smell, because of the material, it was made by wood of Canadian trees.
3.) It have been part of my family from generations, since 1960.
4.) Every person of my family enjoy a lot the clock, everyone take a look and takes their time to smell it.
5.) It would be fantastic if one day my mother could give it to me as a present, maybe like a wedding present or something like that.

Hello Simon,

I'm wondering how can a non-native speaker recognize that which is a easy description and which one is a band 7 way,depending on what standards Better vocabulary ,longer sentence, more native?
And if I want to replace easy ones with a higher band description where can I find it?

Really looking forward to you reply as much as I'm confused with this question.


Old clock: an antique piece, which has been owned by my family for more than a century now.
Wood is the pre-dominant material which is used in its manufacturing and it is quite gigantic in size
It has been passed onto the third generation now and represents a significant part of our family history.
It’s a great inspiration for the whole family and is admired by everyone.
I long to own it one day and wish that my parents deem myself to be eligible for looking after this great piece of clock.

hi everyone
My name is Abdullokh i'm from uzbekistan and study IELTS.Like everyone i'm having a difficulty with my Writing test.Could you give some advice about it
Thank you...

Hi saathi
Can i get your contact details, so that we can have chat regarding the preparation strategy.

My family own an antique clock.
It is a very fine design big wooden clock
it has been in my family for more than a decade.
every one in my family is found of this clock
i hope i will be the luckiest who will get the opportunity to take care of such a prestigious piece of art

excellent. i didn't know it before. i just missed it. tomorrow is my exam.

1.The clock is been there for many decades ? the clock is ancient antique
2. it's a huge wooden clock
3. we owned it since ever
4. it's popular in our family / we are emotionally attached to it
5. h hope to own it some time down the road

Thank you Simon!

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