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January 04, 2014


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5) Can you make the "recent exam questions" page easier to use?

This page is incredibly useful for both teachers and students alike but, as has already been mentioned, you have to wade through numerous comments, anecdotes, exam results, queries... to find the exam questions themselves.

Perhaps you could have a seperate 'forum' page for the comments, queries, complaints etc. and limit the recent questions page to precisely that, recent questions.

Thanks for giving us information.
sir i got 20 out of 40 in reading task and my Ielts test will be on 25th Jan
sir give me some idea for improving my reading task.

I look forward for response

Thank you sir

Dear Simon,as I'm self-studying candidate,I have difficulties with writing.I have found a forum where i can post my writing and someone check it and give feedback.Every time i got 60 or 6.5.However,i need at least 7.0 in writing section.What can you advice me to improve this band on my own?Thanks beforehand

Dear Simon and all colleagues,

Eventually I made it! On the 14th of December, gathering these magical four sevens at the same time, from one setting. Though I had already each module at 7.5 or 8 I could not have them all at one time. Within 6 previous tests something was always missing, usually by 0.5 at one module (for example at speaking, listening or writing). My reading was solid, between 7 and 8.

It was so frustrating, it cost me a lot of stress, money, but most importantly I lost my potential employers, job opportunities (I had a few very successful interviews) and I could not start my GP training for foreign doctors organised by Deanery before another institution called PCT allowed me to be employed, which required each module at 7, and without this I could not follow on to the next stages. In total, I lost about 3 years.

Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU for all you have done for me, helping me achieve the demanded IELTS score, studying with your website, e-book, attending your courses in Manchester. I found your website about 2 years ago, since then I have become the most loyal reader, even between my tests. In March 2012 in Manchester, I attended 2 separate one-day courses focused on writing and reading. After that I took 2 other tests, where I improved my score at writing to 7.5. I am sure owing it to you, Simon. Unfortunately, at the same time I got less at listening or speaking (6.5). The last one was a year ago in December. Then, I gave up, taking a long break and not taking a test until this successful one.
Paradoxically, I was not preparing too long this time, less than a month, while doing my little jobs under my qualifications and looking after my family. However, 2 weeks before my exam I went to Manchester again for your one-day course about all modules which I treated as a very good reminder. I also used Road to IELTS, provided by the British Council, added to the application online. However, during the whole last year I tried lots of different methods to study English, from all means - reading books, magazines and daily Simon’s lessons, listening, watching TV and talking with native speakers.

And, what a joy eventually while checking my results online after Christmas, 7 at Writing, Listening, Speaking, and 7.5 at Reading. To be honest, I was even a bit disappointed with the results at writing and speaking as the writing topics seemed to be not too hard (comparing 3 maps from 1800, 1900 and 2000 with a progressive development from one, rural, farmland area to the more industrialised and inhabited with more facilities town’s region and W2 - it was about your opinion if advantages outweigh disadvantages when companies introduce a solution to safe energy by reducing a number of working days). I thought that I was not bad at speaking as well when the question was just taken from a Cambridge book in the part 2- Describe a person, who is a very important for your country, who it is, what has he or she done or is doing, why do you think he/she is so important. I told about a present English Queen, about her representative role, heritage, tradition and so on, as to maintain an English image. In a discussion part, were questions about fame –now, and in previous times, about other famous people, celebrities, and so on. I am not disappointed about my listening 7, as you can always miss something with not enough concentration, even in the first part, with numbers, letters (e-mail address, for example). With reading 7.5 I was quite happy, as I regard this test as quite difficult, especially in the 3rd part, it was about development of speech in humans, comparisons to animals, scientific theories, matches, names, dates, Yes, No, NG. Though I did the first 2 parts really quickly, I had about 25-30 minutes on this one; I had a problem to answer these tricky questions. But I got 7.5 so that was good. If you would like to have more information about the test of my day it is already well described by the students taking the test in Turkey, in recent questions section. The topics in England were the same.

That’s it. I am really sorry to write for so long, but perhaps this is my last comment (if the Deanery does not increase their demands). However, it is hard to me not read such a good website to improve my English, so I think I will still do it.

