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January 31, 2014


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Superb!! Loved your description, thank you Simon sir!

Clear voice, No problem in understanding and easy but effective group of word collections and speech with normal speed which is easy to listen to anyone.
Great work
Thanks for doing this great work every day.

hello simon sir.
i took ielts academic on 11/1/14. my result was declared on 24/1. my score is
L 9, R 8.5, W 7, S 8, Overall 8.0.

i want to convey my heartiest regards to you because it would not have been possible without your efforts. this site helped me to focus on the key ideas, especially vocabulary .i was full of confidence before taking the exam. i knew what to expect and how to attempt the writing section in the given amount of time.i read all your posts,esp. writing and speaking, starting from 2009.

Hi simon
I'm really troubled and hope if you or anyone else may be able to guide me ...I have been going through your site for quite some time now!! Have given IELTS three times till now....the first time I got the required score that is 7 or more in all but that ielts have expired now....and so had to give it again for my PLAB exam....Have given it two times now first got L9, R8.5, W6,S7.....the next given on 18th Jan 2014...got the scores today L9,R8,W6,S8.....Im unable to get a 7 band in writing:( :( Please tell me what to do!!...Thinking of buying your ebook but does it contain the whole essays....or the matter is in the form of synopsis!! Anyways I hope someone can help!!

Hi ,
Arush congratulations .. Could u share ur experience of reading practice . Which books did u practice nd for writing practice did u follow only simon 's blog ..
Thanks ...

Hi, I am looking for a speaking partner for band 6.5

If you are interested, please add me on skype

skype id: burcu.ayaz_1

congratulation Arush
can you please share your experience with
ielts and how you prepare for it to got this fantastic
score and which books you did you study .
please reply

Hi Simon,

I got my IELTS (GT)result today.
I scored Listening 8.5, Reading 8, Writing 7 and Speaking 8.5

Thanks for all your valuable inputs.
I am little disappointed as I was tragetting 8 in all bands and still writing pulls me back.I did a lot of writing practice.....Can you suggest how to improve my writing score.


congratulation Nid
can you please share your experience
with ielts .I need 7 in each part ,I couldn't
manage to get more than 6.5 with only
6 in R&L please help me .Nid can you please
till me which books did you practice for your

I want to improve my speaking. Can any one help me regarding it. My Skype is. Shailendra.upadhyay1

Dear Arush and Nid, please tell me how you could improve your writing... What resources did you benefit from and please share your experiences with us...

Hi Sarah

I am also in the same boat as are. Last year I had given 4 times, all in vain becuase of writing.But still trying pray for me.You can contact me on
[email protected]

4 inquiries please
1.It is probably been with my family. OR. It has probably been with my family.
2 It has become part of the house. OR. It has become a part of the house.
3 Could we say “ I have grown up with it instead of grew up with it. “ My language has not got Present perfect tense”
4 “Nice” been used 4 to 5 times. Is there any alternative “Nice” word if we are stuck.

hi veenu, thanx a lot.
For reading, i did all the 9 ielts cambridge books. these truly match what is asked in the exam.the level of difficulty is almost the same as that of the exam.i always used stop watch and tried to complete three sections in 50 to 55 mins.you need to have good vocab to deal with the questions. for example,in exam i had to find the synonyms of words like puddle(collection of water) and charred wood(burnt). be careful abt true ,false ,NG.
for writing ,i read all the posts on this website since 2009. this website gives you a clear cut mental picture as to how we should attempt different types of task 2 questions. and as simon sir always tells, u need to hv good ideas and vocab. i wrote all the task 2 topics in the 9 cambridge books and on this site.PRACTICE IS THE KEY.

hi khairia,
i did 9 cambridge books and this site for speaking and writing.and pls see the above post.hope that helps.

hi orxan.
for writing,you need to have good ideas about all the common topics which are asked in the ielts exam. you should have good vocab which can be used about topics like crime, tourism, education etc.
just read all the writing posts by simon sir starting from 2009.you will be clear about the structure of all the four essay types like agree/diagree,opinion,prob/solution etc. attempt a good no. of essays and get them checked from a local teacher to correct all the gramatical errors. follow simon sir"s 4 paragraph approach for task 2. this saves time in the exam. u are clear about how to attempt any type of task2 question.
i was expecting band 8 or more in writing bt i got only 7.no idea why.

Congratulations Arush and Nid. Great scores!


Hi Sarah,

You really need someone to check your written work so that you can find out what you're doing wrong.

I can recommend someone if you want:


Arush thanks a lot for giving a advice . Best wishes for ur future ...
Cheers up ...

Any one who want to do speaking practice ?

I'm looking for speaking partner to practice English, pls add my skype soksomalysovann. Pls add me if you don't mind my poor English.

skype adress :yusifov_sadiq

Hi Khairia & Orxan

I followed Cambridge IELTS 8 & 9 and Brarron's IELTS for listening & reading.
I back tracked Simon's blog from jan 2013 For writing I made my own handbook with different topics including the negatives & positives about it.
Also i read a lot of sample essay's online.

Do a lot of practice tests, it helps and gives you an idea, where you stand.
Follow Simon's advice.

Thanks again Simon..

I would like to speak with 7, 8 ielts band as a partner. i am from india.
feel free to contacts me.

my skype id is: atanu.debnath5

This question has been asked to me on last 31 of january .I describe about statue which my family found while they are in holiday. I got 6 on speaking test .


During this speaking lesson, did you write anything down before hand? For example, I've been told we should write words related to the topic, good expressions, corrected verb tenses, therefore we dont get our ideas lost.

Another question, are we allowed to use phrasal verbs or local slangs during the speaking test?

Many thanks,


Hi Braulio,

Yes, I wrote a few main ideas. I tell my students to focus on vocabulary ideas when planning speaking part 2.

Phrasal verbs are great, but I'd avoid slang.

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