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January 15, 2014


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It is a very good and informative video.....Thanks for your hard work,Simon....:)

its a very helpful video n easy to understand

I like it so much. It's really useful for me! Thank you so much Simon!

Hi Simon,we have seen that you are uploading some good IELTS videos in your website in recent days.You could make a separate portion in your website containing all of your recent work.Alternatively,you could mention a separate section named as "ielts-simon on youtube" like "ielts-simon on facebook",which will be very helpful for new comers.We are very eagerly waiting for speaking part 2 Q-card videos.Thanks in advance.

Hi dear Simon,

Thank you for this video, It is really helpful. My exam will be in the 18th. I am trying to keep clam because I think stress is my main enemy not my writing skills. wish me luck.

Best Regards

your video is very useful. I am very bewildered when branstorming and planning any topic. Can you give some advice for me?

Thank you Simon, this is very helpful for writing task 2 at the same time there are some good ideas for speaking topic too...

hai simon,
" economy of a country" is a right point or not?

I have been working in English writing for about 6 years and I took 2 TOEFL and 3 IELTS tests with more than 200 hours advanced English courses in some famous colleges in places such as Vancouver, Canada. None of those was as informative as this 5 minutes video to improve my knowledge about what I really need to know and do in writing. I really appreciate Simon.

Hello Simon,
It's nothing but the easiest and most effective idea about the essay that you made for us. But when i try to guess ideas i can't make effective ones. How could i guess a good structure and ideas? Would you please suggest me what i should look for?

Best Regards


Hi Simon,

Some teachers say that in the essay "discuss both views & give ur opinion", we dont mention our view in the body paragraph, only mention our opinion in the introduction & conclusion. Is it right?

I can't watch this video(((((((( comment essay plan here please, if anyone watched it


It doesn't matter where the opinion is, but most examiners would expect it at the end, so you should definitely clearly state it in the conclusion. The important thing is that the opinion is clearly expressed. It also has to be consistent. I advise that for all opinion essays (agree/disagree, discuss both sides and give you opinion) you put the opinion in the introduction, in one of your topic sentences of the essay, and again in the conclusion. This way any examiner should be able to find it.


I'm glad that people like the video. I've also put it on Vimeo. Just click on the link below.


PS. Good advice Nabil. I've done what you suggested!

Thanks Sjm for the answer

Thank you so much for your effort!

No other sites/commercial classes can be compared with your free lessons.

I have bought your e-book, and I have been following your website on a daily basis. Hopefully, I can get a good score in this coming weekend.

Thanks and best wishes!


Those who in China:
This website can get you connected with youtube.com or vimeo.com easily =)
Hope it helps!

Dear Simon:
It's tricky that Vimeo's main page does work in China, but when you click any video link, it just shows "page error"...
So the sad fact is that Vimeo actually is blocked too.

Hi All,Can anyone from Chennai,India help us to know Academic writing is computer base or handwritten?

Thank you so much dear Simon for a very effective lesson.
I would like to know which books I can read to improve
My reading. I'm so slow reader. I do not like reading much.
Can anyone help me please.


Hey Simon,

Just wanted to say thank you for your website. Using your writing techniques I lifted my IELTS score from 6.5 to 8.0.

Many thanks.


Hi Simon,
it was very useful, thank you very much.
i have a question, can you help me? how i should plan for my paragraph for this real test question in India.
Some people believe that bicycles are the best mode of transport in the cities, while others disagree. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both views and give your opinion.

HI Simon,
I have a very basic question:
Do the examiners assess essays according to the same standards?
I mean the same essay gets the same score no matter it is for general training or academic.

Hi Simon,

First, i would like to thank you for your amazing efforts.Second, Is it necessary to use advance words to get 8 band even if the ideas are perfect .


Sorry, Simon.I can't see it.
the website https://vimeo.com/84227284 doesn't work neither.

from another chinese guy.


Hi Suo. It's a pity that Vimeo doesn't work either.

Have a look at the comment by "y" (about 8 comments up from this). He/she suggests a solution.

The more I see the more I like. You are the man, Simon.

A little advice for those who are suffering from govt interference, ie. websites are being blocked. I strongly recommend they download and use Tor browser, this browser succesfully bypasses blocked pages as it uses an ISP from another country. I used it in Thailand to bypass the blocked betting websites (subsequently I lost a lot of money on my silly bets!). It should help the Chinese students.

Best wishes,

Mr. Mack

Thanks Mr. Mack! Good advice.

Hi simon. I know that you don't know me, but I want to THANK YOU for all the samples that you have written here. I constantly have gotten a band score of 6.5 for my writing these past few exams that I have taken. However, after two nights of reading,studying and copying some of your sentences(especially the way you open a paragraph), I have gotten a band score of 7.5 for my writing, and I only need a flat 7.0. Thank you again!


Great news Gilbert. Congratulations!

hi Simon,

What is the difference between explain and example? thank you !


Hi Mr Simon,
Please write that what you said after this sentence on the planning video: I do not think we need to plan ideas for the introduction or conclusion.
Whether you say that: “I don’t all the lessons about those paragraphs when planning will focus on main body paragraphs only.” Or not?
Please provide correct sentence.Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Hi Simon

I've been trying to find a video in which you teach on how to write a paragraph using Idea, explain, example structure but I couldn't find it anywhere.
Do you have one, similar to the one you teach about Firstly, Secondly, Finally structure?
May I have a link for that video if any?
If there is no such lecture, could you make one please? (actually, what I'm saying is "pleaseeeee" :D )

It's extremely great to have your lectures as materials for my IELTS preparation so far!! Cannot thank you enough!


Wooh I found it!!
Not a video,but still helpful.
In case someone also wants to have a look: http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2013/07/ielts-writing-task-2-idea-example-explain.html#comments

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