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March 19, 2014


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Thank you Sir!

In conclusion, although early technologies had a great impact on people's lives, but recent technological developments have added a whole new dimension to our lives.

Please any opinion on this conclusion- Sir ? Thanks again

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your writing suggestions and lessons. I have just achieved 7 in my writing section during my last test. I think it is your organisation really helps a lot. Thanks.
But my speaking still stay at 6, I just do not konw how to improve it further to reach 7. You know, in my country, I can't access to youtube, so do I have any other approaches to that...

Thanks again for you lessons here.


Here are three comments:

1. You can't use 'although' and 'but' in the same sentence like this

2. There is some repetition of vocabulary in the same sentence ('lives'). Can you avoid this?

3. Your conclusion doesn't clearly answer the question. When you write the conclusion, go back to the question and directly restate your opinion, and use the words 'I think/believe' or 'I agree/disagree'. Simon's conclusion is a good example of this.


It's impossible to say exactly why you achieved a 6 without actually hearing you perform a test, however when a candidate has a reasonably high writing score and a speaking score that is at least one band lower, the issues often occur in the 'delivery' of the speaking test (fluency and pronunciation). It may be that your first language is dominating the 'sound' of your voice.

To conclude, however the attainment of early and low technology had enabled people to create simple things, but present innovations have triggered the alteration of all society.

1.That's GREAT to have your reply- Many Thanks.
2. Actually I thought about not to use "lives" twice in a sentence , but can I use " life" instead ?
3. I would write this conclusion after I wrote the same opinion/ introduction that Simon did in his last week's lesson.
Well, I will definitely look again on Simon's advice for conclusion.
Thanks once again for your kind advice ,sjm!

hai sir, iam sairam can you please suggest me how to improve my speaking skills in my daily life to reach band 8 and band 9.
thanks in advance

hi...i have a question! one of my friend is preparing for IELTS & she has a problem of stammering ( that she couldn't speak fluently & take long pauses while speaking ) although she is very good in English language as she has done his Masters in English language but now she is worried about her speaking module how to tackle it ..kindly give your opinion would she be penalized by this issue ?


IELTS can make allowances for genuine medical conditions. When your friend books a test she has to advise the test centre of her medical problem and they might be able to take it into consideration. However she would have to show evidence that she suffers from a recognised speech problem.

Hi Simon
You really think just rephrasing of our answer is enough?

i just want some help from simon . can i post that here or i have to do somewhere else.

I wonder how many times do you guys take IELTS ?

Mr Simon, i want to thank you for your great support.With your online lessons and advice i managed to achieve the necessary ielts scores for my registration as a pharmacist in the UK.
1st and only attempt,after 8 months of preparation using only your website and e-book.
writing :7
P.S.Never give up on your dreams.

Dear Simon,
As my teacher said no need conclusion is in task 2, in addition it makes minus point. I'm so confused.
Looking forward to sharing from you and everyone.

Tks & Brgds,

Hello Simon,

Are we also have to know essay types which are for and against essay , oppinion essay and essay suggestion solutions to problem?

and is there any difference both answering questions " agree or disagree" and "what extent do you agree or disagree" ?

Hi Simon,
A dictionary named LDOCE 5 tells me that:"In written English,avoid starting a sentence with also.Use further or moreover instead,or put also before the main verb."I notice,however,that you frequently used also in this way and you told us further and moreover are not interchangeable.Could you tell what should I do?

hi simon,
i want to know that should i go for re checking or not??
i got L-8.5 R-7.5 W-6.0 and S-6.0. I am quit dissapointed by my writing score

Hi Nguyen,
I have to say that it is a really bad advice from your teacher by having no conclusion for task 2 Ielts writing. Since it is a fundamental mistake that not supposed to be made by an IELTS teacher, I would suggest you to choose another one or just simply follow Simon on this website. Seriously.

Thanks a lot for your help Simon

hello simon, can you please update main two body graph for this essay topic?

According to me in first body paragraph we should mention the early invention in technology and how it changed life of noraml people. In second we should right about current developments and its benefits.

do you think its appropriate structure ?

Hi Simon,

Can you help me by suggesting that how about beginning the conclusion paragraph like this:

"To encapsulate the above discussion/arguments" or "To encapsulate"

Hi Simon,

I just finished my writing academic yesterday, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to put a conclusion at the end, I mixed it with my opinion that I wrote as the last paragraph so I thought it was already my conclusion.

It went like this "From my perspective, I have to say that a university degree is not that necessary in one's success in life".....

Can it also be considered as a conclusion?

Will I have a low mark for forgetting to put a "conclusion" word?


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