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January 10, 2014


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Dear Simon,
May I ask how long ‘old’ means? I want to describe a toy my family has kept for twenty years old and I am not sure the toy for 20 years is suitable for this question.
Your reply will be highly appreciated!
Thanks very much!

Hi all,

People are biased by 'persuasive advertising technique' and they buy anything without judging it's usefulness.

Is there any problem if I use bias as a verb here? Can anyone help me pls?

Can I talk about an old furniture in my house?

you are really a good teacher.I am in China

An big Antique clock
Received from our grand father
It has been kept as a decoration since the day of my parents got married
We kept it as it serves not only as a decoration but has been working for more 30 years , keeps telling us the accurate time until now

A big antique clock
Is it wrong to write ' since the day of my parents got married' ? How can i write in a more correct way? Pls comment.

The old object we have in our family is my grandfather's sword. It is actually a sword of our family's pride. My grand father got this from his father and my grand father told me that this sword was a gift from his leader who was a great worrier and leader of his times. The fore father of my grand father got this sword as a reward from his leader for his loyalty and bravery which he performed in the war. My grand father built a special show case for this sword in his guest room. Whenever my friend came to visit me I feel proud to explain the history of this sword. It is almost a 400 to 500 years old sword. It is a famous sword in all our surroundings yet. Dear Sir. Simon how is it ???, I am new here and have just started my study for IELTS with less vocabulary.
one may change this sword to a wedding gift made from special types of precious stones. Which some one got in the family from some great personality. and due to its uniqueness it is famous.

hi ,
we have a gun in our family. And it it really very old.We got it from our grandfather, and he got it from his grand father. can i start like this..

When i was little,we had a black and white television.In that time we were very happy to see many kind of program,because in that time did not available any color telivision.Many suburbs people crowded at our home to see different kind of TV show.Still now we used to that television and never deny it is recall our past.

I’m going to talk about a seal which belonged to my great grandfather. It is made of a red Ruby on a silver ring and is about 120 years old according to the date which is carved on it. It has my great grandfather’s name inversely engraved on it, because it was used as signature stamp underneath of any official document at that time. According to my granduncle, my great grandfather took this when he was in a pilgrim voyage in Mecca but the seal itself was made in city of Isfahan, a well-known artistic center in Iran. About the how long time it was held in my family I have to say, it was almost forgotten for a while, until I found it accidentally when I was playing in my grandfather’s house attic within an old chest with other stuff. At that time I was 14 years old. Since then I have this ring, of course after my grandfather’s permission. The reason that my grandfather had this seal might be due to its moral or even material values.

well... I think we have some old objects... which we have been using for a long time... but among them I would like to talk about a piece of item .. 'the iron box' that has been there in my home for nearly three decades.

this one is our favourite iron box because it was bought from the gulf country by our dad when he was working there some 30 years ago... as I said earlier... why we are still keeping this is... although it is quite heavy and some decoration on the top of the iron box is worn off, we find it very useful and it is still in a good working condition.. it does the ironing very well.. that really made us to keep for a long time. moreover, it reminds us our father's hard work in a foreign country.... yes for these reasons this old piece of item has been kept in my home for a long time..

I am going to talk about a golden necklace. It has a big green valuable emerald stone.
My grandmother's mother is the first person who starts the custom. We dont know ecatly but estimated that her husband gave it as a present. So she began to wear this necklace. My grandmother was the oldest doughter same as my mother. My mother was given this precious jewellery when she was marrying. I am the only doughter in our family. Actually i married before but i think my mother understood before me whether the marriage will going on....
Actually our familiy spent very difficult time when they were broken. But this necklece was never sold. Its value can't measure with money and the any other things.

Well, actually I don't know how old the object should be. So perhaps I will talk about my extended family's first picture which is about 20 years old now.
It's taken in 1995 when I was a 5 year old child. I still remember that was in Tet Holiday, I mean Lunar New Year Holiday in my country. It was really rare chance for all my extend family to reunite. So my grandparents decided to take a picture to save that precious moment. At the time, we didn't have a digital camera like today, but a classic film camera. This picture was so important to my extended family that my granddad made a bigger counterpart as well as a beautiful wooden frame and then hung it on the wall just near the front door of his house. Therefore, it's very easy to anyone who visited his house can see it. Presently, it's still there as a proof of family's solidarity. I suppose that this picture's really meaningful to my family. Also, it helped to enhance the bond between family's members.

