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January 03, 2014


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In my first IELTS exam in 2008, the speaking part2 topic was about the art the I used to do in my childhood, whereas the second exams in 2012, the speaking topic about a holiday destination I have been, and the Third exam in 2013, the topic was about a friend I helped in the past. Wish me a good luck in my fourth test on 11th of January, I need band 7 each part !!

great ideas. im taking it on january 9th. i have one question, not related to speaking but reading. when writing an answer, should we ALWAYS begin with a capital letter, as thats the case when we start an answer in english, or should it be exactly as it is in the text? for example, i was doing a practice test in which the answer was 'public library.' In the reading text, it was in the middle of the sentence, hence it was 'public' with a small p. should i write the answer as 'Public library' or retain the original form?


I just got my IELTS results dear Simon! :/

Listening: 6.5
Reading: 6.5
Writing: 5.0
Speaking: 8.0
Overall: 6.5

Listening could be better but my Writing score just ruined me. I won't be able to apply for master education since there is specific rule saying '' no section below 5.5''.

Thanks for this website anyway.

I'm taking my exam (GC) in a week. Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid being nervous? Thanks a lot.

Can I turn this topic to a café? Like, I went to a café with him to enjoy afternoon. And then describe this café.



I am looking for a speaking partner. I have taken IELTS test previously just two months back. I got 6.5 in Speaking. I'm looking for 7.0 Bands in Speaking and for that I am looking for a serious partner.

Please let me know if anyone interested.


Hi Simon, I don't know how I can express my thanks for you. I've just got my score and it was: Listening:8.5, Reading:7.5, Writing:7, Speaking:7. Band score 7.5. Thanks again for every thing. God bless you. I hope that I can meet you but I saw in your website that your next lesson will be on the 17th of this month but unfortunately my visa will expire in the 15th. I hope if can have the chance to meet you before I leave. Your student. Issam

Hi .I need speaking 7..anyone interested to speak with me

Helo Dr Muayad you know what my ielts is also on the 11th of January hope we have do good in exam .


the question just reminds me a hard question in Cambridge IELTS 5.

To describe a friend of your family.

I think the answer for the two would be pretty close.

In one of my previuos tests the speaking part 2 was about "Arts and painting" , its importance and how it helps in an individual's life.
While 2nd time the topic was about Music, and a question that I found bit unusual was" role of music in a nation building" , and I think I managed to explain it but I wasnt expecting any question like that.

Hi Anu, I am also looking for a person for my speaking practice. So you can communicate with me for speaking through skype.

My skype ID: labu1180


Ashaduzzaman labu

Hi .I need speaking 7..anyone interested to speak with me....

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Dear All,

HAPPY 2014!!!

Here is my sample description for today's topic:

I would like to talk about the day when one of my childhood friends visited my home 2 months ago.
Her name is Cata and we both grew up in Argentina. Back then we were classmates in Chinese school and would meet at least once a week. She is now working in Germany and had decided to take a short vacation trip here in the US to visit my wife and I as well as many of her other friends.
Anyway, since she knew that I had bought a new house, she made sure to allocate some of her time to stop by my place. We did a quick tour around the house and also introduced our little dog to her. We took several pictures together, had a cup of tea with some snacks and fruits, and spent most of the time talking and catching up with one another.
Although very brief, Cata’s visit was quite important to me. She is a very busy woman and has plenty of friends, so it was really nice of her to spend some of her time with us. This also shows that she is a true friend despite the distance and her busy schedule.
All in all, it was definitely a pleasure to have this friend in my home for a short time and I truly wish her the best in her career!


Hello. I am looking for a speaking partner for band 7.
Skype ID: burcu.ayaz Thanks

Congratulation issam could you give us the secret poof your success please. I also need 4(7) which I find it quite difficult to achieve.

I would like to talk about Peter who is one of my sincere friends back home in Cyprus . He and his family came over from Amsterdam to visiting me in my house in Manchester 2 months ago. Manchester is the city which I am currently living in . I have not seen him since I left home . The reason was that I had lost his contact details ages ago . But fortunately I was able to find him recently on face book social network.
He was very keen on seeing me. Thus I invited him to my sister’s birthday party which was anticipated with his brake holiday .
Although it was a short stay visit, I was able to take him around . I hired a seven sitter car to carry him , his family and my sister . We went to the science and war museums here in Manchester. Also, we got the opportunity to go to Manchester Cathedral and Salford Quays
This visit was very important to me because it reminded us about some funny occasions when we were in school. And also we started thinking to establish a commercial trading company for shipping goods internationally .

