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April 05, 2014


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Hi dear simon would plz explain that procedure of writing in detail once again so we could use it as our habit as well .thanks ,plz simon

hi, does anyone remember on 5th April IELTS if it asked for YES or NO answers? all are TRUE OR FALSE, right?

Well written simon is the best teacher I have ever seen in my life.

Thank you for sharing this story, it is very inspirational. I hope i can practice this good habit also so that I can reach my target band score. :)


Dear Simon,

I like your Habit of Reminding your students Regularly , and I like your Reminders too! Thank you

Hi dear Simon.

Firstly, I wanna say your website is totally amazing. since I have started reading your website i feel more interested in generally learning English and specifically writing task of IELTS.

Secondly, I have a request . I wanna ask for an explanation of transcribing . Hearing it is extremely efficient, I wanna do that but not sure how exactly . My current listening score is around 6.5 and i need to get at least 7.5 in about 2 months . Do you think transcribing will do ?

PLZ allocate a post about how to transcribe correctly as a practice for IELTS listening .
I sincerely appreciate your work .

Warm regards

Hi simon
I recently found this website.I really appreciate your efforts.

My question is:
1)I want PDF of cambridge 9. If you or anyone have then plz share the link.
2) I am a fresher for this exam and have chosen a date of may.Any advice you would like to give so that i can score good.
3)Is it ok to lie in speaking such as name of an organization or institute or anything els?

Hello, Simon I am writing you first time after reading all the comments from your students I am desperate to improve my scores from 6.5 to 7 in each one of it but I can't.I took IELTS three times after preparing on my own and every effort goes in drain.Can you guide me how can I join your course to improve my score as I live in Newcastle. Thanks

can I have the email address of the doctor who shared about good habits plan? iam a dr aswell,

hey simon,
what was the answer of writing task 2 on 5th april exam in india ? because i hv some doubt about it please reply me fast.
topic was, nowadays children spend their free time in sport and very seriously. Is it positive or negative.

i given general exam on 5th april i wrote arond 220 words in task 2 coz of less time.how much bands thy gona deduct for that? pls help.

Hi My Dearest Teacher,

Sir I m not sure I'm going to get the answer, but I just wanted to know by "GOOD HABITS " you mean "establishing a habit of daily practice" ..Right?

Otherwise my dearest teacher , would you please explain a bit about how you define Good Habits ( and Bad Habits). It will help your students.
Thanks a lot Sir.

Being PERSISTENT is perhaps the hardest thing to accomplish during IELTS preparation. Many students already know what to do to improve, but most of them don't do it regularly, or they simply do it in the very beginning.

Simon's website as well as other teachers are already giving all the tips you need, but you must put them in practice and follow/apply them on a regular basis (i.e., EVERY DAY!) if you want to improve your English skills in a short time.

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