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January 08, 2014


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freedom and equality

There is nothing called perfect neither the perfect society.however, we can try to make it perfect by being more responsible to each other in communities.Ideal societies is created in a way where the needs of one another is respected and each people are fairly treated in spite of their race ,economic status or a gender.

over centuries,human being has been searching for achieving perfection,although it would be uneasy to reach this dream ,people are still hoping to live in a such circumstances.in my opinion there are uncountable elements which could lead to ideal society.therefore i am going to summarize them and what should be done to fulfill the dream
one of the main leading points is preserving human rights .these are many such as fair chance of education ,employment and health services. so that everybody will feel secured an satisfied ,and this result in more loyalty towards the community.the way foreword is raise the infrastructure of health system ,make the education compulsory as well as feasible to access by the public and the government should invest more to provide more job opportunities.consequently, these measures collectively lead to achieve the satisfaction of living .
another important factor is building up a generation that are fortified by moral values like,loving,helping,respecting,avoid cheating lying among community ..if all these values had been implanted earlier ,we would have shorten the way to make our dream comes true
finally,safety and protection is what people always are looking for in their life because they would not have to worry about themselves,their relatives or their belongings. in other word they feel comfortable and unstressed .to acquire this environment ,there should more laws that control and detter crimes and prevent offender from threatening society safety.
to sum up ,perfection is an aspect that needs alot of changes and many factors are considered from respecting human rights ,ensuring healthy generations are growing up and wrapping up people with safe .and unless some steps are held our dream will become out of reach

My opinion for ideal society:

gender equality, traffic free, pollution free, no poor people, no global warming

To create Ideal Society:

- should grow more trees,
- should understand gender equality,
- should respect others

By doing thing that make us more comfortable and happy ,such as human rights, save our environment , good education and economy.

"The most important factor to make a good society is-positive thinking towards every aspect of life and gender equality..
people can do something to make good society-they can help to each other.
strengthen good relationships.
respect to all religions."

I think of some important elements below:
There will be no more the gap between the poor and the rich
People is very likely to have the same standard of living which means no one will be living without food and fresh water
The last problem is that people will not have to suffer from serious diseases and disasters
To make the dream of building an ideal society come true. Governments should take care of health care system, education and people are more aware of environmental problems.

perfect society 1.all amenities.
2.friendly and educated people
3. Best judicial system ( then people won't try to commit crime)
we can elaborate these points to make 3 best passages .

create peaceful and forgiving society which could be done through preventing crime and spread peace worldwide , raise the standadrd of living thats include healthcare system ,education and try to find solution for some envirnmental issues as global warming and pollution.

Society is nothing but people living together .In these days the people are thinking about themselves and their family and friends.the peopel are not thinking about others in the society . people just needs to extend his circle , i mean helping to each other enough to build Perfect society.

Hi Simon,please give the right answers of these speaking questions.
-Do you think it is good to work under rules and regulations?
-What can be the disadvantages of too many rules and regulations?
-What do you think about internet access in libraries?
-Do you think internet is slowly taking over the libraries?

What, in your opinion, would be the most important element of a perfect society? ?

Universal Access to Human Essentials.

What can people do to help create an ideal society
Education, infrastructure, .

The most important elements of a perfect society is -

- Better and Free for all healthcare system
- Corruption free leadership
- Strict Law and Order.
- Abundant basic resources(Water, Electricity etc.)

Over Centuries, People developed various ways to make a society perfect, even though paragon of this is not acceded yet. We will discuss the pertinent element of an ideal society and the way people can help to create it.

The predominant element in my opinion is Education system of a society. All the necessities and amenities are invented and innovated by very educated people. Without proper education we cannot have proper healthcare system, law and order system, corruption free leadership and many more mandatory requirements of a quintessential society. It is evident that society having more educated people is more near to an ideal society as compared to less educated people.

Parents of a family should play a vital role to educate and guide their children for the betterment of society. A child first teacher is their parent. He or she mimics all the things done by his or her parents. Children should be developed habits of studying from the initial stages of life when their receptiveness is very strong.

Undoubtedly, Onus is also on government to develop methods to promote education with a better system. Government can subsidize poor people by giving free education for the families below poverty line. This can motivate poor families to educate their children which would help to eradicate puberty in society. Also, Government should introduce education classes for adults as it will remove the vicious circle of illiteracy in family by propagation of education from educated parents to children.

