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March 13, 2014


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Thank you very much, Simon! This is very helpful!

Thank you simon

Hi Simon,

Next lesson, please help us how to make a comparison in pie chart. This chart often appears on the test as well. Thank you so much!

Thnx for sharing

Hey dear team
I hope to get the exercise about IELTS

Engineer Hassan saad
[email protected]

from Iraq


Thank you very much.

thnk you so much, for sharing basic steps in answering ielts writing task 1.

thanks you so much. i hope to see your next lessons.

Thx a lot

Thanks Simon, I can't repay against your remarkable advice. Please guide us that, could we use pencil in Ielts exam for writing task one and two?

Always love your lesson!

I dont know how to thank u !!!
That lesson has dramatically eased task 1 writing for me ...

Hi Aijaz Basheer,
As far as I know, we must use pencil given in ielts exam for all parts of exam.

I got my result O-6,W7,S6,L5.5,R5.
It was my 2nd attempt. First time I got
Improvement only in writing. I need each 6. I followded all writing and other 3 modules lessons of Simon sir.
Thank you sir your work is really very very helpful for us. Next time I will try to do my best in other modules also.

Hi Sandy
I need 7 in writing, the only thing you do is to following simon's blog?



Hi Simon,
Firstly, thank you for these IELTS instructions which help me a lot.
Some questions related to IELTS are as follows:

1. Do you suggest "block form" or "indent form" as the head of writing?

2.which one will you recommend the most? 10 percent ,10 % or ten percent?

Thank you
Best Regards

Hi Yuan
Well Firstly,if you write 10 percent or ten percent it will count as two words so it is better to use 10% as it count one word.Secondly,use first nine words in numeric form for instance one percent or nine percent and rest of words as 10% or 15% so and so.

Hello wen.yes I followed only Simon blog. I wrote Cambridge writing questions task 1&2 at home and compared with Simon writing tasks and corrected my mistakes.

Hi Guys ...

Idid well in task 2 , but missed around 60 words in Task one !!

Do u guys have any Idea how much would this reduce writing my score?

I need at least 6 in W

hi simon
I'm going to take IELTS 2 weeks later
but i am sill confuse what i should write at TASK1
i couldn't understand why you put on comma between "remained stable" and "at just over 7 million"

There was a noticeable rise in the number of Japanese travelors from around 5 million to just above 15 million over the 1985-to-1995 period. By contrast, there was no significant changes in the trend for tourists coming from Australia, with figures remaining stable at just above 7 million during the same period. The number of Canadian visitors droped slightly to 5.5 million, down from exactly 6 million since 1985.

In 1985 the number of Japanese tourism who traveled abroad increased dramatically and it was just under 5 million.After 10 years later traveler was increased and it was above 15 million.On the other hand Australia was approximately same,In 1985 to 1995 the number was tourism was often stable.Here the Canada was decreased who traveled abroad.It was changed trend with time but rapidly decreased.

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