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March 28, 2014


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Hi Simon,
I more often check your website blog and it is very good and important for ielts students on these days. The way and style learning for ielts four skills are quite good in comparison to other ielts blogs.
I have got experience of ielts test a couple of times in Australia.I need each band 7 in ielts but still struggling with this score.
I have a question for speaking test.
Can we lose marks if we say the opposite or wrong answer of asked question by an interviewer either 1 or 2 questions out of whole questions in part 1 or 3 in speaking test?
I had taken ielts test on 15/03/2014 in Australia.I got bad score in speaking and reading skills
like I got 5.5 in both which I had not
expected after finishing test.
Except this 1 or 2 wrong answers, I had done well for other questions with cue card part 2.
Then, now I tried to rembember back to test what I did mistake and I remembered that I had made a mistke in 1 question either in part 1 or 2.
Could you please response me as soon as possible Simon.
I am keen interested to know the mistakes

Hi Simon !
I just received my results:

Listening: 8.5
Reading: 8.0
Writing: 6.5
Speaking: 6.5
Overall: 7.5

All my studies were based on your blog and I didn't use any book or anything else to provide me further information.
The content here is excelent and the listening tests you present are very useful.
Thank you for everything you've done.


Hi Simon,

As I know that in IELTS speaking test, candidates should avoid using "YOU" in real exam? However, I see you have used "YOU", This will affect score?
Thank you very much for your great effort.

Hi Diogo M
congratulation it's a great scors especially in
R&L can you please share your experience
with ielts and how you manage to got this
high score in R&L .I need7in each and I find
it very hard to get it

Hi Diogo,

I dont think you can submit or apply for anywhere with this result. Don't be satisfied with two higher numbers. You still need to get 7+ in speaking and writing. I think your passive abilities such as listening and reading are higher than active abilities include writing and speaking. But good news is you benefit from good lexicon and can develop your skills to get appropriate results. Good luck


Hi Narayan , Australia

That happened with me also,during my last second test.

I remembered my mistake,it was that in part 2 and 3 he asked me about tourism attractins which means temples,museums,etc.

But I talked about tourism destinations which means cities and towns,he repeated the questions in part 3 ,but I didn't know.

Finally,he gave me only 5 while in first time I had 6.5!! even though I answered better than the first time!!

Hi Simon
I found difficulty in doing True/False/Not given of (Cambridge ielts Book 9 test 2 in reading passage 3 ) .Here in this passage I didn't get any answer exactly and also I used the paraphrasing technique but still not got where exactly they are .could you plz help me which line match with the question line.

Hi, Simon. I have problem with speaking.My results is 8.5;8.5;7.0;6.5, which is not bad overall, but it doesn't meet the requirement of "at least 7 for each part". I was not worried about my speaking at all before, even though english is my second language, i have lived in Australia for almost three years; i completed my postgraduate study in Australia; i rarely have difficulty on communicating with my local friends and I have lots of practice every day. So i don't know why i can only get 6.5 or how to improve my speaking for IELTS. Especially the second part, i was given 1-2 minutes to write something but the time was never enough, and then another 2 minutes of talking, i was told "time is up" when my story was just started...

Hey guys,
I am Le Vu.
I am confident that I know a lot about the IELTS exam. Doesn't mean that I am a good English speaker though. From now on, I will answer your questions. You can trust me, really! So just let me help you!

Hi there
I am preparing for IELTS now.
For anyone who wants to practice speaking English, please contact me by skype. MY skype ID is: ttggpp77.

Thank you.

This is élan
Finding someone can practice speaking with me.
If u r available at 9pm in my local time(China), please contact me.
My skype is selina.selina58

hi everyone
this is maninder ..i am going to do generL IELTS can anyone help me in writing and speaking i m stragling in 2 modul

Hi simon, you mention that this question will be in part 3...So it is better to talk about the subject in general, not about our self...like:-

On the whole, I think that hospitality tend to be less important nowadays, but that’s only because we are so used to seeing visitors from different countries, so we treat it as a normal part of life and nothing too special.

Please correct me If I'm not write...


Hi everyone,
I am shahin and i am trying to prepare myself for ielts examination.Anyone who want to practice speaking,can connect with my skype.My id is shahin.hossain11

Hi simon I need to get 6.5 score in reading can you give me some ideas to improve my reading bcoz I always get 5.0 band in reading

Hi simon
My test is due on May 10. Can you suggest me some topics for writing module especially task 2. I am very bad at it. Please reply as soon as possible.

Hi Simon I need your help for ielts , I'm not good in English

I am mandip.i m going to have WRL on 17th and speaking on 20th in Ludhiana.i m having problm in speaking as i m in habbit of saying 'you' while speaking.my instructor told me it will deduct my score...is it so...its my first time m appearing for exam and tensed alot.really m having 3 sessions of speaking but i cant ovrcome it..any suggestion fr me..plz

Hi simon
My name is bobur rashidov, my ielts exam date August 8, please can you tell me some suggestions about writing task 2 and reading?

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