To conclude, developing proper education system is the seminal element of an ideal society. Parents and Government can play a vital role to implement it.

1.give everyone the right to choose
2.the government must respect the public
3.the human beings are flawed, and the society is nearly impossible to be perfect. In history, those people who pursued the perfect society with bigotry all failed. Only we accetped our own imperfects, the society would be better.

I think the most important element of a perfect society is morality or a good foundation of moral values. If there is good foundation of moral values:
- people would love, care and help one another.
-there would be unity. Lack of unity among the members of the society, because of too much self-interest in the individual members, formulation of sects for economic or social advantages, lack of understanding of others, not only brings the downfall of society, but also will wipe it completely from the face of the earth.

What can people do:
-it should start at home. parents should teach their children about moral values.
-good education. teachers also have the responsibility to teach children about moral values.
-be selfless. people should think about other people, surroundings and environment.

Hi Simon,
Below are my points...

1.Education for all
2.equal rights for men and women
3.Less social conflicts

Nothing is perfect and this site is not the exception, but in my opinion, at least we can make our life become safe for everyone to live by doing the following things:
1. the government should make the legislation become practical, for example they can reduce some social evils.
2. moreover, education is the key to the successful life. Therefore, we should focus on it.
3. environment is one of the most important elements to make our life better. Hence, protect environment from being destroyed by human beings or from some natural disasters.
These are my opinions. Please forgive if I write them ungrammatically because I've just known this site

Here is my ideas about the definition of perfect society:

- From an economic perspective, this society produces enough goods to feed its members without the need for export from anywhere outside its boundaries. Also, the members of this society make everything they need in daily life by themselves. In short they are economically independent.
- Socially, this society would greatly appreciate the family as a unit of the society ,the nighbourhood, elderly, and and respect and appreciate every member of the society as a whole.I mean the members of this society care about each other.
- The perfect society is openminded. For example, if there is a problem that affects the whole society, the decision about the solution should be discussed and every member has the right the give his or her opinion regardless age and gender.
- The perfect society, has specific goals and detailed plans to reach the goals, and each member of the community knows his/ her part of the bigger plan.
- The ideal society, appreciates knowledge and science and health. That is why it has the best educational institutions and the strongest health care systems, which are both free for all the society members.

Hi there,

I guess the question is asking to clarify two things:

1) an important element (pay attention: not elements) of a perfect society
2) how can people contribute to the creation of such society

This is an opinion type of essay in which one should share his/her thoughts based on the abovementioned points.

Structure: 4-paragraph essay
Introduction + body 1 + body 2 + conclusion

Introduction: It is common knowledge that the people have always been attempting to live in favourable conditions within society. In my opinion, family relations should be further srtengthened by the support of every person to achieve a perfect form of society.

P1. For centuries, family related issues have seriously been considered by both state officials and individulas in society. Since, it is an inevitable fact that the stability and prosperity of family leads to the development of community. For example, I live in a tight-knit community where family relations and traditions families follow are given the priority. These relations in fact ensure stability and progress of a society.

P2. It should be noted that people play a vital role in the maintenance of peace and progress in society. By an unselfish devotion and patriotism, each person can fill in the gap within the community. To be more precise, everyone is supposed to feel his/her responsibility before the family and society at large in order to make his personal contributions.

Conclusion. To sum up, a close family is a guarantee of a prosperous society to which all its members are equally liable. The sronger the family, the better the society.

It is said that a perfect society is the ideal place to live in. However, it is difficult to define an ideal society as it is viewed in varied ways. This essay will discuss the most essential key element of an ideal society and different attitudes of individuals toward achieving it.

An ideal soceity comprises of numerous factors such as access to education, equal rights for men and women, provision of employment for members of society, high quality standard of living, low crime rates, low morbidity and low mortality rate. However, I find education is the most important element for an ideal nation.

With free access to education, the literacy rate would increase in society and its members would be defined, producing more professionals like doctors, nurses and teachers. There would also be more skilled workers. Because of this, it would attract local and foreign investors which would create jobs. If employment is high, it would improve the quality of life of every individual and family in the community.