Hi friends, I am seeking for some one practice with for speaking. my skyp ID: kibona.tito1

hi friends,
im looking for a speaking partner, is there any girl who can join me on skype

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hi. I am also looking for a speaking partner.I had IELTS exam 2 years ago.My band from speaking was 7.5 Add me on skype if you want.
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Hi Anu,,

I also want to get 7.0 in Speaking. I appeared recently but unfortunately I got 6.5. Need a bit of extra to get it past 7.0. Can we practise together? My skype id is: 'piyush.patel2005

Please add me for practice.

I want to improve my Engligh

I'm taking fce exam and had ILETS test with score all 5.5 and speaking 6.0

My Speaking Part2 last April was to discuss a recent change in my life (e.g. new job, new school), what have caused it and what happened.

Hi, Simon ur tips are really amazing ..i hv learnt many things from you.thank your so much for ur lessons.

I have been following your writing lessons for several months. Now I am going to learn your speaking as well.......

Hi Heba,thanks for your greeting. You can get the score. It needs lots of patience. Just continue studying from Simon and do a lot of practice. If you want to contact me this is my e mail: [email protected]. Good luck.

Hi piyu and Aydin and all! If someone wants to be speaking partner, just let me know. i seriously need someone cause i am taking ielts speaking exam 1 week later

Hi Dr.Muayad,

All the best for your exam.

I can do speaking practice.My skype id-anamika.khaitan(uk)

Wish you good luck dr.Muayad.Please share questions and your experience about IELTS exam on 11th january & tell about your center.

Hi Simon,

Below is the speaking topic i got yesterday. Hope it will be useful for students who are yet to attend the exam..

Describe an old object which your family has kept with it for a long time.
1) what is the object.
2) who gave this object.
3) How long the object has been with your family and the reason for keeping it...


Hai friends i have speaking exam on 10th jan . Any one can help out . Please u cn find me out in my Skype was surya618 . Doesn't matter about gender just i want to have general practise

aydin mikayilov.. I would like to add you to my SKYPE ID for speaking rehearse. Let's follow on. Asma

Dear friends
I am going to have an ielts exam next month I have got 6 befor
I should achieve 6.5 for speaking and I am looking for a partner to practice on viber or skyp
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hi. I am also looking for a speaking partner.I had IELTS exam one years ago.My band from speaking was 5.5 Add me on skype if you want. ID ealhakimi

hi Piyu,
when I search your Skype ID, there are many accounts appeared. can you tell me which country you are from?
by the way, my skype ID is zz321811
if anyone want to practice speaking, please contact me

I am going to talk about an occasion which happened in my family.Last year my big brother came to home from Australia and we had arranged a get to gather festival.Our many relative invited that program and we was a lot of enjoying that festival.In the middle of the program we arranged a DJ and dancing with each other.Finally we had finished dinner and lots of recalled story which happened in our life.In addition it was really fun in my whole life and never forgot that days.

Hi every one, i am finding a speaking partner.
My skype id is ashikengineer.

Oh, I would like to talk about a girlfriend's visit when my daughter was just one month old. Her name is Susan, I know her when I came into Peking in 2007,where we rent a department to reduce the expenditure in house rental respectively.
After I married ,I seldom had time to hang out with her.I was really happy to received the call that she planed to come to see me and my daughter.
I could recall the day she dropped in is a summer day, it is a really hot day ,I prepared the fruits and snacks which she liked best.she bought a beautiful pink shirt for my kid.She told me a lot of things happened after I left the company which we both served for.I really enjoy chatting with her ,but she didn't want to bother me too long because my baby still little , it was so regretful that she had just stayed only 2 hours that day at my home.
Anyway ,the friendship will last forever,wherever we have been.

I would like to talk about a very important person and her visit in my house last June 2013 when we had celebrated the town fiesta.Her name is Ruby, she is one the most important friend in my high school days. after a very long time that we have not seen each other i felt overwhelmed that she visited me and I was not expecting that she would cancel her appointment to come and visit my place.After we both got married we completely separated our ways because she worked in the US and I was left here.We seldom talk until we gone out of communication.

We had a very long day catching up for those moment in our lives. We cooked our lunch together as we usually do during our high school days. It come a to a surprise that until that moment her tastes of food does not change. Her favorite food is still hotdog on stick, I remember when we were still hanging out in the mall that we just spend our 3 hours after school walking and doing some window shopping with a hotdog on stick in our hand.
We talked about lots of things about our family, career and plans in our lives. I had a really wonderful time catching up with her.
During that moment I realized that true friends really last forever and we both hope that our children will soon become friends too.That single day seem to be very important and memorable to me.

Hi all

i am also trying to find some speaking partner if anybody interested. then add me my skype id is.....

Hi Asma Shahid

Add me i also need speaking partner my skype id is.... engr4u2786

Hi simon sir,i participated ielts exam 6times.but i could not success any time.can you help me?my next exam date is 27september.please help me .

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