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March 04, 2014


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about all forms of mistakes
prophesy is the most gratuitous.
one very specific forecast
the age of technological unemployment is at hand
the new machine age
shallow materialism
we get freed up from drudgery and toil
chance to imagine an entirely different kind of society
We are seeing an amazing flourishing (successful) taking place
amazing new possibilities
We are in the middle of an astonishing period
Technology is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences
vicious cycle
The societal challenges
the fortunes of Bill and Ted diverged a lot
living these amazingly busy, productive lives
radical(essential,drastic) interventions
We see technology deeply impacting education and engaging people
abundant economy
glittering(impressive) technologies embedded(fixed) in kind of a shabby(untidy) society and supported by an economy that generates inequality instead of opportunity

Hello Simon.
Thank you for the interesting video.
I would like to ask your about the listening skills. For instance this video, which I've watched with subtitles and then without them. Is it a good way to improve my listening skills?

The current economic system doesn't seem to work , it has certainly given rise to Great Inequality.

Thanks for sharing k!


Hi Nariman,

Yes, you've done some good practice by watching the video twice, with and without subtitles. Just keep listening to as much English as you can - it's the only way to 'improve your ear'.

Hi Nariman,

Mr Simon is perfectly true because I got my first time listening exam result only 5.5 and then, as per Simon advice, I started to listen and watch as many as video I can from TED. Finally, I improve my listening result from 5.5 to 7.5.

Thanks Simon.
To be honest I did it a long time before I got my last result from the mock exam and it was 6.5 .In comparison before the result was 5.5 :)
Thank you so much Simon.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for all your work always.

I have one question about writing answers in the listening answer sheet.

Which words do I need to begin with a capital letter? .. proper nouns and what else?

Sometimes, I'm quite confused with cambridge IELTS books' answer keys.

For example, in section 1, in the test 3 in the book 7, the answer for question no.4 is supposed to begin with a capital letter 'C'(Cleaner) but the correct answer is 'cleaner'. And in no.5, I wrote 'library' then am I wrong?

Could you help me please?

haha this video is great.Beacause it not only provided me piles of new and useful phrases but also gave me some inspiration for my future career
Thanks a lot Simon

output goes up over time
hook Siri up to Watson
taking R2D2
We need a lot fewer people to be walking up and down
mobile humanoid(anthropomorphic) robots
The day is not too far off at all
Technological progress is what allows us to continue this amazing recent run that we're on where output goes up over time.
an entirely different kind of society
We are going to face two really thorny sets of challenges as we head deeper into the future that we are creating.
back and forth
shoots back
prosperous middle class
post war period
in danger of getting trapped in
Dystopia society with their vision
low-level white collar or blue collar
go to prison a lot more often
ethnic group or demographic group
with the extreme left wing and with fairly radical schemes
championed by those frothing at the mouth socialists
intervene in some of the most troubled communities
similarly distant
a firm believer
If given the truth
they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis

Thank you so much professor Simon

drudgery and toil
an apocryphal story
frothing at the mouth
stifle our drive to succeed
the Gulag

work creating
keep in mind
technology progress
economic system
makers print a document
back and forward
middle class
capture a image
typical worker
bill and ted
take over
guarantee income
social safety
shape society

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