The health sector would improve and the public would have knowledge in terms of health care. This would lower the number of illnesses and deaths in society.

Low crime rates would also be attained as people tend to commit crimes and other wrongdoings due to poverty. Given the same benefits for both gender, it would develop a fair, unbiased community. There would be opportunities for women to improve themselves and pursue a career which could help them especially those single mothers who struggle to raise their children.

In a nutshell, all the elements given are interlinked with one another but generally, education plays a vital role in the shaping of an ideal society. To help achieve this, each individual has his own duty and obligation to obey the laws of the government and be aware of his surroundings.


"the most important element "- does this mean we can only mention one element such as education or freedom in the essay?

ideal society:
1. with good social equality.
2. a peaceful society with less conflict.
3. a creative society.
4. sustainable society.
5. low crime rate.
6. well developed economy.

how to help to create such society:
1. education is the key element to solve most social problems.
2. encouraging creativity helps to build a prosper world.

A perfect society features:

no unemployment
caring people/caring society
no crime
People respecting each other/nature/environment
Good culture/good lifestyle
education for all

What people can do:
cooperate with government
obey all the rules
priority: first society benefits then individual

There may be a wide range of elements and measures for creating a perfect Society. Elements:
1. Social equality without conflict and discrimination.
2. Freedom or act playing level-field
3. Peaceful stability without crime and misdeed.
4. Balanced economy and opportunity

Measures establishing perfect society:
1. Responsible attitudes of all members of a society toward playing roles.
2. working togetherness
3. Ensure proper education and awareness among habitants.

But which will be the best one?

although developments in various fields made many things accesable to man for which he dreamed once.but,desire of living in perfect society is yet to be fulfilled.irony is that we still are not aware about the concept of flawless society.

there are many things that can make society a suitable place to breathe in.but cordial relations among all the citizens play the key role ,according to me.although we have earned enough to fulfill all the desires of our beloved ones,but still there is something missing between us.i think that is the feeling of being civilized.our feelings are the thing which differentiate us from animals.but we are depriving of these feelings such as brotherhood,sympathy,being helpful etc.we have become material-stricken and we sacrifice feelings for he sake of worldly pursuits.

people can give their share to make the dream of perfect society come true.they can achieve this target by following the principle of 'live and let live'we should respect the rights of an individual.breach of individual's rights lead to he demolition of virtues keeps us abstrain from being ideal citizens

to conclude i would say that present society is ailing to achieve its target of being ideal.it depends on its citizens who can get this by respecting the rights of others rather than violating these in the behalf of their rights.


I think Leo Dai makes a good point (five comments above this) - the question tells us to focus on ONE key element. An examiner could potentially mark you down on 'task response' if you talk about several key elements.

Please advice on how many scores I can earn from this. Thanks a lot.

An organization of a group of people sharing certain common characteristics from culture to economics was formed and no later than that that the search of man for an ideal one began. However, conflicts and disagreements over the concept of a “perfect society” have been so critical that none of them have ever received an official adoption or approval. There are certainly many factors a society cannot lack in order to be a perfect one and among these, in my opinion, equality should be the most essential ingredient. Therefore, in order to realize the society of man’s dream, people should create a governing system that prioritizes a fair and equal treatment toward and contribution of wealth among the citizens.
Many today’s modern countries are finding numerous ways to strengthen their economic military power. In every way do I believe what they are doing is for the goods of their citizens. However, when it comes to creating an ideal society, I think what we should focus on is the equality factor in a society. An ideal organization of people should be the one that ensures the equality in contribution of wealth and rights among its members. Every citizen being granted the same rights and wealth, there would be less social crimes or injustice since evildoers or potential criminals now would find no more reasons or motives to commit the crimes. Therefore, everyone in the society would enjoy a living that is full of peace, happiness, stability and prosperity, life would be much easier for everyone and this society, hence, would be undeniably a perfect one.
From my personal belief and thoughts, what people should do to realize and maintain such an ideal society is that they should build up a governing system that not only ensures the proper development of the country, but also makes equality an indispensable characteristic of the society. In particular, on one hand, that governing institution leads that directs the development of the country and its people by means of laws and social regulations. On the other hand, it also organizes and strengthens notion of equality in society through education and social development activities and plans. This undoubtedly would take more time and endeavor than anyone could ever imagined to carry out such actions, yet it would all be worth everything in the end when the dream of man has been realized and fulfilled.
In short, people may not find a final consent on many aspects of an ideal society and yet many people have different ideas. My personal belief is the social equality should be the most crucial factor of a perfect one and people should take actions in both social organizing and educating areas in order to bring the living of many people to an ideal level and more.

