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April 01, 2014


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Hello, Simon,

I got 7 band score and I want to thank you. I am very grateful to you as your posts here considerably helped me to prepare for IELTS, in particular for Writing section. It is an awesome website.

Good luck!

2.make company more flexible
1. more productive
2.more effective
3. more efficient

wellcome back simon sir

Business perspective:
You can spend Less time on the office place
More flexible
Hire the best and brightest people from across the world

Personal perspective:
More productive
Effective and effecient

Business prospective
Spend less on office base
Less on supplies
Hire the best people across the nation

Personal prospective
Do not need to Travel to work

Hi Simon,
I did IELTS exam two times , I got six overall, L : 5:5,W:6:5, S:7 however R is 4:5 ,My difficulty is in reading... I can't find the correct answer. What do recommend to me?

working at home
less on lieing
more productive
more effection

spend less(office base,supplies,lighting, utilities, all those part of the involved environment )
more flexible

more productive
more effective
more efficiency

For Business:
1. Companies can utilize all the resources.
2. Make companies more flexible.
For individuals:
1. More productive
2. More effective
3. More efficient

For business:
+ less space, supply
+ more flexible
For personal:
+ more productive
+ more effective and efficient

Hi,Simon.I am from Azerbaijan. I want to buy your ebook.I wonder if i could buy it with Azerbaijan currency ? And if i buy the book how many days will It take to get it? Thank you.

1.work from home
2.make company more flexible


spend less on office space,supplies, utilities
It makes companies more flexible in the sense that they can have people in different geographical locations
It helps companies to be more productive, more effective and more efficient

The benefits of business:
- spend less
- flexible (different locations)
The benefits of personal:
- productive
- effective
- efficient

- save supply , utility -> protect the environment
- be flexible. can have employees everywhere

- more productive
- more effective
- more efficient

Hia simon

Hi simon, thanks for your great help by everyday lesson. I am a new student and want to learn better techniques for writing specially. I am really thankful to you for this act of kindness for all the students. Thanks

Business perspective:
company can utilize people working from home ,so they spend less on supply lightening or heating .
companies can be more flexible by this I mean they can hire people from any states and they are not striped to one geographical location.

employees can become more productive because they do not need to commute every day that took I hour every day which count to one month of working time. also the individuals can become more efficient and more productive.

Benefits of teleworking

From business perspective

Companies can utilize people working from home

Companies can spend less on office space, on supplies and on utilities.

All of those positive things can help the overall environment

It makes companies more flexible, they can hire best and the brightest across the nation and they don't have stick to one geographical location.

From individual perspective

Employees can utilize teleworking to make sure that how productive they are.

No one has to commute to work, saving valuable time

It makes you more productive ,more effective and more efficient


Thanks for sharing your ideas. We'll continue with this topic for writing task 2 over the next week.


Congratulations Emil, I'm glad my lessons helped you!


Just keep practising Ola. The reading test is tricky for most people, and it takes time to become good at it.


Hi Elnura,

Just look for your country on the list on the payment page. If you have a problem, send me an email.

Benefit for Businesses are, they spend less for overhead such as location, supplies, utilities,etc. other benefit for companies is removing of geographical limitation on hiring employees. They can recruit their staff wherever is a communication mean and makes companies more flexible.
From employees perspective teleworking helps them to save the commuting time and be more productive.

in business perspective:
- less on space, supply, ability,..
- companies are more flexible
In individual employees:
- productive
- effective and efficient

There is no doubt that teleworking brings a variety of benefits:
On the business side:
- spend less on working space, lighting, supplies or utilities.
- help the overall environment.
- make the companies more inflexible, so they can hire the best and brightest across the nation and don't strip to geographical location.
On the personal side:
- officers are more productive, effective and efficient because they don't have to commute to work everyday.

Hi Simon and guys,

I have a question, "they are not (stripped) to one geographical location". What is excatlly in the ()? strip to? I don't think that makes sense。


Hi justnight

I think it is "restricted"
====> So that they are not "restricted" to one geographical location

1.People work at home.
3.Company flexible.
4.More productive and effective.