Well, I'm happy to share with you the story about our family's very first clock. I'm not sure whether its age is old enough but at least, it ''older'' than me, I mean it is more than 18 years old. The clock orginally belonged to my grandparents but when my family moved to other place to live, the ownership was changed. The clock is circle and mostly black which brightens the golden hands. The numbers were marked in Roman signal contribute to the beauty of antique. Also, it really saves energy. to me, I really concern about the existence of the clock, it was the first teacher who taught numbers.

Well, There is a prayer rug in my house in ages so I'm talking about it, which has been hidden for ages is really important for my family and also for me. The prayer rug had been remained from my grandfather to my father and It's been hanging on the wall where in the living room for almost sixty years. On the other hand, My father always remember whenever he sees it. However, We do not pray on it which is being valuable, Whenever A guest, who visits us always ask us that how long has it been hanging on the wall. Because It appears so former. My father can not only explain but also feel that memory.

what can we explain to cupboard which is antique piecea of the time of my grandmother??

i am going to talk about my antiqueu watch which was given by my girlf-friend. she gave it to me in my birth day in order to indicate how our relation is rooted like the present and it will work even time passed on it if you care it properly just like the antique watch. This watch is very delicate and hence I pay attention and keep my eyes on it , it is more than a watch to me . it shows about feeling rather than just a material. The battery of watch can die or I can drop it accidentily but I know whatever I experience with this watch in the end I need to care it and put it in a good condition just like our relation.

Sometimes some presents give us perspective on what to think obout things and the person who gave it to us.

i am going to talk about my family's old bicycle, one of our heirlooms that we promised ancestor to keep it as an symbol of their appearance in family. some people think that a bicycle in some level is not deserved to be a valuable thing to preserve, it is just normal vehicle we can see everywhere. in contrast, to my family, it is invaluable.
This bike is more than 100 years old, this this the first bike of my great great grand father who is one of the most powerful and wealthy man in our old province. he spent a lot of money on trying to get it, the thing my poor country can't produce. he feel very proud of the fact that he was the only one who possess it in. through more than a century, it seem still new, every detail remain its original color. unlike most of vintage bike i used to see. my family's is one of a kind. maybe because it bring may ancestor spirit.we have to change its wheel twice because of mouses, they are kind of like the plastic smell. the last time i see my grandpa take it to the road is 5 years ago. it look like a metal horse on its glory battle.

I think it is a better to describe a photo, for example, with your grandpa or grandma inside, because we can use this to cover at least two topics.

Hai Simon,

Firstly my sincere thanx to u for all ur efforts...your guidance is really helping all the learners alot.

I took my IELTS exam on 9th of january, and here are the questions.. I hope it may b of some help:

How often do you wear a watch? Do you like to b punctual and why? How do you feel if anybody keeps you waiting?
which mode of transportation is most convinient? talk about an interesting train journey u recently experienced in a local train.
Cue card: talk about a famous food, product, or anything that is very famous in your home town.
apart from food, what else product are imported in your country.
Do you think different types of food in different regions are importanat or every region should have similar food types?
2 diagrams were given about a small museum in 1957 and the modifications in its structure in 2007. we were asked to relate them and write a report.
Government allow few people to keep guns in their home.some believe this is good, while others say that it should not be allowed. discuss both the points and give your opinion.
passage 1 was something about Magnetism, 2nd was about child development, and last one was about a conference for engineers.

I will get my result on 22nd january.
I did well in my exam and hope to get a good result.
I once again thank you simon. your blog has really helped me a lot..
God bless you sir.

my last IELT test ask this kind of question :-(

Hi Simon,

I think it is easier to describe a old furniture.

I 'm going to talk about my bed. It is not big, but enough for me.
It sits in my bed room at home.