In mi opinion, we could have differents elements or factors to achieve a 'perfect society', but it's depends on the meaning of perfect or what's the concept about ideal community. So, if we agree that a perfect society give equality opportunities and freedom for all people who live there, then the most important factor is Education. In this way, some ideas that people can do to succeed this dream are:
1. Share the knowledge each other to build a innovative community.
2. Increase the access to education by Internet.


My points are:
- Good education provided to everyone.
- Equity.
- Unpolluted environment.
- Peace.
What can do:
- Increase education quality--> well educated--> increase self-awareness + responsibility.
- Developed countries helps poorer countries in protecting environment.

Hi Shikha, you can mention below points:
1. Fair wages and limited working hours.
- Working laws and regulations prevents under-minimum wages.
- Laws also limits the number of hours people work for a week without being paid for overtime.
2. Equity in workplace.
- Laws and regulations makes sure everybody get the same working benefits and they can get any jobs that they are qualified for.

Hope this helps.

I think we should give a good definition to the term of perfect society. As the word "perfect" has been varied upon many different factors such as culture, race, gender, age, the position of individual in a specific society. For those reasons, I think some of the most important elememts can be listed out including the human rights, natural resources (energy), the development of technology, and the awareness of people (education).

Hi Simon!

In my opinion "GREEN ECONOMY" is the best element of a perfect society. It is not random that, today countries try to achieve sustainable development which is based on green economy. Green economy is the best way for gainin sustainable development that causes to creat a perfect society.


From the economic perspective, the equality of the allocation of social resources is a key element that forms a better society.

A nation with a more balanced sharing of common resources will have a narrower gap between the poor and the rich people. And there will be less crimes and violence if the issue of inequality be solved.

freedom of speech,,,,justice ,,,,,fair treatment of every one irrespective of his /her religion,caste,race,etc.can make an ideal and prosperous society in my perspective

My basic points are:

- Equal and high quality heath care for all the society.
- Equal opportunities in education providing education access opportunity to everyone.
- Minimum wage determined by the government and possibility of accessing a home guarantied.

- Egalitarianism is the key element of a perfect or utopian society, that means the equality of all people in terms of social,political,or economic life.

- On the one hand , many steps can be taken by the governments;

- For example, the governments should ensure a good law and order situation in the community and provide same standard of living to all the members of a society for health,education and housing.

- Governments should also take all the measures to ensure that people have equal opportunities for a better employment, and there is a narrow gap between those who have high income and those who have low income.

- However, the government efforts solely can not eradicate the problems like violence, exploitation and corruption.

- So, to build an ideal society, a generation needs to be raised with the focus on "character building". Because the character of each individual is tied to the health of a society as a whole.

-For this, the combined efforts of parents and teachers are required to instill moral and ethical values in children ,and teach them the discipline and to live with self realization and self sacrifice.
- When these children will grow into adults ,they will have good character traits to live a better life themselves and for others.

-In fact, without people of good character there could be no true happiness, trust, justice or stability in a community.

-To conclude ; the equality of all people in all aspects of life makes a society flawless or desirable, where everyone is less self centered and respects the freedom and rights of others without any prejudices.

People have different point of views about perfect society. While there are few key elements to be considered for a society to be called perfect, I believe that equality is the most essential element.

In my personal opinion, equality is the most important element in a perfect society. It allows every person to be treated equally, and to have peace and kindness between everybody. No one person would think or act as if they were better than someone else was. This means there would no racism or discrimination, and all types of people would reside together and get along together. For example, it would not matter if you are African or Caucasian or any colour of the rainbow, you would be treated the same. People, therefore would not judge each other by their appearance or whom they interacted with.

