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March 12, 2014


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Hi I am going to appear Ielts next month ,I hope if I follow your lessons it will help me a lot to improve my scores ,can i get any lessons to improve my reading please.

Hi Simon

Thank you for the information.
I can use "whereas"for variety if i already use "while"in introduction or first body paragraph,can‘t I?

Kind regards

Hello simon!
Thanks for the information but what we can include in body paragraphs like we have to write agree points in one paragraph and disagree in second body part?

Hello Simnon
I am little bit confused particular this type of essays because I read that these kinds of essay should be one sided. Also it is very kind of you if you can give some tips regarding MCQ, True, False and Not Given in reading

Please sir reply soon as possible..
Recently I start practice from your site and it really very helpful and interesting

i would like to get some tutoring classs from you.We can meet in skype.I need some course in task one

Hi Simon
I'm interested in studying ielts online via Skype. Particularly in writing task 1& 2.


No essay needs to be anything. You can give whatever opinion you want. The only requirements are that the opinion must be 'clearly expressed' and must be consistent through the essay (this means you can't change your mind in the middle).

For advice on Reading, look through Simon's lessons in the reading tab.

Dear Simon,
I got a score of band 7 after adopting your strategies, but I still weak at writing which I only got a band 6.I wonder whether you could help me modify my writings or recommend someone who can help me do so.Because as a non-English speaker,I can hardly figure out my mistakes and grammar errors.The school I apply for require a sub-score not less than 6.5.Time is running out and I am in worries.
Thank you so much for your help
Best regards

hi friends, i got 7 band list 7.5,speak 7.5,writing 6.5,reading 6.
my writing requirement is 7, i have problem in grammer(articles)can anybody suggest what should i do to get my writing score.

Hi navneet,

Please have a look at these sites to help you with grammar.



thank u alot sai

hi sai, I usually stuck in sentences such as January saw a significant improvement in weather conditions.(why the is not before weather conditions)2.there was a slight dip in the food prices.(why the present here)

Hi navneet,
To be honest I am myself not good at using articles. However, you have asked so i just try to explain .

"The" is a definite article, so in the sentence ' January saw a .....' the , is not used before weather because the sentence talks about weather in GENERAL ,and doesn't mention any weather conditon in particular for e.g cold or wind or rain etc.

Dip in "the" food prices . Use of 'the' shows that this sentence is refering to a SPECIFIC food OR refering to a food which has been mentioned before.
Reading carefully through "the"sites i mentioned in my previous mesg and keeping a close observation on how articles are used ,will gradually help.
(I dream after getting our scores " the" wouldn't trouble a lot, and we will live happily ever after.)

i just want to discuss few things on ielts, how i come to know if simon is checking. hi simon u dere ????
anybody dere help me out plzzz

U are right:)sai,I read carefully now I got it thank u a lot. u know I have become more conscious about the :)thank u

hi akashdeep, what type of help u need ?may be I can help u

Hi navneet,
Yes I can understand that.....😊

HI simon,
I recently viewed your ebsite and found that was very usefull.Thank you for your great suggestions and tips.

BY seeing ur blog I learnt writing introduction para for IELTS General writing task2.

Research says that character wil have great influence from birth than the experiences in our life.write ur opinion.

for this i wrote a small introduction.please check it and correct me where Iam wrong.

Human beings at any point time can be truly and correctly judged with their disposition only.It plays a vital role in every ones life as it decides the fate. In my opinion incidences we come across in our life will greatly impact the mentality than any other factor.

Thank you

Dear Simon,

Here is my full essay.

Task-2 Question:
Early technological developments helped ordinary people and changed their lives more than recent developments. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

People have different views about the more facilities and amenities of recent and past technology. Although both technological developments have helped ordinary people and changed their lives in different ways, nevertheless, I do admit that recent technological developments have helped normal people more than past.

On the one hand, most of the experts- educationalists and researchers- profoundly believe that recent technological developments have certainly included many modern facilities and amenities in human lives than past. They have got a lot of conspicuous stance in their support. In the first place, anyone, in this modern age, can communicate with his families and friends easily via this technology. For example, one of my Uncles, Robart who lives in America does communicate anytime through the cell phone. It is true that we can also share our feelings and emotion using Facebook, Twitter and Skype over the internet. So, recent technologies make distances very short and flexible. Besides, recent invention has certainly made large scope of job opportunities globally. For instance, my friend, Likhon, earns foreign currency doing outsourcing job through the internet that mikes him happy. Another important point is that we can buy anything through online and attend in job interview from home. We cannot, without doubt, ignore the more benefits of recent technology than past.

However, there are some drawbacks and problems of recent technological invention. One problem is crime rate is being increased in our society. For example, our banks are robbed by miscreants in different ways. Huge money is being transferred from one account to another by online hackers, hacking online banking systems. It is certainly the negative uses of technology. In addition, this technology has made our life robotic and machine as well. So, our emotion and feelings are decreasing day by day with each other in our society.

