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March 29, 2014


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Dear Simon, I totally agree with you...

Cant agree more!

simon sir i agree with you fully

I totally agree with you sir ..

I do not think we as studentsare allowed to assess Mr Simon's essays. first of all it is not our job to do that.secondly assessing any essay by ielts bands is not an easy job even for professionals.thirdly teachers who gave their feedbacks abour simon's essay are confusing other teachers and students that is on one hand, on the second hand , theses teachers I am sure they are not professionals because it looks their knowledge on dealing with non english speakers is very marginal

I do not think we are allowed to assess Mr Simon's essays. first of all it is not our job to do that. secondly assessing any essay with ielts bands according to British Council regulations is not an easy job. Not to mention unqualified professionals. Thirdly teachers who gave their feedbacks about simon's essay are firstly-confusing other teachers and students . Secondly- Regarding teachers or students who gave their bands about Simon’s essay, I am sure they are not professionals because it looks that their knowledge in dealing with non English speakers is very marginal.
Please read carefully Mr Simon’s notes carefully and tell us what do you understand from those notes.
1-As usual, try to analyse this essay in terms of task response (does it fully answer the question?), organisation, 'band 7-9' vocabulary, and grammar.
2-Some people won't want to believe me, but the essay in Wednesday's lesson would get a band 9.

HI khoory ,i m completely agree with you.

Hi all,
Could I have a question: Should I register IELTS exam in IDP or British Council? Which one could help me more chance to achieve band 6.5? I am confused because my friends have a lot of different advice. Thanks


It depends on you José.I didn't give it much thoughts, though my friends said that taking the test in Idp stands better chance of getting higher bands than that in BC,and something like that. I think Idp and Bc are both ok, but the matter is you. Be well prepared, and hard-working, you will get the desirable band no matter where you take the IELTS test.Good luck:)

great information.

hi everyone
I totally and strongly agree with Simon. I took the exam last month and I don't think how well I have done on writing , but I got 7.5. It really surprised me and I can only say that I expressed clear flow and opinion in my essay and that was really the point. Just follow the lessons from Simon and you will get the score you want. I also really want to say thank you, Simon. I've benefited a lot from your lessons !!

I completely agree with Simon . I have taken this exam 5 times . In my first 4 attempts i tried new vocabulary but always got 6.5 in wtriting and recently iItook exam on 8th March and follows Simon's advice and used the correct technique instead of new and strange vocabulary and I got desired 7 bands.


I completely agree with Simon, as I've said earlier on this site, some teachers think that a candidate should be rather Shakespeare to get band 9 in writing. Most of the essays you see on sites, even though provided by native speakers, aren't written under exam circumstances. For example, the writer doesn't hold time or already takes a look on the Internet to find ideas or check the other thing. However, Simon here is doing great job, as he always comes with easiest method to teach candidates unlike others who want to show off rather than stick up to methods which are practical.

Simon, you should explain it clearly how the scores in IELTS differs. You might know there are a lot of books regarding IELTS available on the bookstore. I read one Chinese IELTS Speaking book, written by Mat Clark, emphasizing on producing more usages of complex sentences by hook or cook, where some sentences are really awkward.

Almighty bless you!

i wish i could write well like you. Those people just have their jealousy. ignore them :)

Dear Ziko,
I use the book too. My recommendation is that you should only learn vocab, idioms,... and use the cue card for part 2.
I have a friend who did all Mat Clark suggests and only got 5.5 Speaking.
Simon has very beneficial speaking lessions. You should use them as your main material.

Hey guys,
I am Le Vu.
I am confident that I know a lot about the IELTS exam. Doesn't mean that I am a good English speaker though. From now on, I will answer your questions. You can trust me, really! So just let me help you!

thank you. It makes me more comfortable with task 2. my teachers often make me scare about task 2. I brainstorm so simply and i worried so lot about how to write a professional essay.thanks you so much again. you bring beliefs to my life

Hello,my name is mabel
I have taken ielts seversl times but cannot get the desired band 7
I always have 6.5 and have the highest in speaking only
What do u think i can do?

I am preparing for another test and i need advice

Hi mabel add me up on skype lets practice speaking. Me too wants to get a 7 band. Its theodecker10

Bravo! Very well said Sir Simon. Thank you very much for everything. It is very kind of you for sharing your knowledge in order for us to get our target band score. Please don't be disheartened by those criticisms. You know yourself very well & we do believe in you. More powers & God bless.

Thank you, teacher

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