People, on the other hand, could do several ways to build an ideal society. Firstly, people could balance their interests against the interests of others. For example, the right of people to make loud sounds of music must be balance against the needs of others for quiet. This conflict between self-interest is unavoidable however in an ideal community, people would be sensible and considerate of other people and would use an acceptable amount of sound that would not disturb them. Secondly, people could actively participate in governing and controlling their society. Everyone in society would be encouraged and expected to take personal responsibility and initiative, not only for themselves but for the whole society. Finally, people could act together as one for the greater good of the society, rather than the individual. In a rational society, people know their place and their duty.

In conclusion, there are basic elements of a perfect society but in my opinion, treating people the same regardless of their race or physical appearance is the most important. People can contribute in different ways to create a rational society.


I would like to share my IELTS story. I have done it 5 times in total (the 1st for university enrollment, the 2nd because of the 1st result expired, the 3rd for 6s, the 4th and 5th for 7s), but for different purposes. At this moment, I am waiting for the 5th time IELTS’ result, and I really hope it could be my final IELTS, which I believe those who have taken it multi-times but still have not gotten their desired bands would feel the same.

IELTS, to sum it up, is a nightmare for the majority of candidates. Though the desired bands vary on different candidate, but still, most of them suffer. In my opinion, only those native speakers or who have truly excellent English capacity across all the listening, reading, speaking and writing 4 sections plus with proper preparation which at least including knowing the format and the marking criteria of IELTS and a few times of mock tests, would achieve the desired bands in one or two attempts. From my observation, the most formidable tasks for candidates are of two types: 1, All 7 or above for takers whose English is not his first language. 2, All 8 or above for takers who are native speakers.

If you are a candidate who needs IELTS result to enroll in an university. Then, congrats, you do not have to taste the bitterness of IELTS that much. Because: 1, The universities mainly look at your overall band, which can be lifted up by one or two high bands in either listening section or reading section, needless to say that listening and reading are the easiest sections for the majority. 2, The universities have language programs which allow you to make mistakes in IELTS, meaning if you failed to achieve your desired band, you just need to spend some money and some time in the language program to cash feed the universities to get the enrolment invitation.

Nightmare starts for native speakers who need 8s to migrate to Australia. Well, IELTS doesn’t exist in the USA’s immigration process, does it? Canada seems to be lenient in IELTS requirement, 6.5s maybe? That’s an easy task for both native speakers and who have decent English ability and determined to migrate to Canada, just take IELTS a few more times if they could not make it in the first time. Same can be applied to New Zealand I think. And I am not quite sure the policies in the UK, maybe 7.5s for certain occupations? Anyway, those are easier, achievable tasks. But Australia’s IELTS 8s 20 points reward for the immigration point test system is like a pie in the sky, which is so tempting however seems beyond reach. The native speakers who need 8s to boost their points, are mostly, from the UK or Ireland. Their stories, unlike the international students’, are simple: they have lived in their countries for quite a while but they feel like a change. They are around 40 years old, thus their age point is deteriorating by time, and highly possible they didn’t study in Australia for 2 years to claim the 5 points. So comparing to the younger international students, they need the 8s to make up 60 points to submit the application. Here comes the problem, 8s. What is the definition of 8s in IELTS? I think it is beyond imagination for candidates whose first language is not English, because they need to somehow have a big leap in all the 4 sections plus immense luck to achieve it. Immense luck means they should happen to be at their 100% or beyond at the all sections in one exam. One more incorrect question in either listening or reading, one unfamiliar topic in speaking, a few more misspellings, grammatical mistakes in writing… anyone of those could likely kill your hope of 8s. As for takers whose English is not their first language, those mistakes are inevitable; thus 8s is not a realistic target for them. However, there is the possibility in several counties where English is partially the official language, such as South Africa, Singapore, India, Malaysia, the Philippines… I will be reluctant to bet on candidates from other counties for a 8s. Ok, let’s come back to the British/Irish native speakers. Firstly, congrats, they are already blessed in listening and speaking sections, what they need is merely a few more mock tests to get familiar with the formulate and necessary techniques, such as listening to key words in listening, do not look back when you miss, learning to waffle in speaking… then a 8 is almost in the bag. Reading as comes the second most difficult module for them, as they still need to battle with the notorious TRUE FALSE NOT GIVEN nightmare. A 8 in reading means 5 incorrect questions in Academic Reading and 3 incorrect questions in General Training Reading, therefore they are space allowing you to make mistakes but it is narrow. After a few times slips, after they get pass the YES NO NOT GIVEN, reading becomes a even and wet road – they still could slip, such as a disaster in paragraph headlines matching questions where incorrect answers take place together. The most difficult part for the British/Irish natives, is writing. Well, I think if they are around 40 years old, then they would be out of school for a while, and they might not work in an office, even in an office they are likely to use a computer instead of writing things down with a pen. Therefore, would they basically forget how to write? And then there is the particular underlying rules for IELTS Writing Task 2, such as an introduction, a conclusion, clear paragraphs which present central opinions well… If they are too cocky to follow the rules, then there is the possibility to fail the writing module. I think band 7 in writing is an easy task for them but not for the international candidates, but band 8 in writing requires them to practice and summarize experience. So let me summarize, they definitely can get 8s, I mean, nearly all of them. On a good day they pick up the easier writing questions, they pass. On a less lucky day, they might need to pray to God before during the exam, particularly before the moment they turn the writing booklet cover over.