My parent brought the bed for me on my birthday 15 years ago. My bed is made of wood, therefore it is quite heavy. It is also an old fashion bed, but it is really very comfortable.

Obviously I use the bed for sleeping. However, it is also useful in different ways.
I can sit on the bed while watching TV, reading book or even do some work with my laptop. Last night I fell asleep in my bed while I was reading a book.

The main reasons why I and my family have kept this piece of furniture until now, are that it's comfortable as well as useful, and it's in the perfect position in my bedroom. I think that my parent gave me a great present. It helps me have good sleep every night.
The only drawback might be that I enjoy sleeping on the bed too much, and sometimes I think it makes me lazy!

I am going to talk about the dining room furniture, like table, chair, sideboard and dresser. These are the oldest objects in my home, I believe that these are older than my oldest sister or my youngest uncle. My grandmother bought these I think about 45 years ago in one good store in my city, called Hilda's store. All is made by wood. When my grandmother died, my mother decided take to furniture for my house, because the furniture are so beautiful and has an excellent quality. In addition, when we look for these, they remind the nice moments what my family and I spent with my grandmother. For example, one moment I will never forget is the lunchs every Sunday in my grandmother's home. I believe when I will get married my mother will give the furniture for me.

I like to talk about oven. My mother purchased it from local market in Gilgit from an electronic store to make local cake to feed us in the morning. it is an electric oven made by china mostly used for heating diner and making cakes and other disches like fish dishes and cakes of all type. I remember this oven because we were the very first family in neighbor and relatives who purchased this for making local cake for breakfast. my other is a teacher so she was use to go to school so it was difficult to make bread for each of us so to solve the matter she bought this. in following months our neighbours and relatives copied this idea for making breakfast. that's why I still remember this oven. it is still present in our store room. but out of use because the latest japan made oven replaced it but that did't catches my memory like the older and china one.

Hi Simon,

I'm going for the IELTS on next week 15th of January. Here is my answer:

Well, I am happy to share with you about my mother's first handcraft. It was known as Batik in our culture art.I am not very sure of the age but it was hanging in our living room since I was child. It was about more than 20 years old. The handcraft was originally made by my mother. She was framed it and hang it on the wall as one of the house decoration. I felt very touched whenever I looked on it because it was reflected me of what my mother done while she was young and I can say that the handcraft can illustrate my mother's beautiful face and kindest.

I'm going to talk about a motorbike which is appropriately called "Daddy's closest friend". This is because my Dad have used it as a transport to make money since he had my brother in 1989. Until now, over 20 years, he still drive it whenever he goes to meet his friends. My Dad's friend is known as a " Black iron horse" which was imported from Japan at a very expensive price at that time but worthy. The motorbike can reach the speed up to 100km/h if driving in freeway. However, my dad has never driven that much speed because he just use it in carrying seafood to the market for selling and then driving back home. My dad has spent a lot of money in fixing and maintaining his " Iron Horse" over time in order to ensure it still working well but he would be glad to do this over and over because this is his "friend". Thank to it's persistence, our family was get out of poverty 20 something years ago and currently be living a life with leisure and happiness.

today i was asked this question in the real exam

him all.
I want to introduce my grand mother's old pocket watch, which has been kept for almost 20 years by my family. It is small one round-shaped, that color looks like gray or yellow , not dirty but antique or vintage. It is made up of gold and copper, so it should be protected carefully not to become rusty. It was handed down from my grandmother to my father after she died. In fact, she decided to give this wathch to her eldest son, not to her second son, namely my father. However, while her alive, my father asked her in advance to give this wathch, so she kept a record.
It has been located in my father's drawer for 20 years, and our family members always value it and want to keep forever. First reason is that it has monetary value, which was made by master artisan under japanese imperialism.Second reason is that it has spiritual value. When we see this watch, we remind her young age and have respect for her responsibility and strong personailty and spirit. She had brought up 6 children, taking care of her husband with mental disease. These two are why this watch has been kept and should be kept now and forever.

Hi, Simon and all. My classmate took IELTS in 11 January in Edinburgh and he had a exactly the same question which "Describe an old object which your family has kept for a long time". Is it just coincidence or?

