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April 12, 2014


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hi everyone.
today i have my exam in india.but i wrote all answer on answer sheet with first letter capital.
i am totally numb now.please anyone tell me what could ii do now.

Simon, I really appreciate you for your IELTS lessons. I find it really difficult for me to do the comparision in the writing tast 1 which has many proportions. For example, there are many figures for all people, for men and women respectively. How to organize the sentences for comparision? Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Hi Simon,

First of all thanks for the guidance you are providing for every student who wants to score good bands in IELTS.

I just want to ask you one question..!

How to differentiate between formal and informal letter?? Is their any criteria for this??

Please explain.


I think it is better that you Read some formal letters and make down some "proposes" vocabularys

hi raj,
I suppose that shouldn't be a problem. I think I red somewhere that it doesn't affect the score.
Anyway, wots done so done. Moaning about anything is not going to make any difference. Stay calm and try to GET RID OFF all these worrying thoughts. We can never predict about the IELTS. We are all on the same boat. Good luck


It is perfectly fine to write in capital letters so don't worry about it.


Do you mean 'how do you know if a question is asking for a formal or informal letter?

1. Informal letters are almost always to friends, family, or someone else you know very well (like a work colleague)

2. Formal letters are usually to someone you don't personally know, and IELTS will usually tell you this when the question says 'Begin your letter with 'Dear Sir or Madam'.

In general this is very easy to identify in the test. Occasionally there is a question that could be formal or informal depending on your relationship with the reader, like a letter to your landlord.

Hi everyone,

Can someone tell me please, is there any issue if I write; I look forward for your prompt reply. I end the informal letter with this. Will I lose any marks for doing that. Is there anyone who can practice the ielts reading together. Here is my Skype. a.basir3

Simon,you're amazing!
After one-month IELTS study on your website, I took my IELTS test for the first time on 15th March and I scored an overall 8!
Thank you so much for your brilliant tips and useful writing materials!

Thanks Sjm

Is there any tips for writing semi-formal letter .,say addressed to house owner etc?

This topic really helped me thanks. It was a big issue

I recommend this site too, it will help:

Thanks again

Hi Simon,

I wanted to thank you for all the guidance. I received my IELTS (General) results Friday. L(9) R(8.5) W(8) S(8). Your tips have helped me a lot. Thank you very very much :-)

Hi Simon
I was just going through the impressing comments from others on your guidance and tips.
I have just 20 days to clear my general.
If possible, Can you PLEASE chart down a schedule which one should follow to achieve band level 8 within short duration?
Also please add some "links" for practice.
Thanks in advance.

Hi simon...do sports teach of sports club come under FORMAL LETTER..PLS TELL

Sports teachers I mean to say

Hello Simon I sent you an email where I should pay for the lessons I dıdnt see
thanks a lot gila

hi simon, in informal letter if i did not use contractions, it would be wrong???

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