Well, we all need to pray to God before, during, and after the exam actually.

Here comes the horror of IELTS – 7s for candidates who aren’t native English speaker, and who can only guarantee 1 or 2 7s.


People have been pursuing for a perfect society for centuries. Yet we still have not achieved one. Everyone has his/her own insights about how a perfect society should be. In my opinion, the most essential element is happiness. If people feel happy about the society they live in, they would feel perfect about it.

An ideal society would provide people with joyful living conditions in many ways, so that people would feel happy and perfect. In the aspect of economy, a steady society needs a good economic background to support its running. People would not be worried about their living, such as accommodation, food and fresh water. Infrastructure is well built and maintained. All basic demands meet people’s requirements. People would feel happier if they are satisfactory about the things they have.

In the aspect of education, a society would be steady if people are all well educated. Making the education free of charge and be easily accessed to would help to get more people educated. People will be more intellectual and may have a better idea, such as having a wiser way to manage things, to make life easier. People would feel happier if they have better understanding of life.

In the aspect of environment, a society should take the responsibility to control the pollution. For example, encouraging scientists to invent new energy source which is less polluted or even non-pollution, encouraging the public to reuse the plastic bags or to use fabric bags instead of plastic ones. People would feel happier if the sky is blue , air is fresh and water is clean.

In conclusion, a perfect society is not easy to make, which requires numerous issues. Even we do not have an ideal society right now, but we can try our best to make it better by contributing ourselves to working, learning and conserving the environment.

i will focus on the keys as: perfect society, important element and create an ideal society.
perfect society: no war, fair, freedom and be protected....
important element: everyone care each another.
create an ideal society: each person should have good thinking will lead good behavior and will get the perfect society. Because of each person is a cell in social.

Hi Simon;
I want to ask you something about examples.Can we use "etc" in ielts essay such as "....like mobile phone,computer,mp3 player etc." ?

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your useful website! I really appreciate what you have done for us.

After reading through all your writing lessons, I have a question regarding the question type of writing task 2. On May 16 2012, you said that for this question type "Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?", we can either give both sides or one side answer depending on our views, but in the lesson on May 8 2013, you said we should discuss both sides and give our opinions. So I am so confused about this point at the moment. Could you please tell me which method should I use?

Also, if there is a two-part question and "Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?" is the second part (e.g., Why this is the case? Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?), how should I structure the third paragraph? I would be so great if you could provide us a model essay or a paragraph.

Thank you so much for your time.


It is always being discussed by people what an ideal society should look like. While there has never been an agreement, in my opinion, I believe that the most important element of an ideal society is freedom which people ought to make every possible effort to maintain.

My view about freedom consists of three main aspects which are freedom of making a speech in the public, education opportunities and healthcare being available to everyone. Every individual has the right to express what they have in their minds. It brings new ideas and insights which can contribute to society prosperity. Education is key to skill up people and gives them opportunities of various jobs for better living. Healthcare, on the other hand, can provide recovery when people get sick. With these rights of freedom being protected, people will be treated fairly and feel secured, which lay the strong foundation for a peaceful and perfect society.

