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March 30, 2014


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thank you so much sir simon . this site is very helpful for improving English. I took ielts 4 times but every time I got 6.5 and I need 7 .this time I am very tense and worried.please guide me how to improve my score. Looking forward for your best suggestions. thank you

me too im taking the exam next week .this is my 8th attempt. need 4(7) .

Same thing happening in my life. I did 3 times
Got 6.5 in all section.i am frustrated.
I haven't book the date yet. But planning to do
It on early of June after doing more preparation
This is very useful website. I do want to give
Thanks to simon sir.
It seems like also luck has to favour you to get
7 band in each section. This is very distressing
For me because this ielts stopping me to get
Through my career. I have lost 3 years already,
Anyway thank you sir for a hard work. I do follow
Your daily lessons. I have bought your ebook.

hello Sana
where are you taking your exam?

I am in London .what about you hibba?

Dear Simon,

I have a question: what happens if I don't use topic-related vocabulary like yours in speaking test?

For example, with your question: In your country, how do people treat visitors from abroad?

My answer: In my opinion, Vietnamese people treat visitors very well. We are friendly, kind and willing to help them. If he/she has problems on the street like losing directions, we don't hesitate to support them, even we can take them to their destination for free. We are trying to improve our image to attract more tourist to come to our country.

You can see in my paragraph, there is no or little topic-related vocabulary like you. Do I lose mark for this answer?


im in Birmingham. im a pharmacist.

Ok hibba. Let's hope ,pray together, study
Hard to get require band. Good luck for
Exam hibba!!


A suggestion on speaking test.
Simon's band 7-9 vocabulary is very good.
But, when you are planning to write your story of part 2. Just use 2-3 of these words. no need too many of them to make you 7 - I got 7 last time.

A general principal is that you can use them naturally.

how can i start use this websites?
do i start from the last day or from archives?
please help me?
i have two months for take the ielts. :)

1.the cost of living is escalating
2.property prices are way too high,the government should do more to build low-cost houses.
3.Buy the house and pay the rest of the money with a mortgage or lose the deposit.
4.With genetic engineering,human would enjoy a better quality of life.
we are committed to the pursuit of a better quality of life,from the little drops of life began to change.
6.Therefore,we are not rely on feelings but to have faith of facts.
8.many of well-educated youths left the minority populated areas because of harsh working conditions and poor salaries.

hi simon,
you are really a great teacher
bundle of respect for u
stay bless

my IELTS test(academic) on 12 April ,anyone doing the test on the same day in India or Australia?

I need to speaking practice .How can you help me? my aim score is 6,5 or 7.0

hi simon i am really weak in reading section so i want more practice question so can u please upload more reading passage n question.

the cost of living - continously increasing
property prices - tourism industry improved and property prices accelerates as well
pay a deposit and a mortgage - to avoid penalty charges all members shall pay a deposit and a mortgae on or before its due date
a better quality of life - a mother of three equally balance her time between family and career called a better quality of life
families are becoming smaller and more dispersed - now a days, people were too busy in their day to day life, sometimes some families are becoming smaller and more dispereses
rely on / depend on / count on - a true a friend no matter what happen you can depend on
transport infrastructure - most developed city in Middle East like Dubai shown a remarkable improvement in terms of transport infrastructure
populated areas - some place in Manila are populated areas
growth / development / expansion - City counsil main objective this coming year is to increase 10% growth in mental heath compared last year
open-minded and welcoming - The university encourage all their students to be open-minded and welcoming to their new classmates
the mix of cultures that immigration and tourism bring
benefit from someone with local knowledge
character and customs of the local people

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