I expressed my greatest gratefulness many times for Simon’s brilliant work and help for us but the words seem to be not enough. God bless you in all your plans and be successful and happy in all fields of life.
Good luck for all students endeavouring to achieve their IELTS goals. My example is only one of many successful people to whom you could belong to soon.

Kind regards,

Dear Aleksandra,

congratulation, I am so happy for you. Even though I do not know you, I know exactly what are you talking about because I am struggling I the same way you did before to get the " MAGICAL 7". I am really frustrated, my next exam is Jan 18 and I hope I will get the required result to get my dream job " GP" . Again congratulation Aleksandra and good luck


Hi Frus,

Yes, I agree with what you're saying. I'll try to find a solution!


Hi Sagar,

All of my best advice is here in the lessons on the site. Look through as many of the lessons as you can, and keep practicing. Good luck!


Hi Muhammad,

If someone is checking your essays, what you really need is to get detailed feedback from them. It's one thing to be given a score, but another thing to have a detailed analysis of what you're doing wrong and how you could improve.


Hi Aleksandra,

Congratulations! It's so nice to read that you've finally got the four 7s you needed. All that hard work and the trips to Manchester were worth it in the end. I'm really pleased for you!

Dear Suma,
Thank you very much for your kind words,
I understand your feelings perfectly,but I am sure that you will have your success as well.
I wish you at least 7 at each modules,be brave and take care. The IELTS test is challenging and it's score does not exactly corresponds to your real English skills.Many people are better,in fact.So knowing these techniques which Simon explains to us can help to achieve better results. But also it is needed to control our emotions and time management is crucial.
I see that you are also GP as me,and it is funny for me that I never failed any school exams,those in my Medical Academy,and in my specialised training to become GP, but I had some problems to achieve IELTS results as required.
I think that you are brilliant. So, imagine, that after your good test everything should go smoothly.
Fingers crossed for you on 18th of January.I will pray for you! Good luck! Patience,hard work and perseverance must be eventually awarded.

Thank you Simon!
I will always remember you and your great, brilliant work you have done for me and you are doing for others.
Let all your dreams come true!

Congratulation aleksandra wish you all the best. I'm also struggling to get 4(7) for my registration as a pharmacist, but I feel so happy when I find out that someone has manged to do it

Regarding the writing topics, I wrote more than 50 topics within 2 months. and I want to rewrite them again -- to improve the quality and maybe memorize a little. actually, all topics from a prediction on a web site which presents around 50 topics.

believe me or not -- the reason I choose this web site is the first time I took the IELTS test on the 7th of September. part 1 and part 2 are both in this list and I had not write them!! However, I checked the tests later after September 7th and not many topics are in this list.....

Is 50 topics enough?

Hi Simon,
I know that you don't provide essay correction. I just want to post one essay I wrote two days ago and hope someone can give me a evaluation -- is it close to 7??? I really want to know, I already wrote almost 50 topics without any review...

Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce traffic in big cities.

It is true that the problem of traffic jam has become an increasingly serious issue in most of the big cities all across the world. In my opinion, there are several measures can be taken to reduce the overloaded traffic in big cities.

Nowadays, people living in big cities increasing rely on private cars and the growth in the number of car owners is dramatic and this has posed a rising burden to the city transportation system. So, encouraging people to take alternative transportations such as subway, bus as well as walking and cycling will contribute a lot in reducing the traffic. Firstly, when more investments is spent in improving the service standard of public transportations and people feel less inconvenient by taking buses and subways for commute, city residents may be more willing to take public transportations rather than driving by themselves. Secondly, making our city more walkable and cyclable could be anther effective solution in discouraging people from driving their own cars. For example, in Shenzhen, local government, in recent years, spent a great amount of money to build more pedestrian areas and bicycle lanes and the result of this practice has been proved to be dramatically successful in reducing traffic – the proportion of people that choose walking and cycling for transportation has tremendously increased.