In order to achieve abovementioned, I believe that the first thing we need to look at is that we need to make sure lawmakers can make up comprehensive laws which can provide freedom of speech and coverage in education opportunities and healthcare. So people living in the society are legally protected and feel secured. Furthermore, all people living in the society should show respects to each other. Individual freedom should not be built on the compromise of others. More importantly, we should set the example and demonstrate good behaviors to our children who are the future of our society.

To sum up, I am convinced that freedom is the fundamental building block for an ideal society. It should be supported from both legal and moral perspective, so that what we achieve today can last for centuries.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for the great video. I have followed up your instruction and come up with the precious essay. I know you won't do essay correction, but hopefully I can receive some comments from others so I can learn anyway.

I was wondering while reading he comments.No one has used the the idea of an utopian /dystopian society. Use of these two words would have glorified the essay.
Gurmeet Singh

Education to the community
Government security
An utopian society

create friendly environemnt people can help each other without any hate.

with human ethics and culture
with adequate and nessery entertainment centres
with proper kindergardens for kids
with full equiped shooles
without poverty, joglessness, crime,violence.
without any prison and prisoner

My standpoint is it would not be real making ideal society. It was proven by all pholoshopers and social scientists. From earlt time of our existence apperead thoughts about ideal society. However, this dreams come not be true. Every step of todays life fullfill with egoism and unjustice,violence and fight.Although, common people shuoud try to make life usefull for whole world just helping each other.

Everybody likes to live in an ideal society, which is still undefinable. Although there are different things linked to its perfection, education is key element to let this dream come true. In this essay, I will contend this element in more detail and provide extra arguments of what could be done to achieve this.
There is no doubt that education has brought many sub elements to give a healthy shape to community. Firstly, it spreads awareness against racism, discrimination and equity. For example, nowadays, this is often visible that educated persons, from different cultures and rituals, get together, married and mingle without any social obligations. This, the very nature of society, is perfection. In fact, people can spread this message and awareness that would let them keep no regrets to each other.
Secondly, education helps to create more opportunities and jobs that are necessary for the strong bonds of the society. This, automatically, impacts on financial market and international corporations to take advantage of globalization including the intelligence of people from diverse states. For instance, if a country/state has more businesses, jobs and educated persons, this automatically uplifts strong status and hilarious moments among public and hence in a particular community. No doubt, persons should also make their mind to take advantage of this initiative to grasp knowledge as much as they can.
Lastly, this element assists to have less crime, manslaughter and other criminal activities. For example, a persons who is educated, have a beautiful house and dong a high standard jobs, would think millions of time before committing any crime. Ultimately, this often leads to terrorism free society. However, people much be obliged to not to keep any ill-mind things to take this initiative towards perfection in their group.
To recapitulate, perfect society does not come from dream; it demands a strong doing to get success. Education the key element grasped thoroughly would help to create a opportunity, terrorism and racial free community which is in itself an ideal society.

@bubbles ur essay is really impressive

Hi, Simon, I am truly greatful to you for your help on improving my English level. Thanks a million.

Everybody wants to live a polite environment.There will have well community,without crime,government strike rule and so on.
In my country ,that means Bangladesh is so crowded and over population has lived here.Most of the village,city and even every alley risk to departure.People can not go to easily one place to another place.In addition snatching is the biggest problem in our country.After evening people afraid to go their work.On the other hand our institution is not safety .Most of the government institution has increased crime day by day.Now a days many students gossip with their friends in their area.They are smoking with their friends.As a result community condition is being badly.General people has been lost their freedom .

In my point of view,people should take care their children.A society people should when will crime happened,in that time should inform near Police station.Many develop country such as Australia,Canada,New zealand manner is so strike.In my country if Government take hard decision and If people is awareness the crime ,then i think it possible to reduce.
To sum up ,Every man deserve peaceful life and every people should be protest.

Hi, Simon, I'm a Vietnamese student, I've followed your website for a long time, I know I should write on this website but I can't sent message to you on facebook so please sympathy for me, I've got an Ielts certificate 5.0 for 6 years a go and now I have to take Ielts exam again on this June, I have to got 6.0 or 5.5 to aplly for a job in my countryside, the problem is I haven't study Ielts for long time although I'm still following your website, have conversation with foreigners but I don't have an usual practise so I'm very worry now, I'm worry because I'm afraid I can't got the grade that school requires. Could you please give me some advices? Please?



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