Teleworking is the part of a Telecommunication.Now a days have increased teleworker.Now a days people want more flexible life.Teleworkers life is really freedom.They can work at home.They do not have need visit another zone.Problem is being solved from home.Probably Every Telecommunication company more productive and effective.People can easily access all of the product.To the point of view Telecommunication is the greatest and secure sector.
To sum up from day to day life is being changed and also updated technology.

teleworking can be considered by two different matter such as one is business perspective and the another one is personal perspective.
There is no doubt that teleworking brings a variety of benefits:
On the business side:
- spend less on working space, lighting, supplies or utilities.
- help the overall environment.
- make the companies more inflexible, so they can hire the best and brightest across the nation and don't strip to geographical location.
On the personal side:
- officers are more productive, effective and efficient because they don't have to commute to work everyday.

Hi Monica,

Thanks for your reply.

I guess "restricted" make sense, altough I still can't get the "re" part of that word. I think this type of words are hard for me, because I used to listen "original" like "regional", you know, missing the "o" part.

Thanks again, and have a nice day.

Hi Simon,
I have some problems about one writing topic below:

Parent and family background have more influence than teacher of a young person's learning and academic achievement. Discuss both and give your opinion.

I do not quite understand the meaning of "learning" and "academic achievement". What are they really about? What ideas can I write? How can I make sure that I do not digress from the question and fully answer the question?

Thank you very much.


It can be used for business and individual employees
1. more flixable
2. more productive
3. more effective
4. more efficient

Hi Simon
Hope your life is treating you well..my name is Prof Chandan Singh..I have worked as a IELTS trainer in British council..now Iam applying for Ielts examiner ...can you suggest me career in this sector in UK is With spiteful struggle or good?
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Hi Simon
I am going to give ielts test next month but I think I should join a coaching center.what do you suggest.My English is not good am very worried about it.i have problem in writing test.I want to get at least 7 band in general test.

hi simon . my name is REMA. iadmire the way of your teaching . iwould like to learn alot from u . i bought your book .really it is very useful.


i want to see the tapescript

2 different ways
business: 1.companies can now spend less on office space,less supplies,less lighting, less utilities.
2.makes companies more flexible. do not restrict to one geograph location.

personal: to make sure you are more productive,more effective and more efficient. eg: don't need to commute to work, spend 1 hour each day.

Hi Simon,

I want to ask something about listening part.
Can I write the answer with capital letters or small letters or there are restrictions on that??. I am confused about that. I noticed in the Cambridge ESOL books that in the answer sheets, they start the answer word with capital letter.

Hello Simon and guys, I have a essay topic without ideas, would u guys advise some opinions? question is gov't should invest more in teaching science other subjects such as arts,bcoz science could contribute to countrys development and process. agree or disagree?

Business perspective
1.cost saving
2. make work more flexible.

Personality perspective
1.more productivity
2.more effective
3.more efficient

Hi there please contact me urgently.

For businesses:
Save resources such as utilities, work space, lights.
Company become more flexible.

For individuals:
More effective
More efficient
More productive

Hi Simon next month i am going to appear for ielts academy exam but i am quite confuse in 3 modules,writing,reading and some time i do good in listening and speaking and some time i mass up all the things .what should i do ??????

Both business and individual emplyees could benefit from teleworking.
From business perspective:
Company can now utilize people working from home, spending less on office spaces, less on suppliers, less on utilities, all those positive things help the overall environment.
The other thing is that actually makes company more flexible. So what they can do now is to hire the best and the brightest across the nation,regardless of geographical location.
On the personal side:
you can utilize teleworking to make sure your are more productive, and that means that you don't actually commute to work,which spend an hour each day, which runs about 21 days a year.It's about a month.
It maybe more productive, more effective and more efficient.

Hi Simon
From a business perspective :
Less spending
More flexibility
From an individual perspective
More productive
More efficient
More effective

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