Our family have an old musical instrument.
It was called a clavichord.
The instrument was made in Germany in 1761 .
It has kept in our family for a long time .
It was bought by my grandfather many years ago .
We all love it so much .
Unfortunately , it was damaged by a visitor .
She tried to play jazz on it . She struck the keys too hard and two of the strings were broken .
My father was shocked .
Now we are not allowed to touch it .
It is being repaired by a friend of my father's.

My family has kept an ornate clock which my father inherited from his father.
We use this clock as a decoration since it is so luxury and I dont know exactly the time but it should be made at least a century a go.
It is like a treasure for my father.although it is overpriced, he will never accept to sell it.
I am sure that my father will give it to my oldest brother in future and I am somehow jealous about it.

i would like to talk about an old musical instrument in our family which is an acoustic guitar. The guitar basically has 6 strings and it is not so big.. it is brown in color with black stripe around its body. it also has a colorful strap for easy playing during standing..
actually the guitar was first bought by my father when he was young. at that time he joined the army's band and became one of the guitarist. the guitar had been kept for over 40 years now and every member in my family had played it when we learned playing guitar for the first time.
we all loved the guitar and kept it nicely because we all had a great moment with it. it is also holds a great memory for my father that he played a song and record it for my mother when he had to leave her for servicing the country.

I want to talk about the oldest staff in our house which is a plate that belonged to my grand mom.IT has spiritual value to our family and the most precious object in the house.
This plate is one of my grand mom's JAHAZ. she got married when she was 15 and kept it as the oldest remnant of her JAHAZ. After her death my mom took the plate to our house and hast kept it as a valuable object with great attention.she has put it in a frame with glass cover and hanged it on the wall to see it and reminds my grand mom 's memories.

Hello Martin,
We want a better description from you regarding this topic.

hi simon,actually i dont know how to answer this question.. could you please help me to answer this question..

I just return from( sydney) my speaking test and I got same question in part-2. I told about old bicycle which my father have got from his father as a gift.

Hi Simon

My name is Saf and I am preparing for the occupational English test. just wondering if you teach student for this too.


Hi Simon, All,

if you have time can you please make some necessary corrections on my sentences and if these is the right approach that i should do during the speaking exam.


I am going to describe an object that my family has kept for a long time. It is a sword made of aluminum and metal that it makes it very shiny until now and its handle is made of gold. This sword originally came from my grand father who was a soldier and this was handed to my father when my grandfather died. We kept this for almost 60years now in our house. The reason why we kept this because this is the only remembrance that we have from our grand father aside from his old photograph. The sword also symbolizes how great he was as a fighter when he was fighting the Japanese soldiers during RWorld War 2.

I would like to say something about the old "sofa" at my home. The sofa was made manually by my dad long long time ago, actually before I was born! So it has been kept by my family more than 40 years, and more amazingly, it still can be used well!

Although there are many fantastic sofa selling in the mareket, we still would like to keep this old sofa as long as it is not broken. The reason is that we are the first family to own a sofa in the whole village at that age, so the whole family is really pround of it, and it reminds me of so much good memories from my childhood.

hi simon can u plzzz help me......

in my home there is some thing when you enter the main door to the guests room, your eyes immediately fool in a huge amazing big clock.
this clock build in 1922 as my grandfather says, it was a givt from king of iraq the first FASAIL who was the cousin of my grand father.
My parents told me its made in united kingdom, hand made from expensive material such as mahigony wood and some gold part and especially the numbers, it has very special ring sound.
when i visit my parent house i listen to the sound of the tek..tak and this as well as the ring of the bell remember me with my child hood, my father offer me to take it, but i prefer to let it in the original place, famly house

Hi Simon my exam is on may 10th I dnt know when will be my speaking test?pls will you help me out
I am very much tensed
Can I know the basic questions and answers for that pls!!
I will be thankfull if you help me out.
Waiting for your reply

Hi. Simon my exam is on 19 june..I would appreciate your feedback and suggetions. Thank you.


I can say that i inherited a wonderful book from my grandfather and never i red it until i joined the faculty....maybe coz in the past i was not interested in reading....however the book about ......then i taik about memorized book

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