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January 09, 2014


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Thanks Simon
I've practiced this essay few weeks ago & i couldnt find the main point. I just mentioned each group was expected to rise/fall, & which country had larger population in each group. SO my overall was like...really long :(
I did not think the whole picture as yours. I think the most important in this task is an appropriate overall, which sometimes takes me ages..

Today's writing task 1 (academic) It had a picture of a museum in 1957 and another of the same museum in 2007. There were differences in both. I compared them and this was my 'overall' statement: Overall, the building has expanded over this period while the surrounding gardens have significantly receded owing to the increased construction.'

Writing task 2: It was about Gun ownership. Some argue that it should be allowed while some dont agree. Discuss the two points of view and give your opinion.

I wrote my point of view in the intoduction in one line. Then wrote a paragraph in favour of the argument, the next para with against arguments. and then concluded it.

Simon, does this approach look fine?

hi simon do you have some important tips to remember in writing tasks? EM

Hi saliha, I wrote for overall statement in task 1 about the number of parts of buildings and their area because i thing they were main changes and too general.

Hello!Have you guys noticed almost the same data in the figures for 15-59 years' group, in 2000 46,3% (Yemen)and in 2050 46,2% (Italy)? Is it a good feature?

simon, i would be very thankful if you could tell me about my approach i mentioned earlier? i am scared i didnt do too well as far as the structure of my writing tasks was concerned....

Smemamig: Yes, I concluded it that way. But as Simon has said, there should be an 'overall' statement just after introduction. That is where I wrote what i mentioned above. In the conclusion, i incorporated more information about the changes in the building itself, as you mentioned.

I need complete techniques how to summarize pie chart information in 150 words para... kindly advise

Please correct me.

The pie charts illustrates demographic pattern of Yemen and Italy in 2000 and its forecast in 2050.

It is evident, that the younger generation in Yemen holds greater share of the population as compared to Italy. Whereas, middle age group in both countries occupy the larger portion of population in 2000 as well as in 2050.

The chart clearly shows in Yemen, aged group between 0-14 has decreased from 50.1% to 37.0%, whereas the same pattern is predicted for Italy, where it has fallen 3.2%. Aged group +60, in Yemen, will slightly increase in 50 years by 2.1%. Similarly, in Italy,
the +60 aged group, has jumped almost 22.2% by 2050, as in 2000 it is 24.1%.

The most prominent figure the pie charts shows, is the age group between 15-59 years, in Yemen and Italy. Where both countries will have larger portion of their population will consist of this age group in 2050.

should I use future time for 2050 in my essay? for exp "according to estimation the old population will increase in Italy in 2050."

The charts illustrate the proportion of people according to their age in Yemen and Italy,in 2000,and provid estimation for 2050. Overall, it is clear that , by 2050, both countries will have seen a major transformation the make up of the population, with the youngest age group seeing a decline and the oldest an increase.

As regards the 0-14 age group, in 2000, with 50.1% of population this group accounting for the largest proportion in Yemen, while in Italy it constituting only 14.3%. In 2050,it is projected that, the youngest population in Yemen and Italy will decrease significantly to 34% and 11.5%,respectively. Coming to the 15-59-year-old age group, in Yemen, this age group will increase from 46.3% in 2000 to 57.3% in 2050, compared to Italy , in 2000 , the middle age group represented nearly two third of the population and it is expected to dropped markedly by more than 15%.

A similar pattern is expected to be seen in both countries regarding 60 and above years olds population, this age group will grow noticeably from 3.6% to 5.7% in Yemen and from 24.1% to 42.3% in Italy , over the fifty-year period.

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