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March 03, 2014


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Hi Simon,

General Training reading is much more tricky than Academic reading. It is obvious from section one that despite the fact that one is already good at paraphrasing the reading takes his/her time to find the right answer. When I did it recently I ran out of time and forced to leave a number of questions to the last minutes. I think experience in doing such tests appear sensational.

you are wrong

Hey Simon,
When will you start online classes of IELTS preparation ?
Previously you told us you will start in the end of feb.

Hi Mr.Simon,

I try to purchase the E-book but My country is not in the list...(Iraq) is there other methods??

I would like to join the online classes of IELTS preparation...


Hi Simon,I'm also waiting for your online class. So when you are going to be started?thank you

Hello Simon,

In answering questions on "Reading", do we have to answer in words " exactly mentioned in the passage" or we can derive the answer? For ex: I was reading through the passage related to school, where it was mentioned,"As it is sunday today, the classes for new semester will commence from tomorrow at 9 AM". The question is fill the gap : The classes for new semester begins on ---. The correct answer is "Monday" but this word is nowhere mentioned in the passage but derives as today is sunday. Is this correct?

Hi Simon,
I am from Vietnam and I bought Cambridge book 9 which does not have similar page numbers like your book printed in UK. So, I hope that you could put the name of the reading topic and the page number everytime you give lesson likes this.

Thank you so much.

Hi Simon ,
I did exam ( IELTS ) two times .Both of time i got 5 :/ .I am thinking to do again may be next months .Can you give me some question for writing,reading and listening it will help me a lot :)
I am also following your site :)
I am sure its helping a students ( IELTS ) A lot .

Thanks for your help :D

I would like to join online classes as much as possible will u plz help me out how to proceed for it. Looking forward for u thnk u

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