Furthermore, increasing the costs of driving private cars could be another solution to traffic issue and it has been adopted by many cities. There are a variety of ways to increase the driving costs including setting higher fuel price and higher tax rate on private vehicles as well as charging congestion fees. To take the congestion fee as an example, currently, in Shanghai, an extra 20 RMB is charged for cars entering the downtown area in peak times. The traffic pressure in center Shanghai has been greatly lessened since this measure was adopted.

In conclusion, to control the growing traffic jam problem in many cities, we could encourage people to use alternative transportations by making other transportation options more convenient or by increasing the costs of private vehicles.

Hi Allen,

I will try to correct your essay through grammar's program. It's free and the program will give you feedback as well.Please give me your email address and I will email you the feedback.Thanks.


my Email: zsc56@hotmail.com

Hi Simon,

I gave IELTS in July last year and got L:8 W:7 R:7 S:7.5 O:7.5.

I am aiming for 8 in each as it is extremely important for me. My main concern is in writing part. Do you have any suggestions as I have just started preparing for the exam?



Strikes me as a strong '7', probably 7.5
However,it is too long.You could probably reduce it by 50-60 words.

Also, transportation is uncountable.
Suggest using:
-traffic congestion
-other means of transportation

Many thanks!! Frus
I am of more confidence now! because this one was written in limited time without "googling"..

I got that "walkable and cyclable" idea from a TED talk I watched several weeks ago. and after I put it into this essay, it just end up too long....

uncountable "transportation"... what a big mistake I made...

Thanks again!!

one more question :-)
Regarding the "examples" I wrote, I made up these stories. These things may happened in a American but definitely not in Shenzhen or Shanghai. Does it matter?


RE. "walkable and cyclable" I think the latter is spelt CYCLEABLE

Dear Heba,
Thank you!
Don't give up!
I wish you also only the best, and I am sure that you will have your required scores soon.
We are highly educated people(my husband is also a pharmacist but he had not to take IELTS as he started his work here 6 years ago, when it was not obligatory) and we cannot allow that IELTS will break our characters. Perhaps you could have even more than 4x7. Follow good Simon's hints!
God bless you! Take care!

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I didn't expect you can answer the question in such a short time.
I have got difficulties understanding the writing task 2 in Cambridge 8 test2.
"In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development? "
My first thinking is that it is question about how technology affect people's communication, and whether it is a bad or good thing. However, you have mentioned early that we have to answer to questions completely. The task asked "the types of relationships people make". I am quite confused about this sentence? Do we need to mention about the types? And what does it mean by types of relationships people make? For such questions, do we need to answer the questions "professionally" or they just use these terms to make the task more fancy and let us guess what the true question is?

Hi Simon,

I took my exam last month and my result came today. L:8 W:6 R:8.5 S:6.5 O:7.5
Before the exam, I only had a week for preparation. Luckily, I found this(your) website which helped me immensely, especially the listening part.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hi Sheen,

I did a lesson about that question here:



Hi Jenny,

Congratulations! Those are great scores, especially considering you only prepared for a week before the test. I'm glad you found my site useful.

Congratulation Aleksandra
Wish you good luck for your future.
Can you share some important tips regarding reading section? I have difficulties in solving paragraph matching questions.

HI Simon,

Can we use 'Best regards' while ending a formal letter?

What are the best ending greeting suggestions to be used for the test?



Hello GOIELTs,
WOuld you plz send me the link that help find correction of my writing by any feedback? I need the same help as that Alen has.

My email: engrhabib_99@yahoo.com


WOuld you plz send me the link that help find correction of my writing by any feedback? I need the same help as that Alen has.

My email: engrhabib_99@yahoo.com



Hi simon
Is there any way for solving T,F,NOT , if did not find the answers
Also with multiple chooses please please help me I'm stock on it

Hi All,
I posted a essay above about the topic:
"Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce traffic in big cities."

I have a question here:
the first idea came to me is :"improve the standard of tranportation system - wider rode and highways".

However, I suddenly started to worry: does "improving the transportation system" can "reduce traffic"? it might can "solve the congestion problem". but can it "reduce traffic"? So,I give up this idea...

what you think?

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