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March 09, 2014


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Have a Nice trip and safe Journey!!

Welcome to China!
Which city will you visit?
Will you happen to visit Shenzhen.
if you will visit Shenzhen, I hope that I will have the honor to have a dinner with you....

Welcome to China, Simon!
I have to say you got tons of fans in China too, many friends around me know you and we like your website very much :)

Hi Mr Simon,

Have a safe and great journey.

I saw the website and it seems to me very unique concept. I am sure who will joint that would be really great fun for them.

have a safe travel
good luck

Hello, Simon

Welcome to China.、
Which city is your destination?

Best Regards

Hello Simon,

Welcome to China!

It woud be great if I had a chance to show you around. BTW I live in Beijing.

Oh, please do bring a face mask with you-you know what I mean:)

hello simon,
how can i avail your ebook?im here working in saudi arabia, can i pay you through western union or any bank in your place? im hoping for your response. thank you!!

Have a safe trip.

God Bless.

Welcome to China, Simon. :)

i hope u can come back soon for your daily advice and exercises:X wish u have a nice trip in China:X

i am just a new fans of you, welcome to china and live in Tianjin i have the ielts test next weekend BTW thank you for your effert and help.

Bon voyage Simon:)

HI Simon,

Wish you safe and ejoyable travel.I'm sure that you have a great numbers of fans in China as well as here in Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Hope you visit our city once.


Welcome to China!!!!

Have a nice trip, Simon!! :)

Have a Nice trip sir..

Dear Simon,

Have a nice trip.


Hi Simon!

Have a safe and nice trip to China :)

I have one question about capital letters.

According to your advice, in the reading and listening tests, everything in lowcase is fine. Does this rule really include evey case such as address or person's name?

welcome to China!

I purchased your book while you are in China. Why don't I give you equivalent RMB ? : )

Simon You are the most kind, wonderful teacher I have ever come cross,I believe You are the best International one who never put money in the first place.God Bless YUUUUO, and have a safe trip.

Dear Simon, welcome to China!


Thanks for your kind comments about my trip! I'm enjoying my stay here in China - I'm in Beijing at the moment, and I'll travel to Shanghai on Sunday or Monday. If you live in either of these cities, feel free to send me an email: [email protected]

Allen, I'm afraid I won't be in Shenzhen, but thank you for the offer!

Hi Simon,

I've been living in Shanghai! I'm so exciting to know that you'll be staying in shanghai this Sunday and next Monday.

Hope you enjoy your stay here. Anything that I can be of assistance or I can meet you, do let me know.

You guys in Beijing and Shanghai should arrange a welcome party and invite Simon for a dinner!!!

Hope you will come to Shenzhen someday.

Dear Simon,
Welcome to visit China, welcome to vist Shanghai.

have a good and safe trip .

thank you so much,because you are doing the best for your students

Welcome to China.
it is a pity that you only go to BeiJing and ShangHai.
Anyway, enjoy your trip. I am in Canton.

Hi Simon,
Why not start your business in China?
English training is a huuuuge business in China. You could make a great success here, I think.



Have a successful trip, Simon!

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