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April 18, 2014


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I got my result on 05/04/2014

L 7.0,R 7.0, W 6.5,S 6.0

I'm going to retake Ielts on 10/05/2014. Any one wanna practice Speaking pls add me on Skype. I need 7.0 each band. My skype is viva.ly14.

Your lessons are always very helpful Sir. Thank you

I got my results and have 6 band but need 7. Any one want to share writing skills please. My email is [email protected]

that is an interesting advice for eveyone, but i hope that i will not get these questions.hihi

Thanks, Simon. That's very helpful.

By the way, is there a kind of matching question that requires more than 1 answer?
For example, question 1-4: match the name (A-F) that is related to the following information, you may use any letter more than once. Could it be possible that the answers are like:
1. A, D
2. B
3. E
4. C, D

but I suppose that some jobs related to tourism must stop at the end of the summer holiday period.

My query is: put 'WOULD' instead of the word must .

Hi Simon,
I've read some comments that the phrase "you know" should not be used in speaking because the examiner may don't know the thing you are saying, is it true or not?
Thank you!


We answered this recently. This is not true. Natives use 'you know' as a filler and you should too. Like everything though, you don't want to repeat it too much, as that could be repetitive.

Lots of street jobs like ice cream seelers are replaced in winters by hot tea vendors

Hello Simon,

I have benefited a lot from your website. Thank you very much.

I just have a question: will ordinary or unprofound answers make a candidate lose marks? I can actually speak fluently on subjects related to education, politics, linguistics, society, immigration, law, etc., as I study them and have plenty of ideas in these areas. However, if somebody ask me about unfamilar topics, such as business, I really don't know what to say. And this was just the case of my Ielts speaking test yesterday, where I got one about "neighbourhood" for part 2 and 3. It seemed that lacking of relevant opinion or experience or knowledge, I could not perform to my maximum potential, and therefore my vocabulary, which was quite "boring", would be low-marked presumably.

In short, although IELTS evaluates a candidate's mastery of the English language, is it really possible to do so without consideration of his or her speech content? The linguistics skills, after all, are closely knit to our thoughts. Some people even stammer when they don't know what to say.

In the hope that you can answer my question.
Thank you.

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