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March 07, 2014


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Hello, Simon

How can we come up with ideas and organize them logically when speaking in such a short time ? any way out? thanks

Great Captain Simon ...

This answer could be useful for both speaking and writing.

Thanks a lot

I'd like to share the my previous exam questions...

- what is the meaning of your name in your language?
- why people give your name to there children ?
- did you like climb the tree when you are child?

Part 2:-
describe a rule in your school
you should say:-
what was the rule
who made this rule
how did you feel about this rule

part 3

- is rules important in the preschool and primary school

- do you think that student should be involved in making the rules

-do you think that workers should wear uniform in there work


I think I should make up with these kinds of questions because every subject seems very important to me. And then it become harder!

Thank you a lot!

Thank you Simon,your answer is every time very clear and easy understand, but once I try to create sentences by bymyself , I aware of it's so hard.

Dear All,

Here is my description and hope can get some additional ideas:


Today I'm going to talk about Physical Education, which I think is the subject that should be taken out of the school curriculum.

P.E. classes encourage the kids to do physical activities as well as different kinds of sports, which is great and healthy, but I don't think it is necessary to be part of the school program because I believe that every kid can easily do that after school with family or friends. Besides, when I was in elementary school, Physical Education was the class that I always looked forward to because it didn't involve any kind of reading, memorization, or difficult problem-solving tasks, and that meant that my mind was not concentrated and focused enough on core subjects such as mathematics, literature, and the social and natural sciences.

Instead of having Physical Education, I think I would replace it with more hours of foreign language education. It is true that most schools nowadays offer a second language course, but I think the time spent on it is simply not enough. If we look at today's senior high school students, many of them still struggle with the foreign language they have learned for several years, and that's a clear indication of the insufficient class activities or materials offered to them. Take myself again as an example. During my elementary and high school years, my parents had to spend extra money to hire a private English tutor for me, and by the time I graduated from high school, my English level was way ahead of my classmates and I was confident enough to start thinking about attending an American college.

All in all, Physical Education is actually an unnecessary subject and I think schools should devote more time to help students improve their second language skills.



i got the same question in my speaking on 13 feb, i was bit shocked i did not have it ready in my mind, then the examiner encouraged my by suggesting Latin language for example, then the whole topic drifted to talking about other languags teaching..i dont think i answered as good as the rest of the speaking exam...
however, i guess generally speaking i am fluent..that s why i scored 8..but what is the point as i have to do retake the test because my writing was only band 6 ;-((

Hi Everyone,

I have taken the exams now for several times, and I need to score 8 in each band. But almost everytime, I failed in speaking, and it is driving me crazy. I tried to encourage myself, but now I am beginning to doubt. I wonder, if any of you could share how you improved your speaking score from 7 or 7.5 to 8. I know that there is no great secret, but I guess, I am just a bit desperate. Thank you. I wish you all good result.

Hi Simon

i see you underline some band 7-9 vocab in your posts ....
i would really appreciate if you underlined some band 7-9 grammar as well

grammar accuracy is one of my major problems in both speaking and writing .

hi simon could you check this
I'm going to talk about art class and why it's not important.
There are some reasons that makes me agree with pull it out from school,Firstly this kind of classes will not required in the final exam in the high school, so student should spent the time of art class in other essential activity like mathematics and language.
Secondly, this class cost more money due to instrument, paint and portare and if this cost paid by school its money of taxes pay other wise the parent will pay it.
thirdly, some student have problem it this class because the do not like it as a result of they don't have talent in art and this lead to decline in their education level.

tell me if any speaking topics are there.from that cue cards only dey ll ask

Hi all, Please correct my speaking... Iam going suggest that art class can be taken off from school curriculum because of various reasons. First of all, all the children might not have interest to learn paintings.Secondly,instead of art class;there are number of essential subjects like English ,Maths etc which would be helpful in their adulthood. Lastly,as learning painting is quite easy; One can get trained in after school art programmes, during weekends or weekdays.

I'm going to suggest that art could be taken out of the school curriculum. In my experienced, art class only teach us to drawing, painting, crafting and sort of things. Sometimes, the lesson give us extra assignments to explore many kinds of colour and fabric.
There are a few reasons why art lessons are unnecessary. Firstly, i don't think that subject are essential skills for children future life when they leave school. Children may be find it's fun and enjoyable but it's unlikely that they will need in the working world. Secondly, If children want to learn draw and painting they can attend art class outside the school, they can even learn more and get knowledge from the expert. Finally, remembering my own time art lessons at school, i don't get many beneficial skills from that subject. i always feel burden when i get assignments.
Instead of art lesson, children can learn more on language subject, this subject would likely to help children later life when they enter job market.

Dear Simon,
Hope you are well,
I have the exam this Saturday, but I'm still struggling with writing task 1 with 2 (line graphs, bar charts or tables).
Can write each paragraph on one of them or I have to mix them together?
Could you help me with that please??

Thanks in advance

I m going to suggest that art could be taken out of the school curriculum there are many reasons behind this Kids make art in their home with parents which is Valuable time save for another discipline.secondly,core subject much more needed than that art.second language,for example,are becoming Needed for job marker.last but not least, pupils could run with ordinary discipline instead of addition topic which much more productive their real wold.

talk about the school rule you had as a child .what the rule was. what the punishment was for breaking it .why it was made.

What problems do strict laws cause?

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