In conclusion, it seems to me that recent technological developments have more facilities and amenities for general people than past technological developments although it has some drawbacks. Eventually, I think inventors make sure upcoming technology should be more secure and flexible for people.

Hai,am writing on april 5th...i need to get writing nd speaking..am bit confused how to write agree disagree que...

It is true that early technological advancement changed the way people live. While reasons can be given to justify this, I believe our lives are infuenced more by the recent technology innovations.

Hi Simon
could you correct me
Technology is tat word that describe advance human activity using instrument and developed methods.it could be consist to old tech and new tech.

Firstly, some peoples think that early tech was high human helps more than the new tech as result it was the cause of used thousands of workers since the industrial revolution
and its need labor from all over the word, its makes every one busy.

Secondly RESENT development effect on the low level of workers who were the big prsentage of the whole workers population, thay fire and the new technology took their places i mean there jobs and left with out and alternative chance.this issue make bad effect on the society and life style. this technology enable one well trends person to run a factory by computers.

My opinion is even i like the new tech but indeed i prefer the old tech


Technology is THE word that describeS advance human-activity using instrument and developed methods. It could be consist OF old tech and new tech. (CONSIST OF / OR DIVIDED IN TO) ( MY OPINION FOR THE INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH : YOU HAVE TO MENTION THAT THE OLD TEC. IS PREFERED FOR TWO REASONS)

Firstly, some people (PLURAL) think that early tech (was high human helps) WHAT DO YOU MEAN?) more than new tech. As A result, it was the cause of usING thousands of workers, since the industrial revolution ,
and it needS labor from all over the word makes every one busy.

Secondly, RECENT development Affect on the low level of workers who were the HIGH pERSentage of the whole workers population, thEy HAVE BEEN fireD , and the new technology took their places. I mean THEY FORCED TO LEAVE thEIR jobs and left without AN alternative chance.This issue HAS A bad effect on the society and THE life style. This technology enable one well-trAInED person to run a factory by computers.



hi simon
i got my ielts result
reading - 9.0
listening- 8.5
speaking- 7.5
writing - 6.5

i need 7 in writing
is it will be worth to fill rechecking form for writing?
do anybody know if it works or not?

Some scientists believe that the development of the early technologies had changed the way human lives more than the current technologies. I do not agree with the statement, as I think modern technologies have more impacts to the way people lives.

In the 17th and 18th century, a lot of inventions were found and made better living standard. For example, Benjamin Franklin was the first person to discover the electricity and Thomas Alva Edison who found the light bulb whereas until today electronic home appliances are still using the basic methods of their inventions. Another great example was when the Wright Brothers found the airplane and changed the way people travelled, as there were no boundaries in distance and time anymore.

However, the 20th centuries offered something different as the computer based technologies change the way people communicate, research and socializing. With the internet, traditional postage mail are replaced by electronic mail, scholars can do investigation and research in front of their personal computers and with the social network sites like facebook and twitter people are connected all over the world. The invention of mobile phone also changed people’s life. Besides the basic calling function, the phones can also be used for internet browsing, bank transfers and stock trading at anyplace and anytime. These technologies has truly changed the way people lives more than other inventions.

To sum up, although some people think that the old technologies helped and changed people’s life more than the modern technologies, but in my opinion the modern technology benefits outweighed the past.

It can be easily seen that people today are reaping the benefits of technological development more than any previous generations.

The ubiquity of technological interventions in our society has proven its vital role which arguably considered as the driving force of humankind. Nevertheless, some believe that recent achievements in technology are not as helpful as they were in the past. This stance is flawed and contradicts with my belief.

Admittedly, many products of the technological advancement in the past have rapidly changed the way human works and lives. For instance, inventions of the Industrial Revolution such as steam and diesel engines have liberated people from laborious jobs and significantly improve our productivity. Nonetheless, these feats of engineering would be undermined if they were to be compared with the advent of computers and the Internet – successful stories of modern technology. It is not an exaggeration to say that the old technology should only be considered as a platform for modern technology to blossom.

Additionally, one cannot deny the fact that our life is being reshaped by technology at a higher pace compared to the life of our ancestors, in terms of both social and cultural perspective. Mobile phones, computers and the Internet have created an information-based society where people communicate, work and live faster. While such changes of our lifestyle caused by recent technology have been witnessed within a very short period, the influence of technology on previous generations was of a much slower pace.

In conclusion, whether one likes it or not, technology will continue to evolve, with the resulting changes impacting the lifestyles and cultural norms continuously. While the earlier technology had enhanced the quality of life and generated revenue for people, the recent technology has made them lead a different lifestyle from previous generations.

@rupinder kaur

wow! excellent except writing. how do u improve ur reading?

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